The Madman of the 21st Century

Kim Jong Il? Come on, don’t be stupid! He is just making noises to get himself heard and to protest against all the provocations hurled at him and his country. He may prance around like he meant real business, but no way is he mad. The Madman of the 21st Century is the USA. It is not only starting wars and fighting wars everywhere on self perceived threats of its own security, it is also the personification of a crazy bunch of people living in self deception. It wants to bomb Iran, it wants to nuke North Korea. And the South Koreans are helping this Madman to wipe up their fellow Koreans. In the meantime this Madman is frantically going around the world to sign military alliances to contain China. It is living in constant fear of losing its pole position as the top dog in the world. What other madness will it do? I quote this from Imran Andrew Price’s article, ‘Stop the warmongers’ The US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates has argued that a “successful” attack on Iran’s facilities would delay the Iranians by at most a few years. Oh, the Americans had used the same kind of logic to invade Iraq too. And the same argument is also being reiterated by the joker Michael Mullen in Korea. Unfortunately no one can stop this Madman other than the ordinary American citizens. But this bunch of idiots is easily swayed by the calls for war and victory. They needed the self assurance that they are the number one super power, and war victories will make them feel good. Not until the reality of their own sons and daughters coming home in black plastic bags will then awake from their drunken stupor. The world will continue to be harassed by this Madman till he trips and fall over his own mines that he laid to kill his imagined enemies all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Ill is a political hermit who hardly talked. He is a man of action but quiet.
The South Korean Regime is like a barking dog, barks alot but dont bite, pretty much an empty vessel.
US has a lot of old outdated ordnance, so It make use of them as diplomatic presents and test their effectiveness in destruction and impress others who will then be lured to buy newer weapons. The US stands to gain in destroying Its' enemies, use their old and unwanted weapons and sell newer ones to suckers who will also subjugate themselves to the world's 'strongest' nation.

The South Koreans have little faith in the US, reason why it barks a lot but no action against the North. Anyone can see that the US lost in Vietnam, It is not winning in Afganistan and Iraq either. Itself and her Allies in Europe are having a harrowing time with constant terrorist threats and who knows when they will be weeping in their own homelands over the destructions of their own homes.
US the Madman?
No !
But, It will soon be deranged.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't labels too seriously -- they are just a waste of time.

Everyone has an opinion, and an asshole and they both stink. Labels are just opinions, not truth.

The Americans are not mad. They are ruthless and damn smart -- the most dangerous combination of all. In fact you have to be cold, calculating and heartlessly stable to come up with plans for global domination.

They have put a psychopathic printer in-charge of the world's reserve currency. The madman is Bernanke -- he is criminally insane.

Now the US Federal Govt has essentially unlimited funds for foreign adventurism.

The anti-US loud-mouths all go "America is going to collapse!". Sure, in a few decades time or even longer...not in the short term. In the meantime the money printing will damage the world's capital structures as everyone engages in competitive debasement, the unlimited printing fuels a global arms race, the Fed continues to bail out sovereign debt defaulters (watch them bail out Spain) and thus gain those 'grateful countries' US support...

...before they go down, they will make a helluva mess.

Anonymous said...

To be sure, they know their days are numbered, so the money printing and the provocations all over the world tells us that they are indeed on their last hurrah.

Most other empires have gone down without the vengeance we are witnessing now. Economically and militarily they are out to destroy everybody. This evil empire, that is going down, is of a different breed. It is ruthless, extremely hypocritical, vindictive and it wants all others to go down with them.

May God help us.

IMAGOD said...

>Economically and militarily they are out to destroy everybody. <

It may seem that way but that is not the intent.

The "evil" argument is always a weak argument.

The US actually believe that if they are the global cop, the world would be a safer place. Of course, US interests come into play, but for the most part the Big White Daddy God-directed Christian way of the righteous US of A is the one true way for the whole world.

The best part: most countries want to be like the US of A. Yeah sure, they bitch about the US Federal power blah blah blah... but at the end of the day, everyone strives for the "Hollywood American lifestyle" ... nice car, nice house, food, a fulfilling sex life, hip job, super hot girlfriend/ boyfriend....

... ASOTV (As Seen On TV)

IMAGOD said...

i.e. who the fuck wants to be like Kim Jong il's North Korea?!?

You have to be mad.

IMAGOD said...

So have some understanding and compassion for the guy.

He only know how to pa chui cheng, and not the hit with women he once was.

Sing, Kim ol' boy, sing that heart out!

Anonymous said...

"The 'evil' argument is always a weak argument"

It is not 'weak' if put forward by the US. Remember Bush's 'axis of evil' that evidently had lots of support at the UN. If we label the US 'evil', of course nobody is going to support us and the label can never stick. After all, they are looked upon as the policeman of the world, the human rights guiding light, the country with a President that talks directly to God as claimed by Bush Jr.

Of course policing or looking after US interest always come first, however altruistic they may argue about their intentions.

IMAGOD said...

Just because the US uses it doesn't change the nature to the weakness. I am speaking in the objective context, so I'll confine my arguments thus.

The US is a quasi-theocracy. That is the core of the problem. Deep down in this core is an anchor of "Christian Righteousness", which is why the US Govt and its politicians believe that what America does is unquestioningly RIGHT --- morally right.

I don't care whether it is republican or democrat, nigger or white-bread honky...that poisonous Christian "morality" (which never had a problem with killing other races/ cultures) is THE toxic seed of shit behind American "globalisation".

OK, the Muslims have a similar doctrine about the Islaminisation of the world. But if you look at history, the most meddling, murderous religion are the Christians -- from the Holy Roman Empire, to the Crusades and other Holy Wars, the Inquisitions, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Belg, and of course English colonial imperialism all had a religious sanction behind them -- the church -- catholic or protestant was RIGHT THERE giving its "blessing".

Religion (and politics) are the only ways human minds can be sabotaged en mass to think in the most cruel, inhuman, ruthless and brutal ways because reason is tossed out the door and "faith" -- the belief in one's own unproven "God-given right" becomes the standard to judge and choose behaviour.

So my message this season is:

Fuck you Baby Jesus, you meddling cunt! Someone should have drowned you! :-)

Anonymous said...


can You see how the world, people and countries celebrate christmas!
Almost all races and people evrywhere of various faiths are joining the yuletide festival.
jesus was a product of magic lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, The North Koreans came to their senses and are not retaliating.

..or maybe they're biding their time ;-)

The S Korea/ N Korea on-again-off-again-battle was a good distraction. However I think the Asians pale in comparison to the Mat Saleh's when it comes to putting on a "global show". -- think... Global Financial Crisis, bailouts, Bernanke saves the human race, how to go to war when you're broke...cannot compare lah.

Showmanship! Pizaz! Extravaganza!

The Korea incident is like a couple of pig farmers fighting over a piece of kim chi.

The Malaysian-Singapore wikileaks spat is like two kids fighting over who won the kuti-kiti match.

My prediction for next year and beyond:

More entertaining sovereign debt defaults from the current "stars of borrow-money-pay-money": Spain, then Portugal, Italy and Belgium. All good, strong, righteous cuntries steeped in white Christian "morality".

Spain is a big cuntry -- the biggest of the lot, and has the biggest debt, an impressive 21% unemployment rate, and are on a ship to nowhere fast.

They might be the cuntry to finally break the EURO -- the classic scam where the rich cuntries get to subsidize the economic basket case cuntries.

I am going to learn Spanish, because those villas in Spain are going to be very cheap soon -- when Spain is kicked out of the EU and returns to using the peso -- severly devalued. However I might have to wait until after the civil war or the mass civil disobedience stops before relocating to Hotel Espanol!

EURO sovereign debt is going to cause a lot of kalang kabut in the financial system, and Asia is going to kena too -- not as bad as the Mat Saleh's but I think place like Bangkok and Phuket are going to be empty of European tourists for awhile.

Of course Bernanke is going to delight himself and print as much "bailout" money, after the usual wayang with the IMF and BIS.

Of course this is only a prediction -- me trying to guess the future...which is of course, just a guess.

Maybe the human race will experience a massive collective shift in conciousness and start being nice to each other -- regardless of political ideas, religion, creed, nationality, sexual orientation...etc.