Were we done in by the Americans

The MFA had commented that ‘One purported meeting did not even take place’ and ‘Records of what was spoken differ,’ in response to the WikiLeaks revelations. What did these comments imply? Did the Americans concocted their reports and identified Singapore as the source when nothing of the sort took place, or they twisted the words to fix Singapore? It sure looks like we have been done in by our good friends the Americans. If true, it shall warrant a formal protest to the American govt and those being offended parties be duly informed. Unfortunately, even if it is true, it only concerns two cables, one that did not take place and another being altered. Then what about the rest of the cables? They must be true. Then what? Or was it an early Christmas gift? Do we need to say thank you to the Americans or return a gift in kind? Or an apology from the White House is warranted?


Anonymous said...

No shit!

Hope the poodles and bootlickers now know who they are dealing with all these years.

Did the Americans concocted their reports? Well, they sure have fabricated WMD reports on Iraq. They sure have carried out false flag operations around the world. They sure have used the CIA to use third parties to carry out destablisation of unfriendly regimes worldwide.

They have even done in their own people at home. So, what else would they not do?

Anonymous said...

Democracy means the Americans can do what they did and democracy also means the respondents and others have the freedom to respond as they deem fit to the US.
Free and fair plays to all

It's only a question of who is the better player, positive or otherwise.

"They have even done in their own people at home. So, what else would they not do?". Unquote.
So yeah, what else will they not do?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, tryin to wriggle out of the red-faced incident by blaming the Americans.

Nicely played :-)