When gods, satans, saints and devils party together

Is this scenario possible in a world where religious purity and pedigree are reaching a stage of mutual exclusivity? Many religions still preach that theirs is the only true religion and the rest are worshipping devils or satans. Would such believers, so faithful in their beliefs, unyielding and incorrigible to the heel, go partying with those whom they believe are devils or devil worshippers? Would they be willing to hug and kiss the devil when they are expected to rid the devil? If they do, would they be compromising on their true beliefs? Or would they just be hypocritical, putting on an act that they would denounce should others do it? Or would they quickly return to their holy residents and start a frantic cleansing to be rid of the devils and the devilish stench? Yak, holding hands with the devils! Dettol will not do, only holy water can cleanse away the marks of satan. Where on earth can we see the devils, saints, satans and gods partying happily together? In realtiy, the world is just that. There must be night and day. There must be good and evil. And there must be gods, saints, satans and devils. They are all part and parcel of a big family, co existing and inseparable. Without one, they will be no the other. Actually they all have one thing in common. They were all man once.


Wally Buffet said...

Here is a thought for the day on this bright sunny morning:

"Each and every one of us have sometime in the past, present or future been as good as god, as evil as satan, as pious as a saint and as naughty as the devil."

Wally Buffet

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak! (means mother of ala) As the resident balls-out athteist and anti-theist, I'm tempted to go nuts hear.

I'll just say this: as primates (monkeys) with large brains (prone to error) we are natural "dualists" and "agency detectors".

Dualists: we think that there is more than one realm -- the one we live in and "somewhere else".

Agency detection: we think everything that happens has a cause or an "agent" behind the action

...over time: religion appears.