Cover ups rife in Japan nuclear industry

This is the heading of an AP article about the cover-ups in Japan’s nuclear industry. The Japanese are angry and no longer believe what they were told, especially of the current nuclear meltdown. Kei Sugaoka, a former nuclear engineer said, ‘There’s not enough transparency in the industry.’ AP wrote, ‘In 1989, he received an order that horrified him: Edit out footage showing cracks in plant steam pipes in video to be submitted to regulators.’ The cover-ups of Japan’s nuclear industry went back to the early days of the 1970s when the plants in Fukushima were built. According to some reports that were in the media, some GE engineers resigned because of fear that the plants were unsafe as they were built to withstand only quakes up to 7 in the Richter Scale. There were reports that subsequently this was rectified. How much was the truth and how much were cover-ups no body really knows. The Japanese people are feeling the brunt of this fiasco.” ‘I can’t believe them,’ said Taketo Kuga, a cab driver in Tokyo, where low levels of radiation were observed on Tuesday.” What about the foreign communities? They voted not to believe all the reports that the radiation level is low and safe by leaving Japan, particularly Tokyo. There is an exodus going on with foreign companies and embassies ordering their people to leave. The honesty and integrity of the Japanese govt are taking a whacking for sure.


Anonymous said...

Nuclear Accidents Are Happening All Over the World?


Anonymous said...

Cover ups are everywhere.
So long there is a motive to make money, there will be cover ups because money is the motive and not the wellbeing of fellow beings.

Live with it, BUT, if You got proof of cover ups, please uncover them and credit yourself for a good deed.

Remember Karma(consequential effect).


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Even corpses that were buried for thousands of years could still be dug up.

All coverups will be exposed in a matter of time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are cover ups and there are cover ups. Meaning: some forms of denial can be hidden, others cannot, but the denial is accepted, and everybody just believes in the lie -- knowing full well that it is a lie, and gets on with their life.

Take S'pore for example: The SPF and the courts: everyone knows and accepts that these 2 branches of State power are frequently used to silence dissent and opposition to the All-Knowing Confucian Masters...and they just get on with their lives.

Japan's nuclear power accounts for over 30% of the energy supply. Without nuclear, you can forget about driving Toyota while drinking Kirin, and masturbating to the gorgeous cum-guzzling anal-loving sluts from Bleach Hentai.

Without energy, Japan's vast industrial machine simply stops, and Japan sinks back to the days of feudalism with samurais and ninjas chopping each other up.

Most people in the international community of the nuclear energy industry knew about Fuck-u-shima #2. The reactor is old -- 30 years old and the tech was faulty and/ or breaking down.

However if the people leave the govt in charge...then denial is very easy to perpetrate at the LOCAL level. As long as there is no incidents, people just continue their lives enjoying their Kirin beer and Bleach Hentail, and riding their Kawasakis at 220kmh along expressways. i.e. "Don't give a fuck. Everything's COOL. I am the coolest!"

Now the shit has hit the fan -- Mother nature kicks Jap ass, plus the laws of physics relating to nuclear fusion kick in...

...everybody gabra and the blame-game begins. Have you seen monkeys when they are agitated? Same thing for humans who are nothing but "smart" monkeys.

The most entertaining human activity is human beings gabra-ing on a mass level. It is fucking AWESOME -- it should be a regular feature on Discovery channel's Animal Planet.

Way to go, monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me. When the US offered help initially, they were not readily accepted. Obviously, if the US had their hands on the ground early, lots of information, meant to be covered up, will have to be revealed.

Cover ups are everywhere. During the financial meltdown two years ago, the Gulf oil disaster, genetically modified food, animals fed on all kinds of growth hormones. There are things we know, but can never prove because big money can buy silence.

You can believe maybe 35% of official information, 35% based on your own judgement and 30% on instinct and luck.

Anonymous said...

The US is afraid and checking if its' homeland is already affected by radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Mishap, reported in the Channel News Asia 11 pm Newscast.
It has not mention about the US having any concern for Japan's immediate neighbours.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Talking about food, just a little sidetrack. How many of you have been taking half boiled eggs recently? Over a couple of weekends I tried some. One frightening sight greeted me every time I cracked an egg.

Instead of the firm and gel like egg white, I was greeted by a messy, loose powdery liquid. The whites don't even hold themselves together. And all the eggs turned out that way.

It looked scary and unappetising. I hope this is alright, not sick chicken or bad feed. AVA better look into this and explain why the egg whites are no longer the same egg whites they used to be, firm, gel like and looking fresh, healthy and appetising. Yes, the egg whites looked sickly.

Anonymous said...

Me has been taking half boiled eggs for almost 6 decades.

Stopped many moons back, put off by the same experience and observation You had.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I love eggs. I eat them almost daily. No probs here. If I came across bad produce bought at a store, I would photograph it and post it on the net.

Almost everyone has a phone in their pocket nowadays. Don't fuck around when it comes to food: take picture, post/ email it and make a loud noise.

Anonymous said...

Post them in the Net. So wat ? So many kpkb in the Net, wat effects do they have on the nimcompoops ?