Red passport in danger

Philippine airport police nabs Singaporean national for carrying shabu Inquirer.net, 10 Dec 2010 MANILA, Philippines--A Singaporean national was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 Thursday for allegedly sneaking illegal drugs into the country, police said on Friday. Soa K.H., 36, had just arrived from Thailand via the Thai Airways Flight TG-620 when airport authorities arrested him before 2 p.m., according to a report from the police's National Operations Center. Singaporean arrested at NAIA for shabu possession - GMANews.TV Posted by admin at Friday, December 10, 2010 0 comments Singaporean nabbed in Johor for drug trafficking Malaysia Star, 10 Dec 2010 JOHOR BARU: Police have busted a drug trafficking syndicate with the arrest of three people including a Singaporean and seizure of more than RM271,000 worth of syabu and Eramin 5 pills. Johor Police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police officers from the State Narcotics Department raided a house in Taman Setia Tropika following a tip-off at 3.30am on Dec 6 .... Above are Singaporeans making headlines for the wrong stuff. The squeaky clean Singaporean image is taking a bashing around the world. My red passport was a cherished and respectable document that could whisk me through many international airports with accorded respect from the immigration authorities. The citizens of less dignified countries looked in awe at the power of our red passport. At the rate Singaporeans are hitting the headlines for drug traffickings and other crimes, it would not be long when holders of our red passports would have to join the long queue to be thoroughly search, like high suspects for crimes. We are progressing in the wrong fields.


Anonymous said...

To survive and be rich, Singaporeans have to resort to extraordinary means. So long as they done it outside Sin, this tiny dot shall always qualified to be known as 'squeaky clean', however it is interpreted. For me, 'squeaky clean' could mean it's clinical, anti-septic and unnatural.

Wally Buffet said...

I have a feeling that the true blue native born here, bred here Sinkapooreans would not have the balls to do all these dangerous stuff. Remember it is our ingrained nature to be kiasi, kiasu and kiabo.

The red passport can also now be carried by "newly minted" citizens of dubious background from third world banana republics.

This is the price you pay for the kind of "trash" you choose.

But, and here is the clincher, lots of immigration officers from other countries can tell whether a red passport holder is a naturalized trash or a true blue Sinkapoorean. Don't ask me how, they just know.


Matilah_Singapura said...


> The squeaky clean Singaporean image is taking a bashing around the world. <

What fucking cock are you talking man? Singaporeans by nationality are one of the most commonly busted here in Oz.

In fact, sometime back RSAF personnel at the RSAF airbase at Pearce 45km outside Perth were busted for ecstasy. All kept hush-hush out of the S'pore press, of course.

And in keeping with the S'pore spirit of being "#1", most of these busts are BIG.

Duo face court over Australia's 'biggest drug bust'

Wah piang. More than half billion dollars. Steady lah. Majulah Singaporeans!

Note: To this date, this dynamic duo from Singapore hold the record. Even the Colombians are paying respects.

A Singaporean busted, made famous on TV

Being Singaporean, he always has "snacks" hahah.

My personal stance remains that the real "evil" behind all this silly paranoia about drugs is, and can only be, none other than ... tadaaa...The State.

Drugs, no matter how "deadly" should never be illegal, and never criminalised to the point where people are incarcerated or executed for use or distribution.

Your body is your business. No state or government has any objective or rational right to determine what you should or shouldn't put into your body by your one freely chosen action, for your own personal (selfish) gain aka "the pursuit of happiness".

Fuck the government! Keep your government hands off my mind, my body, my business and my fucking PRIVATE PROPERTY!

Anonymous said...

Matilah, don't underestimate the destructive power of the drugs. China paid for it dearly with a nation, including the emperors and all their households, addicted to drugs.

The country went down on its knees.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> The country went down on its knees. <

Absolute Fucking Nonsense. The workers could work longer when stoned. They enjoyed their opium just like western labouerers like their beer after a hard day's work.

These motherfuckers on opium could work all day -- really hard, physical work. So please don't bullshit about the "dangers" of drugs.

Don't forget the "history" you and I have been fed has been clouded by the myth: "OOOOh... drugs are bad".

Many of the wealthy Chinese businesses was founded on the Opium Trade -- dong business with the Brits.

Many a Chinese towkay -- great entrepreneurs even by todays standards -- smoked opium. They may have eventually looked like shit, but they were productive.

Nothing wrong with the country. The were conquered by the Brits because the Brits were the global power. There is nothing for the Chinese to be "ashamed" about -- and they have brought shit upon themselves by carrying this un-earned "shame" for 200 years.

The Brits (East India Company) were and to this date are unsurpassed drug dealers extrodinaire.

They didn't just fuck up the Chinese. They were in India for 350 years. They grew the opium in India, and along with their Dutch rivals, sold large quantities of the dope to the Chinese.

The Chinese govt, like all states, decided to "outlaw" opium but they never did, because...surprise, surprise MARKETS ARE DEMAND DRIVEN and opium consumption remained part of Chinese culture for years after the "ban".

Like all states again, the Chinese govt committed the usual cognitive error: PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK! -- you merely drive the action underground to the criminals.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Most people in today's society are so paranoid about drugs because of the constant propaganda from the government.

Especially in Singapore: people freak out when you even suggest that drugs should be de-criminalised. Immediately they allow their fear to short-circuit their reason and conclude: "The society will collapse if drugs were not prohibited", which shows of the national shame of the general population being unable to think independently or critically, and follows the govt line in lock step, without skepticism or question.

If you want proof of nationalised, institutionalised stupidity, (i.e. "group think") just bring up the topic of "drugs" in a social setting amongst Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Humans should just behave naturally with no man made rules, just like dog eats shit and mates anywhere anytime they like. No need Law, ethic, decorum and propriety. Free to do anything and behave anyhow.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You got it :-)

Smart boy.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In case everyone has forgotten:

Party drugs a hit with wealthy in Singapore

Singapore's Cocaine Circle

4 months off -- Note: this case caused people to question the impartiality of the judiciary. British author Alan Shadrake mentions this in his notorious book "Once A Jolly Hangman" which has rocked the totalitarians of Singapore and brought unwanted negative attention to the city-state and it's comical regime of thought police. This summarizes the who farcical saga.. Note: defense counsel for the alleged junkie is now Minister for Law, who recently argued in the US (no less) that a controlled media is better than a free press and free speech. See "Free press for a global society, Columbia University)

So if you have that ed passport or that pink NRIC and you like doing drugs...as long as you have kang tow, or quanxi...you can go for it.

This is Asia motherfuckers: you better have guanxi -- or you won't survive.