Big changes in PAP policies

2 out of 6 candidates introduced so far are new citizens. Both became citizens in 2008. After Janil Puthucheary comes Foo Mee Har, from Ipoh. If this is the general trend, then we can expect 1/3 of the new PAP candidates will be new citizens, not local born. Foreign talents are showing how dependent Singapore is for their contributions in the private and now the public sector. With the dearth of local talents, this is the natural thing to do. Evolution, Singapore style or we will go the dodo way. The next big change in PAP policies is to field lesser Chinese educated candidates. But Kan Seng quickly assured the Chinese educated group that their interests will still be important and that national decisions will be based on national interest. What is he trying to say? Hopefully national interest and the interest of the Chinese educated will coincide and not contrary. Over time this has to be the way to go. Either there are now no more Chinese schools or the proficiency of the students from the SAP schools is just not good enough. Or maybe there are no worthy talents from the SAP schools, or maybe the students from SAP schools are not willing to serve. Or maybe there is no more Chinese educated community to talk about. So gradually evolution will take place. A third change is the passing of the baton. We are seeing more ‘tai zi’ and ‘gong zi yeh’ stepping forward to fill the shoes left behind by their fathers. 3 out of 6 so far are children of the first generation of PAP founders. And more are on the cards. This must be the year of the princelings. Or is it the year of the foreign talents? I must say that these are important developments in the evolution of PAP politics. It will not cause any revolution for sure.


Anonymous said...

"We are seeing more ‘tai zi’ and ‘gong zi yeh’ stepping forward to fill the shoes left behind by their fathers. 3 out of 6 so far are children of the first generation of PAP founders", unquote.

There is an English Word for such passing of batons from one generation to another, politically speaking.

Me am just too disappointed it happened in backward Third World Countries and now it happens here after it happened decade ago. It is repeating. Will voters allow it?


Anonymous said...

I'm very sure Sg is not short of talented people.

It's just that the really talented ones here are unwilling to be associated with THAT party, notwithstanding the lucrative monetary reward.

Without good local talent for renewal, entropy is inevitable; Hence, the rolling out of new citizens as candidates.

For those who are talented, principled and patriotic, their refusal to join is really a form of passive resistance.

I salute all of these unsung heroes for standing for the interests of their countrymen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Big changes afoot indeed.

They are up to something. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

As the opposition is also fielding new citizens, and if they are elected, I am looking forward to some shoe throwing, WWE style wrestling in Parliament.

Exciting times ahead!

Anonymous said...

4th PM in this batch?

Maybe 1 of the fathers can say "If he were not my son, he would be the Prime Minister. I’ll tell you honestly, I stopped him, because he can run faster than any of the others. But I told him it would do him no good. Just stay out of this race. And his generation, his peers, know that I am not boasting when I tell you this."

Anonymous said...

"We are seeing more ‘tai zi’ and ‘gong zi yeh’ stepping forward..."

Ya..once the lesser mortals accepted such trend - there's no reason they can object when another LEEder return to claim his place in the near future...sigh

Anonymous said...

'Will voters allow it?'

It happened before. There is a precedent. What can voters do?

In Hougang or Potong Pasir, maybe something will be done. Not elsewhere!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't see any real problem with more tai zi and gong zi yeh. Today they are not the ruthless playboys of the past.

All fairly decent young men and chosen on merits.

They are not the kind like in Libya, Iraq or in some medieval countries. The gong zi yeh traits are still prevalent in communist China where some think they are above the law. Luckily China has the death penalty and some will be shot for sure.

Anonymous said...

"What can voters do?", unquote.

Good Question but not valid.

This Coming Election is comprehensively contested by Alternatives(Opposition) Parties.
Voters who are sincere in wanting a change have AN OPPORTUNITY to have it.

So, IF Voters throw away the OPPORTUNITY, they have only themselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

Opportunity is one thing. Taking advantage of the opportunity is another.

After 45 years, the only people who took the opportunity are voters of two miserable constituencies out of 85.

Yes, there should be more opportunities in this coming election as the opposition is slated to contest every seat.

So, voters should not say they do not have the opportunity to vote ever again.

But, as always, I am sure there will be other excuses. Some things are expected to change, but never changes.

Anonymous said...

Me will not hesitate to agree with anyone saying the Ruling Party will be returned as the major winner again in the Next Election. It is indeed a very sad state of affair.
However, to say that the people have no choice and no chance for a change is not right.
If voters succumb to fear for no good reason or ARE WILLING to accept the Current Regime as the Best. Then it is only fair that we respect the Result.

Me shares much of the view and worry of Mr Chua aka Redbean in most of what he had authored in his blog, be it local or alien matters.

It is a rather unique and inexplainable characteristic of Singaporeans. THE LEADERS LIKE TO SAY ONE THING AND ACT OTHERWISE AND SO ARE THE PEOPLE.

Though personally, me has little faith in the electorates, this atheist prays that the people will be wiser in their decisions this time round.


Anonymous said...

'The leaders like to say one thing and act otherwise and so are the people'- by courtesy of Patriot

Politicians everywhere do that and I mean everywhere. The sad thing is that the people here in red dot also do that, to an art. The saddest thing is that the Government knows exactly the very fact that the electorate will still vote for them, despite their vowing and loud proclaiming not to do so in cyberspace. Candies, promises of upgrading and new facilities, revisiting the fear element, redrawing of boundaries etc will ensure the result is going to be 'as per normal'.

Nevertheless, just enjoy the political posturing.