Value for money education

For those who complained about higher tuition fees in the universities, they were assured that what they were paying for was for quality. Good education does not come cheap unless one is willing to accept lower quality education and paying less. This is the same logic in hospitals. You want world class medical services, be prepared to pay for world class medical fees. Going backwards, the media had an interesting article on the fees parents are willing to pay for their children to attend pre schools. The fees can go up as high as $20k pa in the best pre schools, and this fee is higher than what undergrads are paying. But the parents are not complaining as their children will be getting the best education their money can buy. For those who are paying $6k they can expect that their children will get the value of a $6k pre school education. And for those who are paying a few hundred bucks, don’t they dare to complain that the quality is only as good as the few hundred bucks they are paying. They pay for what they get. What else could they expect? Want quality, pay more lah. By the time the children enter Primary One, the gap between those who attended the top end pre schools and those at the low end pre schools must be pretty obvious. Of course the top end pre school graduates will be smarter and betterer than those from the low end pre schools. Oh, top end pre school children would not know what betterer means. Now many parents will have another thing to stress them up. Finding money to enrol their children in high end pre schools to give their little ones a head start in life. Good luck to them.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Here we are again visiting the ol' education con job.

Caveat emptor.

Another thing which bleeding tax payers need to challenge is the dangerous assumption of entitlement -- that just because I have a kid, it is "someone else's job" to make bringing up my kid inexpensive or "free" to me.

Thankfully there are many parents who understand that bringing up kids is not for everyone, and that is simply is rational (not rocket science) to have enough financial resources if your intent is to have a family.

A family is "something" of immense value to those who choose to begin one. Like all values, it has to be paid for by the primary beneficiaries, and not by "someone else" (i.e. 'society' or 'the government'). This payment-for-value is substantial -- in time, effort, sacrifice and of course money -- which is the reason that a family is indeed precious.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing!
Oh, i am talking about sending kids to high end and low end pre-schooling.
Just give them love, make them healthy and let them grow happily.
Why do parents make themselves difficult and make their children suffer.
Those born clever will be clever, Those born less intelligent are no shame too.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, we can't choose our parents, and many parents turn their children into cult objects, idols and 'symbols of achievement'.

Parents have the same ape-evolved brains as the rest of the human species and therefore 'define' their relationships and have the authority to act out their world view on their children.

Some parents are better than others -- all are 'fucked' to some degree -- no such thing as a 'prefect' parent.

So yeah, you are going to get all sorts of behaviour. Mostly comical.

> Those born less intelligent are no shame too. <

No one can 'make you' feel shame unless you give them permission. i.e. the 'shame' is always self-generated.

So no, I don't have sympathy for these motherfuckers if they feel shame and then do the dishonest thing in 'blaming someone else' for the way they feel.