Talking about insensitivity

Bilahari Kausikan, the Permanent Secretary of MFA, is reported to be leading a delegation to KL to discuss the final phase of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station land swap deal. Bilahari’s name is also in the lips of many Malaysians for what was reported in American diplomatic sting operations and leaked by WikiLeaks. His views and comments on Malaysia and Malaysian leadership were anything but complimentary. And if there is anything that the Malaysians would want to do with him, it is best not mentioned. For Singapore to send Bilahari to KL for such an important meeting so soon after the WikiLeaks revelation can be seen as being confident that Malaysia and Malaysians will be able to put them aside and negotiate professionally and objectively. It also rule up the discomfort by individuals that often behave strangely because of their own personalities and the baggage they carried with them. These must be the assessment from the Singapore side. Let’s hope the assessment is right and the negotiation goes well under Bilahari’s leadership. His diplomatic skills will be put to a tough test. I am just wondering what he will say to the Malaysians to appease them and be on top of the problem. People have been complaining that Singapore and Singaporeans are arrogant and insensitive. I say no, Singapore and Singaporeans are not arrogant and insensitive. They are just very arrogant and very insensitive. But I think I may be wrong. I really hope so.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> People have been complaining that Singapore and Singaporeans are arrogant and insensitive. <

No. The people are generally ok, but the government...yes, definitely. "Arrogant and intensive" could also mean "forthright". They are this way both at home and abroad.

That being said...so what? Everyone has the right to be how they are, and say what they like about others.
Sure, there are consequences, but the fact that there are consequences doesn't negate their right to express themselves and be an asshole.

People who are forthright often get labelled "insensitive". I say to those see themselves as "targets" of this alleged insensitivity to suck it up, deal with it, and be adult about it.

Also it wouldn't hurt to get curious: "Wow..is there truth in what that insensitive prick just said?"

1. Your cuntry is corrupt
2. Your leadership is fucked
3. Your PM's reputation is besmirched by a murder
4. If there are race riots the due to fucked governance, the Malaysian Chinese will over-run Singapore.

A rational and sane person, who has no problems with his self-esteem will ask: "I wonder if any of that could be true", and not fly off the handle like a 5 year old spoilt child.

It seems to me that some of the Malaysians, led on by their media are doing the ol' "tarek harga".

The MFA delegation should not take any shit. What has been said, has been said. If an apology is forthcoming, all they need to do is to say "sorry" and get on with the job.

Fuck anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for what you've said. As humans, we all say silly things in inappropriate ways occasionally. We can also be arrogant and insensitive.

For the Malaysian and their media to act the childish fool is to implicitly claim that they are "white as the driven snow" and ever, ever held in their minds or uttered anything "negative" about Singapore.

I'll call bullshit on that.

If the someone tried to make me feel bad by telling me I'm insensitive, I could always shoot back that they are reactionary and over-sensitive.

So how, now? Your move motherfucker.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, this is insensitivity first class: )

Talking behind people's back and praying that people did not know what you said is not forthright or freedom of expression.

Talking here in the open is forthright and freedom of expression.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Do you think the Malaysians could take those opinions to their face?


Freedom of expression is what it is -- is doesn't matter who the party is. The fact is MFA guys made a reasonable assumption: that their opinions would be kept in confidence. Sadly, that assumption turned out to be incorrect.

So what? Now they should kiss Bumi ass? Fuck no.

Do you think that Bumis don't take about Singapore behind Singappore's back? Get real lah.

Were the MFA guys "insensitive"? OK, maybe they were, fuck it I'll agree with you -- they were very arrogant and very insensitive.

So what? So fucking what? No one has the right to change another person -- in relationships there is such a thing a acceptance and tolerance:

My alleged "insensitivity and arrogance" does take anything away from your character or prevent you from being who you choose to be, and no one has the right to change the other person. You do have the right to fuck me back -- that's all.

In the case of the Bumi's, they are behaving like children -- spoilt fucking brats.

Singapore is known in the region for "rubbing other's noses in it".

Since you already know how the S'pore govt is, fuck you Bumi assholes for pretending that you don't know.

Tarek harga, cry crocodile tears...like Malay drama on TV.

Anonymous said...

Those sensitive statements that You're alluding to might have been just personal opinions and forecasts of possible eventualities. They were not statements of facts or events that had happened.
Opinions that were spokened in private conversations are just personal views.
All of us have opinions of others, some good and some bad, so, if one is sensitive to the bad ones but untouched with good ones, the fellow has some insensitiveness to some extent.
However, if an affected party feels hurt or harm, then proper response and retaliation will be the orders.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In this case Malaysia is quite safe from WikiLeaks as they were not on too friendly terms with the US. So they would not have sweet pillow talks with the Americans and nothing to leak.

Only close friends of the Americans will be found leaking.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, Ok, this issue is a bit tricky. Let's see how the politicians do their wayang kulit to defuse this bomb.

Anonymous said...

it's a wonder why our fellows had to bitch such stuff to the Yankess when these would obviously be nothing new to them. with their resources, sure they would be in the loop about what's going on in the countries in the region. a bitter lesson to learn and to learn well, don't fall into their traps

Matilah_Singapura said...

An oldie , but goodie...

Aiyoh! Government servants on both sides of the causeway, jaw drop.

"Wah lan. Adoi... mampus lah, sial. Otak ku membuatkan fikiran lucah. Lihat buah dada manis nya. Alamak, kotek sudah berdiri - hendak paku dia keras dan baik baik sampai mati. KL bagus sangat lah. Paling istemewa nombor satu untuk cari gadis jambu batu dan kongkek macam orang gila.

Mari lah abang, jangan lawan lah. Saya belanja kopi atau bir. Semua sudah ma'af kan. kawan kawan. singapore dan Malaysia macham 'abang - adik ', mereka keluarga besar.

Sila mereka menikmati wanita seksi itu, dan fikiran mereka bersama kotor sekali.

Yang Benar,

Tan Sri Datok Matilah Singapura
Tukang Seks Pepek Istimewa, Asia

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Selamat Tan Sri Datuk, Jangan bohong lah. Sudah makan?

Anonymous said...

'Only close friends of the Americans will be found leaking'

You are really good in putting two and two together. But, of course, it is true, especially if they share the same bed. Too much stoking and stroking on the bed and they leak.