The pathetic Asians

After a few centuries of colonization and manipulations by the West, I thought Asians would have wise up and stop fighting and killing each other. I thought Chinese would not fight Chinese, Koreans would not fight Koreans, Vietnamese would not fight Vietnamese, and in general, Asians would not fight Asians. The sad fact is that Asians would keep being led by the nose by the west, even a woman like Hilary is smart enough to make the Asians hate each other and want to gorge each other’s eyes out. When would Asians stand up and reflect on themselves and think for themselves? When would Asians think of their own interests and stop being manipulated by the West to kill each other? The Americans is starting wars all over Asia but not Europe or North America. Maybe the Asians are truly of lower intellect and can be easily hook winked by the West. Just look the rubbish articles coming out of the West and printed in Asian media like gospel truths. And Asians are supposed to lap it up happily without question. Mahbubani and other Asian thinkers have a lot of work to do to kick the Asian arses and wake them up. Asians can think? Ha! Until today, Asians are dependent on one source of news and logic which they believe are reliable, truthful and accurate, from the West. Bloody silly Asians. They deserve to be colonized once again and to be subjects of western empires. Reading todays’ ST, a new thinker has emerged in the name of Peh Shing Huei. He chastised China for running out of ideas and being a ‘one trick pony’ in the seemingly unsolvable North Korean dilemma. He, like all westerners, took the stance that it was all North Korea’s fault and North Korea is run by an irrational mad man and his son and causing all the problems even China cannot handle. He quoted some Taiwanese as an authority to back up his view. China will do better if the talent of Peh can be harnessed and the North Korean issue will be solved immediately. Peh must have many tricks up his sleeves. Hu JinTao and his comrades are just untalented Chinese leaders that may need a little help from Peh Shing Huei. For the time being, the North Koreans are good enough to be called names like ‘son of a bitch’ by all the western sympathizers and talented reporters. I must change my earlier pronouncement that Asians cannot think. Asians can really think and write articles of great wisdom in the media.


Anonymous said...

Not all Asians are smart and intelligent la! Only in Sin do we find the greatest concentration of talents in the smallest of states.

The funny thing is none of these talents has been engaged or employed by any other countries to help in running any country. Why?

Me guess the talents in Sin are only good to rule the 'tiniestest' of all countries. Bigger lands are for those with better minds than those in Sin. Me thinks so and therefore me believes so.


Anonymous said...

Kampong talents!

Anonymous said...

Most of the time when the most talented of our talents foraged into China, they get conned by the Chinese. And they thought the Chinese were backward people.

An ex-CEO of NTUC Income found out that it was we who are really behind the times. He went with SM to China years ago, attempting to sell an insurance software package to the Chinese, but found out that they were already using a more advanced software system than his. He ended up buying their software system instead of selling one to them. Does that mean anything?

Now, how can some of our talents have the cheek to call the Chinese 'a one trick pony'.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What the Chinese govt and many of the Chinese B schools did was obtain the entire Mises, Hayek, Rothbard library and have translate most of it already (on-going project).

This is giving them a solid grounding on free market economics, individualism etc.

America and the west have lost their free-market way and run toilet economies full of contradictions and regulation.

The Chinese know the value of free market economics and how it has made them become wealthy at a rate never before seen in human history. They are also amassing HUGE savings -- capital -- real capital, not debt.

The transformation from "collectivist communist" to "productive individualism" is far from even being 10%, but even at a small rate, the China-Chinese (including the Cantonese from Hong Kong) have given the world governments a lesson in Real Economics 101: You want wealth? Try Laissez faire.

But let us not forget another player in this dynamic -- well before the Chinese bought all those "western" books: The dear, mo-tuck-teng individualist-capitalists of Hong Kong -- be they Cantonese, Brits, Indians or whatever.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To add to the anal-fixation of Asian to their embarrassing colonial past -- the fixation has moved over to the S & N Koreas conflict, notably with America's involvement.

The media and talking heads all over have an "ex-spurt" opinion: global security blah blah blah, more hostilities blah blah blah, china blah blah, Japan, Russia, wikileaks blah blah blah.

And typically, like the chattering monkeys they are, they have taken their focus off the most dangerous situation in the region: Pakistan.

That country is only one military coup away from inflicting nuclear jihad on the "enemies of Islam". The state is already shaky, the government losing control day by day. Increasing number of fundamentalist sympathies from the military.

One military coup is all it will take. The coup will control the nuclear arsenal. Rest assured, the 12th Imam's arrival will be forthcoming.

Forget N Korea/ S Korea as a "threat". Pakistan is the real mccoy in the "big-threat" stakes.

Anonymous said...

peh shing huei is son of former MP peh chin hwa

Anonymous said...

The one in the dark streets of India?