The paranoid obsession of North Korea

North Korea and the Kim family have become our public enemy number one if we go by the amount of hate reports on them as an indicator. We have almost daily angry reports of how bad the country has been managed by a family of irrational, naïve and incompetent family who are still living in the forgotten era of the past. They are expected to throw tantrums, wanting to show their manhood, provocative of their neighbours to prove their worthiness and never grow up. The picture painted of the North Koreans is just the reversed of the fairy tale existence of handsome princes and princesses of the European genre, prince charmings, no matter how dull they were and princesses that really look no better than our Ah Lians and with a brain to match. There is a stable of local and foreign talents masquerading as serious analysts and reporters pushing out vile and childish stories about North Korea and shafting them down the throat of the innocent and ignorant public. As days go by, one wonders whether it is the North Koreans that are immature and obnoxious or it is the reporters/analysts that churned out garbage at their expense. The other interesting question is why the obsession and hatred of the North Koreans that have really nothing to do with us nor affect our existence in anyway. The Korean waves that our youth and aunties are embracing originate from the South. Maybe there is nothing harmless to write about locally and hacking at a distant isolated country is the second best thing to do. Or is there a dark agenda to the whole episode? It resembles a kind of political evangelism.


Matilah_Singapura said...

After years of being part of the media racket, how come you don't get it?

Bad news, demonisation, fear...all this shit helps sell media.

Popular media means big advertising bucks.

Of course N Korea is "interesting" and thus makes "compelling news". It is run by a pathological porn-loving onanist, who gets kicks from surprise violent outbursts against the south, seeks attention on the world stage and has no qualms starving his people so he can have nice toys which go "boom" and a large bunch of warriors to play with.

With so many tasty attributes, you can cook up delicious stories -- many for the salivating masses starving for "content".

And Kim Jong-il -- he jusy loves all the attention. The media is does him a huge "kindness".

As they say in showbiz "There's no such thing as bad publicity. You have to be in the news!"

Wally Buffet said...


Looks like you have also been brainwashed by the hate stuff spinned by the Western press on Mr. Kim and son.

Who doesn't like porn? Or a screw every now and then into the "wrong" hole? And when the purveyors of hate is so virulent against him, anyone, including you and I would retaliate perniciously.

George W Bush named North Korea as one of the axis of evil. I don't know much about that because I've never been to the "hermit" state but I might add that the other members of this axis of evil should include his own country as the presiding chairman.



Anonymous said...

With so many Singaporeans speaking liked as though they had just escaped from the N Korean Regime after living there for decades with full of sufferings; do You not find that telling You about N Korea also means how wonderful your life is, in Sin?
Have You not notice those pictures and newsreels they sneaked out of the Communist Regime, they said the people there were dying of hunger, working like slaves and behave like zoombies.
Me tried very hard to scrutinize every picture takened from there, but alas, never get to see what the N Korean critiques saw. Either i am blind or they are too imaginative.
Some Singaporeans, me suspects, have contributed and donated to N Korea. Those who have read pages and pages of congratulatory adverts put out in our local newspapers annually to the North Korean Leaderships, might suspect as me does. And there maybe Singaporeans who are intimately close to the Regime to know their personal live very well. Okay, this last one is only my conjecture, personally, me don't see Singaporeans with that ability to be their(N Korean Leaders) confidantes.
Me too had not been to N Korea, so, what i say here can at best be as good as those that i read and see in media. Hopefully, one day me will have the opportunity to know N Korea as well as those that 'know' It inside out.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Il cannot hold a candle to Bill Clinton in terms of perversion. One is a proven fact, another is just pure speculation from outsiders who want to tarnish the flabby man's image.

Anonymous said...

It's very astonishing to read those congratulatory adverts as well as well wishings that appeared annually only in the print media. Centre spreaded and full pages upon pages each time the N Koreans celebrated National Days and even Kim Jong Ill's Birthday. The psycopathic leadership do have many idolaters that adulate them very much here in Sinkapoore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow! You still buy print media?

Print media from Singapore some more. What a patriot.

Give this person National Day Honours!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Kim Jong Ill will be given one 'Pingat'(medal) something in Sin. And if he does'nt, the younger Kim still stands a chance.
Bestow Bravery, Patriotic or Dedication To The People Honour to those that sacrifice their live to their nation. They deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Singapore giving a 'pingat' to Kim? You must be joking.

When that happens, the condemnations will come fast and furious from the poodles. And the evil empire will fake ignorance and declare they have nothing to do with those condemnations. They will still have that halo and a pair of wings, all in white.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, pity the guy lah, he's on his last legs. I say, give the flabby shaker not just one, but several 'pingat', and let the state blanja him a really good time or as much as his aging ginseng-fed balls can tahan at Singapore's famous Geylang -- heartfelt hospitality Singapore style.

Maybe his mood will be happier after being rimmed and frenched at Geylang by world-class professionals from the Great PRC and thus return to his Motherland a less stressed out, less "frusco" dude.

Then maybe he won't be so prone to outbursts of violence and moderate his attention seeking behaviour.

So yeah, Kim deserves the best the State of Singapore can give him.

Who knows, he might do Singapore a huge favour and nuke UMNO HQ in the north, and rid the mankind of another group of Satan's Spawn -- racist bumis. :-)


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