The Proof that the spammers are more than just spammers

Last few weeks redbeanforum was attacked by a flood of supposedly innocent advertisements for bags, shoes and electronic goods. Each spammer could hit a few hundred posts at one go, on every new threads in the page. A lot of effort to just do that. My response is to barred everyone from posting except the moderators. But I leave a hole for the supposedly keen advertisers to keep on posting in a section specially for them to post their adverstisements. Guess what? They gave up posting. All I had was one miserable advertisement posted there. What happens? Don't they no longer want to post their advertisements? The ill intent of the spammers is loud and clear. They are not just spammers or advertisers. They have a different and sinister motive. The only way, and best way, is simply to lock them out completely. The next thing they can hope to do is to kill my forum completely. Any genuine forumers can private message me to post in redbeanforum. I will allow them access by designating them as moderators for the time being. Oh they are still attacking mysingaporenews with a lot of porn postings. I hope Blogger will do something to their firewalls.


Anonymous said...


I have traced one of them... got hi static IP too.

You can make a police report you know.

Or the "injured party" could also strike back, which is of course illegal but heck of a lot of fun.

Yes, I'm talking DDoS, Ping of Death...lok 'em up ;-) Crash his server, damage his network.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do I want to spend the money and time? They are not the perverts who have nothing better to do. They have organisations paying them to do the job.

Let me thing about it. My lawyer hasn't not come back to me yet.

Anonymous said...

You're not the one who needs a lawyer. They are ;-)

Yeah, I know...this shit take time. But not doing anything...aw fuck, I don;t know...