Ye are all devils, says the devil

The astonishing result of the FIFA voting is a sign of a change of winds. Russia and Qatar were voted to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively. When the results were announced, it was horrors in everyone’s face except for the winning nations. The prologue to the voting was best exemplified by the devils calling everyone devils, and the corrupts calling everyone corrupt. And the aftermath, the vitrolics were even more venomous. We were cheated, the whole voting was manipulated, bribery, cheats, etc etc. And ‘Russia, a mafia state rotten to the core with corruption; Qatar a mediaeval kingdom with no freedom of speech; Both are swimming in oil money.’ So said the righteous and wronged gentlemen. Vladimir Putin absented himself from the election parade and circus so as not to put pressure on the voting council. Others don’t. They were there in full force to influence the voting with their titles, pedigrees, and comics. The outcome turned to be in favour of those who did not do anything to try to influence the decision. But they were attacked with cheap diatribes from the well heeled but bad losers.


Wally Buffet said...

Anyone going ballistic over a stupid ball chased by twenty silly grown men ought to be called devils.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, call off the stupid event. I am totally disgusted with all the politicking behind all those venue awarding events for the Olympics, FIFA World Cup & etc.

And the most disappointing part was that during the last World Cup in South Africa, those footballers that were supposed to excel, did not deliver, those that were overlooked did the excelling, and fans we left with the feeling of being cheated.

I have a feeling that the FIFA World Cup means nothing to those stars with inflated egos. After all, they are already so well paid by their clubs, and their loyalty obviously is not for their country, so they did not perform to expectations.

I have a feeling that I will not miss anything by not watching the next World Cup.