The Robbers are coming

The Europeans are getting wiser to the game of the robbers. They are going to stop them from robbing the banks and the people of their hard earned money. Stringent laws are going to be put in place to prevent the robbers from robbing the banks to pay themselves crazy. And only the govt can do it. They are going to curb on the huge bonuses which the robbers have got so used to. No multi million dollar bonuses can ever be enough. And they will scheme and worm their ways to getting more. Only the US is still allowing the robbers to operate quite freely. And they can only do so with their accomplices in the govt. The robbers are threatening to flee to more hospitable and unthinking Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. Singapore is likely to be the first to open its doors widely to welcome them. The stupidity of Singapore is infamous in the financial world in terms of overpaying all kinds of craps and robbers with huge sums of money. Gullible is a disease here. This is accentuated by the mantra that foreign talents are best or betterer, and are worth every cent of their weight in gold. Who knows, the recruiting party could already be in Europe now and talking to the robbers and offering them generous terms, and agreeing to terms dictated by the robbers. What is wrong with that? They are paying good money for good talents. Even if they are robbers, if they know how to rob well, the owners will get a bigger cut of the loot. What if the robbers rob the people or citizens instead? The ignorant masses must not be duped continuously as if paying huge sums of money to robbers is harmless. Eventually everything comes to them. Someone has to pay big for the robbers to receive big. And that someone has no name except that he or she will likely be known as the people or the masses. The prices of everything will go up, the cost of living will go up. Everything is interconnected and forms part of the system which the robbers thrive in. Roll out the red carpet quick, the robbers are coming.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Using the Human Greed Argument leads to all sorts of interesting ideas. Underlying this argument is the implicit belief in a supernatural force/ "cosmic energy" -- the dark force of "evil" which "takes over the soul" and "seduces" the being into behaving in a way which harms himself, others and presumably the entire species along with the environment.

This "dark cosmic force of evil" is represented in different cultures in a myriad of ways -- usually anthropomorphisized as a "demon" -- a very unappealing character designed to embody the worst aspects of our human nature.

People actually believe in this SHIT. They still do today -- in 2010 going onto the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium - 2011 Even many non-religious, supposedly "rational" people, at some level believe that "evil" exists and it has to be supernatural or some dark cosmic force or some other bullshit they conjure up.

The financial sector is the most regulated sector in the world. These regulations were put in place to make a more "just" system -- to prevent impropriety form occurring, and to "wipe out evil -- most notably GREED".

But is as the case with govt over-regulation: impropriety is insentivized due to the nature of any interference in a market of freely or voluntarily associating human beings.

One must remember that Europe is one big neo-Marxist welfare state, and at the heart of Marxist theory (even though supernatural beliefs are frowned upon) is to "change" human nature by weaning out the "selfish" and "greedy" part of the human being. Marx's ideal was the New Socialist Man -- completely "selfless" and totally forsworn to the collective. Whatever marijuana or magic mushrooms Karl was taking must have been powerful because of the obvious mind-bending, reality-shifting trip influenced his writing. *-)

Europe is going to chase away these "evil" people. Fortunately, there are many places they can go to -- not just Singapore. There is HK, Dubai, south America and all those "evil" tax havens. There is also many of the independent republics of the old USSR, -- the Ukraine for example -- where the local sex trade is fast rivalling Bangkok. Let's face it, these finance wizards love the ol' "hookers and blow" (cocaine) routine. Many of these old republics are struggling for financial sector reforms and some kind of capital structure -- most of their banking is haywire. In fact, all these wizards have to do if they don't want to go faraway is to simply relocate to non EU jurisdictions and there are still many places in Europe to choose from.

As I've said before, capitalism has a very bad rap. The fact that there has been govt corruption in the financial sector which resulted in millions of people being diddled out of their money, has made capitalism's bad name even worse. People hate the finance sector. They're livid at the banks. When they see finance executives pay themselves obscene bonuses, this only fuels their outrage.

Add to that, the European Welfare State is broke -- sovereign debt calamity's everywhere. (over the next few months, watch Spain and Portugal shit themselves into the economic toilet).

Therefore it is no surprise if people, en masse, force their govts to "do something about it".

And once you go to the govt for "help", there is a good chance that in them "helping you" they'll fuck you up in some other way you never thought of. (aka "externality", unintended consequence)

Anonymous said...

It's not a virtuous world, so got to stop being religious or idealistic.
Get rid of the evils IF YOU HAVE THE POWER!
Or let the power of the evils control You.
There's an eternal fight.

Anonymous said...

Let them come. Just don't be greedy.

They used to say you cannot cheat an honest man.

Nowadays, not so sure lah! Soon, the bankers will even charge for keeping money in their bank.

If God is still around, can he help us. Please God, help.

Anonymous said...

But someone had asked at this site
what if god is blind and deaf!

Matilah_Singapura said...

God isn't blind or deaf. He's just too busy now. You'll have to find ways to deal with your own problems.

At the moment God is too busy killing babies in Africa by giving them AIDS.

Anonymous said...

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