Western thinking in a Chinaman’s head

China is the most irresponsible emerging power for its failure to rein in the belligerent North Korea. It did not punish North Korea after the sinking of the Choenan as told by the Americans. (In this incident the West has already convicted the North Koreans of the crime but not allowing it to defend itself. The North Koreans have admitted the firing into Yeonpyeong but denied its role in Choenan and wanted an independent investigation to view the evidence. The South Koreans and its allies who conducted the one sided investigation pointedly refused to let them. There is no reason why the North Koreans needed to deny the shooting if they did it. There is no reason to deny an independent investigation if the evidence is convincing.) Every country wants to be friendly with China but it was China that is behaving aggressively. All Asian countries are viewing China’s rise with suspicion and fear. And China is rapidly beefing up its military forces and getting more aggressive in its disputes with its neighbours. The above is standard western American and western views. But inside many Asian heads, including the heads of WOGs and westernized Chinamen, this is the prevailing view that coloured their thinking process. Oops, I meant whiten their coloured minds. No one questions the role of the Americans, Japanese and South Koreans in provoking the North Koreans. No one wants to know the truth in the sinking of the Choenan. No one wants to know how the Americans have been orchestrating and creating the tension in the Korean Peninsula. No one wants to tell the South Koreans to stop their war mongering war games in the front yard of the North Koreans. Now that the Americans has given the green light to unleash the monster of the WW2, to allow Japan to rearm and become another military power, this idea will be accepted as the correct way to go by these Asians with western thinkings in their heads. The remilitarization of Japan is a very dangerous development. The beast in the Japanese people has not gone away and will resurface itself to terrorise the Asian countries and people. Is America just a peace loving country? A sweet darling to sleep in bed with? Nicholas D Kristof has an article to describe the modus operandi of the Americans which he titled ‘Military force is not effective at solving modern problems’. This is what he said, ‘The US spends nearly as much on military power as every other country in the world combined, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. It says we spend more than six times as much as the country with the next highest Budget, China. The US maintains troops at more than 560 bases and other sites abroad, many of them a legacy of a world war that ended 65 years ago….The US will spend more on the war in Afghanistan this year, adjusting for inflation, than we spend on the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican American War, the Civil War and the Spanish American War combined.’ Is this a benign and friendly super power? Why does it invest so much money and resources in the weapons of war and keeping so many military bases? For tea parties? This is the way the Americans choose to deal with countries that do not tow its lines. It will use force to deal with them. And it will do it again and again, as it has the monopoly of power. Ahh, the aircraft carriers and their fire power! But the silly Asian heads, thinking American or Western, took all this for granted as the order of the day. The flexing of American military muscles and starting wars is a peace loving thing. It is America’s right to instigate and start wars. America is a benign and peaceful power. China is a belligerent power. When America schemed and orchestrated the tension in Korea, it is China’s responsibility to defuse it. By not doing anything, China is irresponsible! What kind of silly heads will think like this?


Anonymous said...

Potato heads! If everyday eats potatoes, sure think and talk like a potato wat.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Almost the entire article is flawed because of the patently incorrect premises of ethnicity-based thought.

Thinking -- i.e. reason and logic -- is a human endeavour, not a cultural or racial one.

for e.g. In the article you are using "reason" (as an accepted universal method) not "Singapore reason" or "Asian reason" (based on culture, race) to argue your case.

Geo politics is realpolitik -- it's all about power relationships and "ends" -- various national and individual interests being satisfied and aligned.

One way to achieve this is to constantly have a threat of outright war -- interspersed with a few outbreaks of overt and covert combat now and then.

Power relationships are dynamic and always in-flux. Trying to take a static "snapshot" and analyse it thru the lens of "culture and ethnicity" is to ignore the real motivations behind the scene.

Everyone wants something and all ACTIONS are chosen toward specific ENDS.

Doesn't matter if you are Chinese, Sudanese, Pekinese, American, Trash Can or whatever.


anon 1117

Hmmm... you may be right. I had nasi lemak last night and today I'm as lazy as a Bumi.

The day before I had sushi and ramen and had a fear of being killed by an atom bomb.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't exaggerate lah. Get drunk one day won't turn one into an alcoholic. You would need a life time of feeding the same diet to make a Chinaman to think like an angmoh or think his interest is in the well being of the angmohs.

If China is still the sick man of Asia, all the Chinaman will still be the slit eye gooks, good enough only to be laundryman and cooks.

Charlie, where is my chop suey? : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

You have to be kidding lah. China was referred to as "The Sick Man of Asia" in the late 19th century when it was crumbling internally from feudal fun which weakened them so much the Japs joined in to up the entertainment value in the 20th century.

China's no longer "sick" lah, they're going to own a huge chunk of the planet in record time.

Just because you have yellow skin and slanty eyes doesn't make you an "oriental" -- get fucking real. You know darn well that from meeting western born kids of Asian ethnicity -- most of them know nothing about Asia or its culture and history. Physical traits -- Asian, no doubt about it. Mind -- independent.

OK, I have to run. My angmoh rickshaw puller is waiting... I'm going to eat ginseng so my brain will think like Kim Jong-il. I've had enough of being a lazy Bumi.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today we can talk like that and make jokes out of angmohs. 50 years ago, all the migrants had to live on the charity and generosity of the angmohs.

As a kid it was it was such a happy time to collect free cooked rice daily from SHB, the predecessor of PSA. And mind you, the rice wasn't of good quality but tasted so good in the mouths of hungry kids and workers, just plain steaming rice.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean. You discredit the successful locals who beat the angmohs at their game.

One might be "grateful" for charity when one's survival depends on it, but that doesn't mean one goes around like a subservient sub-human -- head bowed, "accepting" one's karmic situation.

Fuck that shit. Singapore's economic success began well before the PAP ruled. Many of those local-entrepreneur families -- those who haven't fought internally with each other -- are still going gang-busters.

I would never "kow tow" to a mat saleh or an Asian... or anyone for that matter -- especially and including anyone and anything from religion ;-)

Anonymous said...

gods make mankinds of different colors, make them speak in different languages and even cook and eat differently.
The Species were once even originated in different geographical regions. Then the humans invented tools and machines that allowed them to cross the seas and traverse into other regions. Some inter married and became 'chap cheng' or mixed races and adopted nationalities that eclipsed their ethnicities. Their roots(origins) got eroded and they lost their bearings.
Bearings were further diluted when religions were created by man(kind). Believers began to place a divine mother and a divine father over their biological ones. Filial piety became inferior to religious piety though believers knew they were the genetic creations of their biological parents.
So humans are so creative that they denied themselves of ethnicities and parentages.
However, most wars are fought due to religions, territories, races(ethnic identities) and trades.
Genetic Codes for all living beings are for differentiating and identifying species. There shall be demarcations of territories; water, terrestrial, weather, space, races, colors, languages and traits. Even gods cannot change any of the natural identities, neither can man.