Comforting words in Parliament

Raymond Lim spoke in Parliament about his ministry’s plan for public transportation. More trains, more buses, higher frequencies, and best of all, more comfortable rides. Gone were the comparisons with Tokyo’s sardine can trains. It used to be the reference point, that if our trains were not as crowded as Tokyo’s, we are still not there, not up to Tokyo’s standard. Now comfort and higher frequencies are important. Thank you. And there is more money for everyone. The students are going to get more assistance with their school fees and the qualifying income has been raised. The poorer groups of citizens too will be seeing more help coming their way. Is this part of the election process or what? If it is part of the election process, a pre election morphine jab, what will the post election process be like? For sure, the fares will go up. The delay in fare hikes is only temporary. And for sure, someone is going to say, hey, all this costs money. And money must come from somewhere. Anyway it is a nice change. I am hoping that Boon Wan will also say that medical fees are too high. But no, when an open heart surgery cost only $8 out of pocket, it cannot be too high. In fact it is too cheap. And then we have seen medical bills in the tens of millions. Seriously, there is no reason to say that our medical bills in govt privatized hospitals are too high. The only way to say that they are too high is to ignore the $8 open heart surgery as only good for the likes of Boon Wan. Hope he will share with the people how he could do it. And also the $24.8m medical bill must be seen in a different light. Taking these two examples as anomalies, perhaps, maybe, we can then take a serious look at those $150k or $200k bills and say yes, honestly, undisputably, they are extraordinary high and not suitable for ordinary people. In reality, any bill that is above a couple of thousands is high. Any bill that is in 5 digits is very high and very unaffordable to the average Singaporeans. But they are lucky, with so much money in their Medisave and all the Ms to pay for them. What if they have no Ms? And would somebody admit that the prices of public housing is no longer affordable to many average Singaporeans? It will be a pleasant sound to hear. But I just heard a loud No, they are very affordable. Hey, this is pre election time, would it not be nice to say something nice?


Anonymous said...

It was all very comforting until You You deciphered their messages and the inevitable implications.

It is a pure pre-election budget and me thinks it's more sinful of the speakers spouting sweet nothing and giving sweeteners. Everything has been schemed, after their last victory, they asked us to swallow some bitter pills(medicine-metaphorically) at regular intervals instead of having to go for a complicated operation(medical).

Short term sufferings are better and therefore 'desirable' than accumulated malady and malaise. BUT, who plants and spreads the malignity? In Sin, there are no natural calamity there are only man-made ones. And who has the power to plan, executive and put the people to suffer?

Too much sweetness has proven to be detrimental to physical and emotional wellbeing. As such, even if sweeteners are offered, beware of its' long term implication, it is likely to harmful.


Anonymous said...

Ask anyone on the street and they know the reason. Money in the bank, upgrading for this and that, more help to be given blah, blah, blah. You can even see more deaf frogs all around, shaking hands, carrying babies, swaying and dancing with the crowd, everything to be expected.

God forbid, all this will come to naught after the election. Yes, there will be more, but the other way round. More GST, more increases in medical cost, higher train and bus fares, the increase of which they deliberately postponed till October, and you should know the reason too.

Yes, too much sweetness spells fishy business.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, what a seducer. To celebrate the marriage between govt and people lets all sing

"Here Come The Bribe"

Here Comes The Bribe

By men dressed in white

They steal you money

To make the world right...

Sing motherfuckers, sing your aching hearts out!

Anonymous said...

? = ?

Wally Buffet said...

The rash of good news and goodies galore is so obviously centered on garnering more votes that it is almost laughably inane.

To them, we must really look stupid and daft for us to be treated this way.

But there again, this is uniquely Sinkapoorean.

An unthinking electorate, really as dumb and as docile as sheep being led to the slaughter house after a meal of fattening mountain hay.

Fuck us!

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Shhhh....a little bird told me some of the "public" institutions are holding back their increase in charges until after the election...don't believe? Just wait and see..meanwhile enjoy the "more good news"

Anonymous said...

The trick is to increase charges after the election, give a little back to a few token souls, and tell the whole island occupiers that no where else in the world can we find such a generous and benevolent Government.

It works all the time. That is why they use the same trick over and over again.

Anonymous said...

They were benevolent to the people alrite.
However, they are more generous to themselves, much more than any other leadership in the World.