Modern day pirates, slave traders and drug peddlers

They used to make it big time catching slaves and trading them for profit. The same group was also active in piracy along the coast of Africa, but not of the Somali kind. They were Europeans. Some went further to China to push drugs, selling opium to the stupid Chinamen. And many built huge mansions in England, Europe and America from their lucrative businesses. Brown University was named after a slave trader. Jardines, Mathesons, Brooklyns, Rockefellers, Rothschild and what else, were all infamous and even became conglomerates. They were the heroes of the crowns and were knighted as members of their empires. There were no moral issues, no righteousness, no fair play, no wrong, all for good and clean profits. And they became respectable gentlemen and nobilities. And they got to be addressed as Sir. The modern pirates, drug peddlers and slave traders are also in respectable industries and professions. The finance industry is infested with these great gentlemen and talents. They pushed toxic notes, toxic bonds and improvised all kinds of rules and regulations and gaming of all kinds, to fleece the unwary and the weary, the innocent and ignorant and the not so well connected. And the modern day robbers, pirates and drug peddlers would also be knighted, respectable, and would build mansions all over the world, hop and sail in their private jets and yachts. And there is also no need to be woolly about morality, about fair play and about righteousness. These are only the concerns for the losers to cry over with, after they were fleeced.


Anonymous said...

'Sir' in mandarin means 'snake'.

Some pirates tell you it is for your own good and that they are not robbing you of your money.

They just want to keep your money for you. Long, long time. The longer the better for you.

Lost4ever said...

Just look at the issues in a different perspective..... right before our own eyes...

The government, the banks, the big business are all pirates, slave traders and to a certain extend drag peddlers... our addiction to greed.

By printing $$$, outright robbery is taking place....

By raising property prices, we are all not only being rob, also being slaved...

By importing FT and F non T, locals and foreigners are all being slaved to show the GDP that benefited the minority.

Finally we are all drugged to be greedy...

Matilah_Singapura said...

You have to look at the global picture, not just the White Christians with righteousness of Jesus in their muskets.

Every state on the earth was involved in slavery -- Greeks, Egyptians, Aztecs, Babylonians (Persians), European, Chinese, India, Thai...etc.

Those societies also had their pirates, robbers, outlaws and conqueror-warriors. Monarch gave "titles" and "rewards" to whomever the monarch's fancied. Monarch also dispatched with "enemies".

The Europeans developed slave trading into a global business because they were the only real gobalists at the time: colonialism came with merchantilism -- i.e. BIG GLC's -- the most famous being the British East & West India Companies.

The yellow, brown and black savages were doing the same as the Mighty Righteous White Christian Gentlemen. It' just thet the white Chrisitans were more "refined", "sophisticated" and understood that Bigger IS Better, i.e. global domination or bust.

Except for Ghengis and his Khan descendents, the Carthaginians and Persian, the small-thinking Asians and Africans never wanted to "conquer the world". Unlike the mat saleh's with their tua kee, Asian culture never claimed that Asians are "special".

The Gwai Loh's on the other hand were fed various doctrines of Supremacy and prophecy -- coming from none other than the child-fucking church -- the most famous being the belief in Manifest Destiny: that the white man was THE superior "species" and therefore had a rational as well as a DIVINE purpose to rule over the whole planet.

I think a belief like that is fucking rocking!

No wonder they are having so much fun!

Asians, wake the fuck up and start acting "gila" -- gila in the fun way. Don't give a fuck about anything just do what you like -- be a pirate, outlaw, drug producer and marketer...whatever.

It's time to give the Gaijins a rude shock. Let's face it, they've been having fun for about 1000 years. It is time to let someone else have a go.

I offer myself, in all humble selflessness, to lead the brown, yellow and black races of the world to do anything they fucking well like.

I remain, a faithful servant, to Asian humanity.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the name of greed and profits, many have abandoned values like morality, righteousness, fair, upright, honesty etc etc. Everything and everyone is fair game.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Everything and everyone is fair game. <

That's right. That's the way it is supposed to be. It's called "free to choose".

"Morality" is a personal thing. Trying to impose "morality" on others is nothing short of being spectacularly presumptuous, and thankfully often fails.