The paradox of political change

Jeffrey D Sachs, Professor of Economics and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University has an interesting article in the Today paper titled, America’s political class struggle comes to a head. The key points he raised in the articles were about how deep America has dug itself into the abyss of self destruction. Yes, America did it all by itself. It all boils down to ‘America’s corrupted politics and loss of civic morality.’ Nothing new and very familiar. For once, an American professor is talking about corruption in America and in high places. Thought corruption is only a hallmark of Asian countries like India and China. He said, ‘The level of political corruption in America is staggering. Everything is about money to run political campaigns, which have become incredibly expensive.’ He also said that ‘Amazingly, the richest 1 per cent of American households now has a higher net worth than the bottom 90 per cent.’ I think this could also be true in paradise. And the govt is going for more tax cuts for the rich to protect the rich and their wealth. At the same time, the govt is wasting huge money fighting ‘useless wars in Afghanistan’ and unnecessary weapons systems, but cutting education, health, and other benefits for the poor and the working class. ‘With their backs against the wall, I(Sachs) predict, poor and working class Americans will begin to agitate for social justice.’ He added that, ‘If this continues, a third party will emerge, committed to cleaning up American politics and restoring a measure of decency and fairness.’ Though he admitted that it would take time, he fell short of saying that America is ripe for a Communist Revolution where the poor working class will rise to over throw the elite class. It sounds ridiculous, unbelievable, but if the greenback turns into banana currency, if the working class Americans could no longer afford even to buy cheap goods from China, who knows what will happen. A Communist America and a Capitalist China by the mid 21st Century! Can you believe in that? Anything is possible. The Sick Man of Asia is now the main contender to be the Number One super power and is the main financier of America, and also giving loans to save Euro zone countries. And America is deep in debt that it knows it cannot pay except for printing more money. And this will naturally lead the way to a banana currency. $200 buck for a bottle of coke is on the way. Viva la America!


Anonymous said...

Oh shit! Me thought that it is obvious to anyone with a normal brain.
BUT goodness! We need a professor to tell us so that the non professors will believe!
US the strongest nation, Its' president the most powerful man in the world???
Revolution in the US is just a matter of time and it could be very soon.

Matilah_Singapura said...

China is definitely the foremost capitalist nation in the world now. It is communist only in name and the leaders understand that political change needs to be done slowly or else you are going to get civilian unrest.

As for John Sach's -- I wouldn't take this guy too seriously. He is one of these "famous liberals" who run "famous liberal organisations" which are based on "wishes" and myths like "sustainability". A Harvard degree in econs...well Bernanke has a Harvard degree in econs, and Obama has a Harvard law degree. All top government servants ;-)

OTOH Harvard computer science 'drop outs' and hackers Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg know how to make money...lots of it, really quickly. Mark Zuckerberg beat Bill Gates as the current holder of the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Private sector rocks.

The first American Revolution, distinguishes itself from every other revolution in human history -- it was a revolt against the state by CAPITALISTS (land owners, farmers, producers, private sector business people) who were fed up of being taxed, regulated, ruled and 'owned' (especially) by a foreign sovereign, who happened to be an asshole and an idiot as well -- i.e. he was not liked in the New Colonies.

The next revolution against the state is likely to be spearheaded by the freedom loving capitalists again, if one can use the Tea Party Movement as a hint of things to come.

Whilst there are many anti-capitalist liberals in the US , your average beer gut, pizza chomping, porno loving, gun totting, large-carbon footprint American Joe considers himself a 'sovereign individual'. He likes his freedom, loves his cuntry, hates the government, likes to make money and spend it, does what he likes and says what he likes...and fuck the rest of the world. These are the folks who will be the 'unwashed masses' of the revolution.

But IMO, there are too many knee-jerkers out there. Helicopter Ben has made a commitment that any financial or economic crises will be met with Quantitative Easing.

Of course life will go on...and will do so for quite a long time. So far, no nation, not even China has had THE BALLS to reject the USD as the global reserve. Lots of cock talk, and more cock talk about 'alternative' currencies.

But what happened? Surprise -- the 'other' global currency -- the Euro is also in the shitter.

People hate Bernanke, but when the shit hits the fan, they can't wait for him to print up banana notes to the "rescue".

So the man of the hour is still Ben Bernanke. He is the drug pusher to the world. It is true addiction: the addicts hate their addiction to the USD, but they can't help themselves.

Anonymous said...

When election campaigns sought big money from commercial contributors, you can only expect the need for payback time, when the beneficiary gets into office. Trying to prove otherwise is a no brainer.

That is why whether a Democratic or Republican President holds office, the result is more of the same.

America is in terminal self- destruct mode. It is only happening now because they have just be kicking the can further down the road all these years. They can kick no further.

Anonymous said...

Every Government is corrupt in varying degree. It is just a matter of interpretation by the one making the pronouncement.

Some are blatant and visible in their corrupt practices, others are subdued and sinister, changing the laws to legalise their corrupt practices.