Sanity versus madness

The Korean peninsula crisis has come to an abrupt end. Thanks to sanity and good riddance to madness. Who is the sane party and who is the reckless and irresponsible party is clear for the whole world to see, except those who have eyes but cannot see. The South Koreans risked everything, even a war, to conduct provocative military exercise, firing live artillery shells near to the border with North Korea. In committing such an act of provocation, it even had to order its citizens to hide in the bunkers. Is it really necessary to act so foolishly just to prove their manhood? Is it necessary to conduct such an act in the front yard of a neighbouring country and destabilise peace with its neighbours? Just by not conducting such an irrational act, or do it in some other parts of South Korea away from the border, no one will be challenged and no South Korean citizens will be inconvenience or their lives put to danger. Why must the South Koreans stubbornly persisted to push its neighbour to the brink of war? A war with deadly consequences was avoided all because of a sensible and calm North Korea. They felt that it was not worthy to react to such a na├»ve provocation. The North Koreans have proven to the world that they are reasonable and mature people and will not fall easily into a trap laid by the evil trinity of South Korea, Japan and the US. They would not provide any excuse for the South Koreans and Americans to strike at them. If the North were as mad as the West have painted them to be… If Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong Un were as irrational as the West claimed them to be… The repeated provocations by the South Koreans would be the best excuse to retaliate, and as the West had accused them, just to prove that they were in charge. No, they have proven the West wrong, that they could not be easily provoked by crazy South Koreans and mad Americans and risk a destructive war. The Koreans on both sides of the border should say thank you to the North for behaving sensibly unlike their provocative and irresponsible South Korean leaders. Thank god that because the North Koreans were able to stay calm and walk away from a game of chicken. To hell with the crazy South Koreans and the mad Americans! The Americans and Japanese must be crying their hearts out that they have no opportunity to start a war in the Korean peninsula. And the Koreans as a human race is saved from extermination.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think you, along with many others are too easily conned.

Now you are singing praises about The Great Leader -- how "restrained" he was blah blah blah.

The fact is N Korea, and Kim Jong-il in particular didn't have to respond to S Korea's live firing at all. Afterall, there was no malice on the part of S Korea, they were just conducting exercises - like all countries with standing forces do.

To respond to that and take seriously as an "insult" may have been too petty. Perhaps China "advised" N Korea to calm down.

Anyway, Krazy Kim has always taken it upon himself to initiate the next act of "torment" -- that is his style.

Have we heard the last of this?

I doubt it.

Juche Komrades!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I definitely disagree on this. The North Koreans may be a military state. Like all kinds of states, dictatorship, kingdom or whatever, they just operate under their own systems which may be very different from the Americans. Even ours is different from the Americans.

But to keep painting them as crazy, irrational, obsessive, bonkers etc is pure western propaganda. All these leaders, including dictators, are no fools. Yes, they have crazy ways of releasing their urges like the Americans or the Europeans, today the French and Italian leaders are as good and flamboyant as Clinton and Kennedys, they are intelligent individuals too.

Looking at the current crisis objectively, the provocateurs are definitely the evil trinity. And the North knew what they are up to and will not fall into the trap. That is rational thinking and cool decision making. No room for error.

Just imagine what the Americans and western media will write about if Kim is going to conduct live firing on his side of the border. Just imagine what they will say if China is to go to war with any country.

For America to go to war is as natural as taking breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Going 2 war is never as easy as having breakfast, that's a lttle overstretched even for a true world power which is one where the people choose to go for war. No such country exists now. Most citizens today are against war, they know it's not rational to kill and destroy just for a victory that benefit nobody.
And since the Koreans had quarreled for 60 years without much fight, there is always another 60 years for them to fight like fighting fish fighting their shadows and reflection.
Cannot 'tahan'(dislike) all those posturings, hope the real one will happen asap.