Singapore in a state of siege or self denial?

Through WikiLeaks we must have offended many countries in Asean and Asia. From India and Myanmar through Thailand and Japan, from China and North Korea in the north and down south to Malaysia and Taiwan in the East, they cannot be too pleased with what we said about them. George Yeo said that these were just cocktail gossips, not worth bothering about, should not be troubled by them. Our relations with the countries affected would not be affected. That is our version of how WikiLeaks affect us and our friends. What are our blastered friends thinking now? Would they regard the WikiLeaks in the way we do and dismiss them as nothing serious, or nothing that they will lose any sleep for? If they do, then it is just like a tropical thunderstorm that would not last more than an hour. The weather will be fine again. What if the affected countries are seething in rage? Would they, could they or should they? Would there be any consequences? So far only Malaysia has openly displayed their displeasure and, thankfully, no stone throwing across from the causeway. Our improving relations have bore fruits. The silence from the other capitals is quite uncharacteristic of what could be expected. Is the reticence real or several protest notes are already on the tables of George Yeo and Hsien Loong? It has been rumoured that LKY is going to make a comment on the WikiLeaks’ exposure on Singapore. Is this an indication that we are already in a state of siege and a response or an apology is in the cards? Singapore has been hit in the most unexpected manner at a most inappropriate time. All systems were go for the coming general election. A slate of wonderful things are lined up with nice happenings that would make the govt look good are waiting to be rolled out. Now out of the blue, the govt is in a damage control mode. The WikiLeaks is more than just an embarrassment and irritation. It has given the election campaign cart a big jolt when things were just getting comfortable. Maybe I am drawing too much inference from nothing. Maybe there is really nothing to it and things are as normal as before. I can be dense at times.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think you're over-reacting redbean.

I also think that some of S'pore's Asian neighbours will over-react, but business will still continue because of individual national self-interest.

> George Yeo said that these were just cocktail gossips, not worth bothering about, <

I absolutely agree 100% with him. I don't give ministers props, this one I do.

> The silence from the other capitals is quite uncharacteristic of what could be expected <

Huh? This is exactly the correct way to respond to gossip. The United Melayu National-way is absolutely the wrong way. Their conduct makes them look very "kayu" -- like rank amateurs in the adult world of geo politics where you really want a cool head -- so no one can figure you out.

> the govt is in a damage control mode. <

Are you sure? It looks like "business as usual" to me.

> Singapore has been hit in the most unexpected manner at a most inappropriate time <

"Hit?" Where?

In a few weeks CableGate will be over or if it is still going most of us will start to find wikileaks domination in the news fucking annoying.

No one is obliged to "apologise" for their opinion.

Behind all of this is of course Faifax's Sydney Morning Herald -- probably the most respected newspaper in Australia, and like the Guardian and NY Times, are reporting the cables blow by blow.

Singapore's curbs on freedom of expression and a free press are issues which most real journalists all over the world find intolerable and unacceptable. So anything they can get to "whack" Singapore especially if it has the potential to embarrass Lee and his "regime", they will do it.

The multinational news services together with wikileaks does exactly what a completely free press does: publishes the unvarnished "truth", without externally-edicted censorship and editorial control is solelty in the hands of the reporters and journalists -- the way it is supposed to be

Julian Assange may have given the media industries an economic shot in the arm, and perhaps paved the way to "uniting" internet blogs and the MSM.

Internet site/ blog (wikileaks) + Main stream media == Big news and big money, and more importantly - a force to be reckoned with which no government can stop.

Anonymous said...

Too early to say that everyone is taking this nonsense civilly. Read in the news today that Japan is blowing up Tommy's comment about them.

In Sin City, if anyone is caught making such remarks, you know what?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course we are going to witness "blow ups".

So what? If the whale killing, panty sniffing Nips can't handle it, they have just "broken" that cool, Bushido Japanese way of the Samurai, and have started behaving like an asswipe from UMNO. i.e. he has let down his country -- the pride of dignity and politeness. I think that Nip should go and commit sepaku and post the video on youtube :-)

Hopefully a few fellas from UMNO will watch the video and get similar ideas. If you look at Malay culture, the way to respond to "unpleasantness" is by remaining dignified and polite. Those few Bumi's blew it by responding like "orang kurang ajar" -- they let their side down. Sepaku, using a kris instead. :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are very naughty today. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Sincity will be as prosperous, if not more prosperous, as before.

What can those countries mentioned in the wikileaks do to Singapore? What should they do to Singapore?

Those people and countries who were mentioned or even 'accused' of incompetency, ineffectiveness, fat and downright goons are now put on the defensive by the Sin Talents.

As can be seen, one mentioned diplomat will be heading north to do his usual duty. Rest assured he and his entourage will be cordially and warmly received.

And all the mentioned countries, their governments and people will hardly give a damn to Singapore. That's how significant this tiny dot is in global standing.

Lenox said...

So far, only 2 cables from Singapore were leaked out of 250,000...... Just wait for leaks containing words from Malaysia, Japan, Thai, China, Indo etc to be leaked as well and see who shall have the last laugh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Lenox, Welcome to the blog.

What you said may be just the right excuse Singapore needs. Just tell the offended countries to relac and wait for theirs to come out and we call it square.

Wow, come to think of it, Malaysia may be jumping the gun. What happens if something worst comes out from their side? Just a possibility.

Maybe the Americans should doctor some to compensate for the shit they poured on the head of their best friend.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Lenox, like me, is waiting see who will have the last laugh, or have the last word.

There are no leaks surfacing about the good Dr. up north yet, or is there? Maybe they have avoided commenting on him during their pillow talks, because he is one WMD. He may be out of power, but not out of ammunition yet.

Now, the Indonesians are not as docile as the Malaysians. They will burn the bridges when they get real angry. The country of volcanoes is no pussy cat.

Anonymous said...

"What happens if something worse comes out from their side"

Relax redbean. The Indonesians, Malaysians, Thais and those further afield will tell George Yeo these were just cocktail gossips by their diplomats, not worth bothering about, should not be troubled by them.

We are big people and have big hearts for forgiving others. We let bygones be bygones. We don't take offense with their comments.
Except when we are dealing with our political opponents. We sue their pants off.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Americans going after LKY and Singapore? LKY is the single individual that is gonna get the most ire from neighbouring countries. Singapore as a collective body is going get the most brickbats for rubbishing other countries.