106,600 PMET jobs for Filipinos

This is how successful we are in job creation. And if you add the others, we could have created at least half a million PMET jobs for all the foreign talents here. It is indeed a great feat and something to crow about. It is also a great feat that so many ex PMETs are now driving taxis or becoming agents or self employed, and struggling to make a living. Yes, we are an all inclusive country, including all foreigners as well. For those Singaporean PMETs who are still left in the lurch, it must be their own inept, that they could not compete with the foreign talents. Serve them right. And if they have a big mortgage to service and growing children that need to support, it must be their bad karma. I do try to believe that it is all the faults of these ex PMETs for their own failures. Somehow I also have this niggering feeling that something is not right. Maybe 10%, statistically never wrong, to presume that there will be some that deserved to be in the shit hole. For the rest, I believe they are true Singaporeans at heart and are hard working and will be the ideal employees like all Singaporeans are, work and work and work. It is sad that so many of our own PMETs have ended up in such a dire strait, and many in the prime of their lives. The option is to be retrained as service workers, and their valuable training, experience and expertise be dumped into the longkangs. There is no need for their skills as they can be replaced by cheaper and hungrier foreign talents. Is there anything wrong about this state of affair?


Wally Buffet said...

Pinoy migrant workers are preparing to stage a demonstration on the 12 anniversary execution of a murdering maid convicted in Singapore according to a post by the Singapore News Alternative.

Isn't it appalling that we are creating 106,600 jobs for these ingrates and here they are biting the hands that feed them?

You get the government you deserve.

You also get the foreign "talents" you deserve.

Fuck them!

Deport them!

Anonymous said...

If they demonstrate, I'll clap, clap, and clap.

That may set the precedent for more to come. It may not only be for anniversaries.

The Government gets the militant foreign talents it deserve.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore is a meritocracy: the best rise to the top.

No one owes you a fucking living..

If someone else can do the job too, any employer is FREE TO CHOOSE who to hire and who to fire -- according to his own judgement and to what he thinks his enterprise needs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It doesn't amaze me: but there are many people around who try to "justify" the cuntry/ govt owing them a living by guaranteeing them a job.

Get fucking real, folks!

Anonymous said...

All those Singaporeans who took/are taking the words of the Political Muckers to upgrade, upskill and go further studies deserve to be suckers.

It is a vicious cycle created by our leaders to mislead us into believing that they have concerns for are wellbeing and future. It cannot be further from the truth that by listening to them, we further get ourselves enslave.

Me has no doubt that Singapore can have millions and millions of foreigners who are more qualified and MORE WILLING to work at a much lower pay in Singapore. Unless the foreigners are only allowed to work in some jobs shunned by locals, allowing foreigners simply because they are qualified and willing to accept lower pay, there WILL BE NO END TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM OF SINGAPOREANS.

Get real fellow citizens!


Anonymous said...

My apology to All;

'......mislead us into believing that they have concerns for are wellbeing and future'.

The above should read'......mislead us into believing that they have concerns for OUR wellbeing and future'.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just as we were celebrating the contribution of Filipino PMETs working here, there is a report that 3 Filipinos have been caught for cheating Stanchart of $317,100 for forging the pay slips of clients to secure bigger credit facilities.

Thank you foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

Q: Which country in the world invite aliens to "invade" itself? Not ONE but they form one-third of the population?

A: Sillypore! aka Singapore...

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 757:

> Q: Which country in the world invite aliens to "invade" itself?


At least S'pore the foreign workers come peacefully, and the overall effect is that the locals eventually benefit -- although most of the them are to stupid and/ or too emotional to see it.

Fucking idiots. They need to be harder drivin' and harder strivin' ;-)