The US attacks its allies

The US has launched the most massive and destructive attack on its allies through the WilkiLeaks. It has created an ill feeling throughout the whole diplomatic community. No one is spared. OK, not really. A few of the US core allies are practically free from any embarrassing leaks. Those that suffered the most from the leaks are peripheral allies or allies that attempt to balance their relationship between the US and China. Countries like Singapore, even Australia, will be fixed very nicely and will suffer an unkind fate for being an American ally. They will have a hard time trying to appease China and to mend their relationship. It will never be the same again. The party that benefited most from the fracas is the US of course. Countries that fell victims should return the American kindness by having their own version of WikiLeaks and see how red the faces of the Americans will be. For the time being the Americans must be having a good laugh at the silly political leaders that were foolish enough to have confidence in the Americans and that the Americans will not compromise them at any cost. They are now left to lick their own wounds. They are simply dispensable. Could the leak be prevented? Why were there no leaks from other countries? Were the security systems of other countries more superior than the Americans? It cannot be, the US is the most sophisticate military power and guarding their own electronic/cable communications with all kinds of complicated codes, cannot be easily penetrated. And their CIAs and all the intelligent agencies are world best. How could the leak have gone to far and so big? It will be ridiculous to think that the Chinese communication security system is far more superior to the Americans. Or for that matter, Singapore or any third world countries. Let’s have a few leaks on what the Americans say to their allies, to the Israelis, Japanese and South Koreans, or to Saudi Arabia, or to the European nations. The attack on its allies through WikiLeaks is a precedent that the Americans have set and they will have to pay for it. They cannot get away Scot free from this kind of black operations. For one, they have proven to be unreliable and dangerous as an ally. They cannot be trusted.


Anonymous said...

"For one, they have proven to be unreliable and dangerous as an ally. They cannot be trusted"

I think most who have lived long enough know this fact, long before the leaks confirm the truth to us.

But some will still continue to trust them, like they trust the US$, until it reaches banana currency status.

Anonymous said...

For some, just because the US heaped praises on them some time or other, they think they have the luxury of shooting their mouths off by criticizing others, thinking that getting praise is a privilege bestowed by the imperial emperor and they are therefore immuned from any accountability.

As diplomats, they now have more than a red face to contend with. They better take the route taken by an esteemed leader of ours and avoid being posted to Malaysia, and likewise Thailand, Japan and India.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Assange is performing the role of a journalist -- ie.e he "broadcasts" leaks. Therefore the answer:

> Why were there no leaks from other countries? <

It depends on whether whistle blowers will come forward. I would say that Assange has started a "revolution" -- i.e. set the ball in motion.

Actually there have been wikileaks from Australia regarding net censorship and internet poliy. Australian govt websites were brought down by "anonymous" and their famous LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon) in coordinated DDos attacks.

I suggest all able-bodied citizens of the world download LOIC to just in case they need to "stress test" government servers :-) [pic: MOE website hacked]

>> Could the leak be prevented? <

No. If there is a mathematical probability that something will happen, no matter how small the probability is, the laws of nature say that that event will occur -- it is only a matter of time.

That doesn't mean just be slack and don't care -- you still have to be vigilant and secure things that need securing. If you don't the maths change too -- i.e. the probability of security failure increases.

>> It will be ridiculous to think that the Chinese communication security system is far more superior to the Americans. Or for that matter, Singapore or any third world countries. <

You are looking at it the wrong way. firstly, it is easy to have "secure" systems now -- I've set up $300 netbooks with encryption systems which would take super computers months to break -- if ever. But at the end of the day the level of actual security depends on how "on" I am.

The "success" of wikileaks rests on the consciences of the whistle blowers who took the risk because of their "ideals" to steal sensitive information for public display. without these "piss-off" individuals acting on their mental states, there'd be no content.

Secondly, unlike China, Singapore and most of the peaceful world, the US has an ACTIVE Foreign Policy which means data, and information gathering is an on-going activity. This means that one would expect the communication in the HUGE US diplomatic core/ foreign affairs departments to be VOLUMINOUS.

Big in size means bigger security risk because of the tens if not 100's of thousands of personnel involved.

Put another way: every additional computer terminal, fax/ cable machine or physical point of access (like a doorway) you have increases the mathematical probability of a security leak.

And lastly -- culture. Rest assured when the Chinese discuss something "sensitive" it would be just the leader and a few trusted parties. Nothing would be written down or recorded, it it was it would not be transmitted; but if it is transmitted it would be encrypted. The nature of the discussion would stay in the room, and when people leave, no more mention of it.

American culture is different: they have no problems sharing their opinions with each other -- "keeping one another in the loop" -- as long as the info doesn't make it out into the public sphere, and even if it did...so fucking what?

In most individual-centered western culture, you can fuck a person to his face, and expect that he sucks it up, "be a good sport" and "takes it like a man" -- even though he is banging his balls and has lost face.

If you try to fuck an Asian (especially a Chinese) to his face, prepare to die or experience revenge.

Anonymous said...


The Chinese will take revenge undoubtedly. For them, revenge ten years down the road, is never too late.

But other races, if screwed, will also take revenge. They literally blow you away, when you least expected it.

The worst kind are those who make use of others to do the dirty job, while they remain the stainless, respectable messiah of mankind.