What did WikiLeaks revealed?

Many believe the WiliLeak information are all truth. Some are but many are not. Some are just versions of what the US diplomats penned to feed Washington. And who knows, some are just misinformation or versions that they wanted the world to know. There are plenty of American propaganda and slanted information for the world to lap up. What is unpleasant is that the Americans failed miserably to protect the interests and reputations of national leaders who were prepared to talk to them in confidence, thinking that what they said will be kept in secret. In such a climate of trust, many world leaders were caught with their pants down, bad mouthing other leaders and countries. This is no good. It destroys the credibility of the leaders in the report. No amount of damage control can undo this ruinous act of indiscretion. One wonders why the US could not stop the leak or to block the information from being spread across the internet. Don’t they have the capability to do so? Definitely. Why didn’t they do it or is it that the leaks were more beneficial to the US than if they were kept secret? And hurting a few statesmen is also good for the US. Embarrass them to bring them down, flat on their faces? Some statesmen are now red in their faces for speaking truthfully to the Americans. They must be having sleepless nights knowing the Americans have made a mockery of their reputation and integrity.


Wally Buffet said...

A western leader I once respected and a fluent mandarin speaker at that told Hilary Clinton at a private meeting as revealed by Wikileaks that the US must use force against China when "everything goes wrong" or to my understanding, when push come to shove.

Kevin Rudd also admitted that his push for an Asia Pacific body was to contain the growing influence of China.

That tete a tete took place in March 2009.

What an ingrate!

He forgot that Australia was saved from the financial collapse happening around the world mainly because of Chinese patronage of its commodities. Without this support, Australia would go the way of the PIGGS and my A$ will now be worth 20 Arsie cents to a Singapore dollar.

If not for Mr. Julian Assange and Wikileaks, we will never know what grand designs he has for China and non of it good.

Now I know what this smiling smooth talking focker stands for and it makes my day he's now working for a woman.

Fock him!

Wally Buffet said...

Sorry guys, I meant my A$ will only be worth 20 Singapore cents.

Just got up and haven't had my coffee fix yet.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow, you coming home! You are going to contribute to the high housing price man.

And don't trust the smiling devil. When they need biz from China, they went smiling, like Sarkozy and Clinton, but once home, they will be back to their normal nauseating self.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I coming over for completely selfish reasons. Not interested in angels or devils. As long as I can make some and pay fuck-all in tax, vist Aust as a "tourist" every few months, chee-ko-pek at Holland V -- I'm a happy guy.

Anyway property markets in Oz looks like its going to slide. Auctions in Melb/ Sydney not even reaching reserve prices. Which is good. I'll be buying cheap Aussie property in 2012/3 with nice, robust Singapore dollars.

By that time, tjme the Labor govt will be on it's last legs having borrowed Aust to oblivion, and the people will be tossing them out at the next election.

It has come to my attention that the WA state DEBT is going to be in a $15 billion HOLE by 2013/ 14. Someone will have to pay it back...and the interest alone is killer.

WA will be walloped hard -- that is crushing debt. Which is good. I can be a Singaporean again and come back to Perth shouting "cheap, cheap, cheap" -- piss everyone off :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The winds of change is blowing stronger and stronger. You won't know how much is the real debt. Probably covered in many layers of accounting.

Unabelieveable that Oz can go down under the superior race.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should demand an apology from the White House for embarrassing LKY by leaking what he said of North Korea an China.

Matilah_Singapura said...


No need. LKY never apologised in his life for anything he said. Rest assured he is not "embarrassed". However if you say anything against LKY, there is a good chance you'd get sued ;-)

redbean: Some people might care, but not me. I don't trust anything the got puts out -- including accounting. Suffice it to say they've been spending beyond their means. So if they say $15 in debt, don't be surprised if it is 20 billion or worse.

The sleeping people get the irresponsible government they deserve.

I couldn't care less if the shit hits the fan. I have options :-) ...like checking into Hotel Singapore, and staying put until the shit-storm is over.

Same deal in reverse: Singapore in recession, go back to Hotel Aust.

I have no national allegiances. Fuck all the states and all the governments :-)