All the good signs

The economy grew by a record 15.7%. What a miraculous number and what an exceptional govt to achieve such a high rate of growth in a world hit by financial crisis and natural disasters. Time to reward everyone for a job well done. All civil servants and politicians will receive pay rise, performance bonuses and GDP bonuses to the tune of 10 or 17 months of bonuses on top of the basic salary, the 1 mth AWS and the 3 months of variable bonuses. Please correct me if I am wrong. Roughly it is about there, and everyone will be happy happy. The people will also not be left out. Everyone will get something, at least $800 plus whatever savings from taxes, and top ups. And the opposition parties are in the mud ring wrestling and trying to get out to be ready for battle in the coming GE. And let’s not forget the most important man in the country, the President. He too must be rewarded for doing such a fine job, shouldering such a heavy responsibility and still having to look happy and make visitors to the Istana ground feel happy. Of all the good signs, this is the most telling. For some may claim that it is audacity beyond words for the govt to pay the President $4m a year plus all the perks, and almost a $1m pay rise. Such arrogance could be negatively received by the electorate. But looking at it from another angle, it is a sure sign of confidence. The govt knows the ground well and that the people will still give the ruling party a resounding victory in the next GE. They would not dare to risk winning a GE by making this kind of payment if they think it will not go down well with the people. The govt is always right and they must have done their sums well and knowing that all is well. The next GE will be another clean sweep. There will be no meltdown whereby the opposition will do a clean sweep. The budget, pay hike and big bonuses will not be the swan song.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Oooh the sweet euphoria created by inflation of the money supply. Plus the growth of credit in the real estate sector where funds are being loaned out at between 1-2 %.

I concur: looks like a clean sweep at the general election...nevermind the CPI running amok, or property prices and the casinos are pumping harder than Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood...every one is rich.

Thank His Holiness Pope Bernanke. Thank Goh Chok Tong and the whole heavenly-divine staff at MAS.

Now everyone can worship the miracle of instant money. Amen.

Anonymous said...

while netizens rant and rave online, if u Speak to people, you will find that only 1 in 10 is aware that the president is getting a $900,000 pay rise.

they are also not aware that the ministers are getting an 8 month GDP bonus. that this is just ONE of the many extra payments/bonuses that they will be getting.

when told, people are shocked. they will also tell you 'what to do? cannot do anything.'

by and large, sporeans are uninformed, unaware, unwilling to do anything to change things.

so how?

are we daft and duds or wat? you bet we are! we are BIG-TIME FOOLS and COWARDS.

all this online stuff is going to go just so far. those of us who want to see change need to seriously go out and SPEAK to pple, face to face, and explain why there is no need to take this shit anymore.

bring it up with Everyone you encounter, from the hawker to the cleaner to the neighbour to the friend you bump into. when you do do, you will be shocked at how many will be voting PAP as they have No Idea what to do to stop the rot and are scared at voting for someone else besides the ruling party.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Growth of Singapore M3 (broad money)

Jan 2010-Jan 2011 - 8.25%

Jan 2008 (beginning of Gobal FC, stimulus added to economy) - Jan 2011 - 33.7%!!!

The figures are from MAS's own database. You (The Active citizen) can do the calculation yourself HERE.

That means, in the broad sense, -- not taking into account money velocity or the fact that many people and institutions save money in private safes and mattresses i.e. takes some uncounted money out of circulation -- that $1 in Jan 2011 is worth $0.66 in Jan 2008 money.

This explains why things are cost more today than they did in the past.

This phenomena of more money chasing a fixed amount, or slower-increasing of goods is why your real estate and shares are sky-high. with 'cheap money' individuals flock to convert it into more 'tangible' goods like houses, commodities and stocks.

I think Goh Chok Tong is challenging Bernanke, because he wants to be better than the ang mo :-).

C'mon SM Goh (Can you believe it? The boss of the central bank is a senior cabinet member?!? can you eat that Robert Mugabe? Of course not! We are Singapore, bitch!)...you can top Bernanke! Inflate somemore lah! I want to see Orchard Road 10-20k per sq foot!!

Not to be out done by those ya-ya Singaporeans, the Malaysian Central Bank shows that Malaysia Pun Boleh!.

Steady lah mat! Wah-hai, tak mahu kalah. Kamu ada style istemewa!

Majulah, negara kuku!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, we have all the bad signs. Today, we have all the good signs. Tomorrow and thereafter?

I agree that 90% of Singaporeans do not know that the President got an increase in salary of almost a million. This is despite the issue being debated furiously in Parliament, as they claimed.

Or is it that people couldn't care less to learn what they debated, since what is debated is all academic, stamped and sealed in advance already. Not all like to watch puppet shows anyway.

Yeah, I think the ruler's confidence is sky high to warrant such arrogance. All the chikus all over the island must be ripe for the picking again, and the papayas are waiting to drop.

What will the people do? They will do as they always did over the last 45 years. After all, the candies to be given out have been announced and will be dispensed in May, just in time for the erection.

Anonymous said...

'Pay hike and big bonuses will not be the swan song'.

Right, it is the song of Wall Street and Wall Street is obviously becoming our benchmark.

Anonymous said...

"After all, the candies to be given out have been announced and will be dispensed in May, just in time for the erection", unquote. It is also in time for the Orchard Fashion Sale.

As for the President's Pay Increase as well as the others, let them take as much as they want, they cannot be enjoying the money. They have the power to make their fortunes, however, they do not have the time to enjoy them. The purpose those fortunes serve is not always positive.


Anonymous said...

Thieves,thieves,thieves, empowered thieves.
Rob, rob, rob, legalise robbery
What is fair? What is foul?
Only the empowered greedy and rapacious hungry ghosts can interprete.
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair.
Hover through the filthy air." ( Macbeth)
Dare you clean the filthy air
On E-Day and say, I dare , I dare.
Only then can we say
All is well , all is fair
A responsibility all must bear.

Anonymous said...

Outgoing president


Incoming president


Anonymous said...

Suddenly the economy grew by 15.7%.What a great election stunt? Even China dare not claim such figure. Never mind it is all cooly calculated to serve many varied purposes. First the claim could be possible though at first it defied beliefs because of world economic and financial crisis caused by the unthical American elite scoundrels and robber barons. Singaporeans provide the answer to the claim. Singaporeans are docile milking cows where the authority can squeeze them dry with impunity. With taxes here and taxes there and taxes every where it is no surprise the economy suddenly improve by 15.7 per cent. With ERPs in every nook and corner billions of dollars are siphoned from the pockets of the masses. Similar amounts are collected from COEs. What about tax on tax in PUB bills beside quietly increasing the charges on usage. Astronomical figures worth hundreds of billions of dollars are collected from GST, telephone bills, public transport like bus and MRT fares and many other taxes with no end to account.

The increase in income of 15.7 % will provide the government an opportunity to reward the president, the ministers and MPs with ridiculous insane figures and to a lesser extent to the civil servants, though the top civil servants may get as much but a little less than the ministers. Remember all this money is exacted from the people who unfortunately will be left behind poorer to only fret and fume. Of course the people must be given some bread crumbs psychologically to seal their lips and numb their minds from logical thinking. What a calculated strategy to win an election? Is it democracy or cheatocracy at work?

Well, some ministers say, the election is about the future. To the ministers and those in power, there is no difference in their present or future . Their present is their future and their future is their present. They are fused into one, one that is always endowed with abundance for many life times or ages to come. But for the people the future is tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. So, please don't bull shit.