The last Christmas present for the year

HDB households will get up to $190 in utility rebates starting in January 2011. A second tranche will be paid in July to offset the hike in electricity tariffs. 1 roomers could get as high as $190 while those in Executive flats will get $45. Interviews conducted show that HDB dwellers are very thankful for this money falling down from the sky. Not many countries in the world will have govts giving money to their people to offset hikes in prices of goods or services. I believe this will go down well with the people and will be a good point to raise in the next general election.


Anonymous said...

Grateful? Of course..u should see me doing the new "Papaya" dance

Wally Buffet said...

I am so touched.

But no need to give me anything. Just don't jack up prices in 2011 by being the catalyst and giving the excuse to Ah Ter in the fish market to raise prices because he will always say, "bo bian, cheng hu ki, wa ma ki!"


Anonymous said...

Ya...can quoting from 2007 Budget:

Ms Irene Ng : “incredibly generous”

Dr Amy Khor : “Good intentioned” and “Made in Heaven”

Mr Ong Ah Heng : "..the generosity ...is possible under the stewardship of the ruling People’s Action Party."

Mr Inderjit Singh : “This is one of the best, if not the best ..., I have seen.” and “Wonderful”

Ms Lee Bee Wah : “Pang sai ka che jamban” (Want to take a dump then look for toilet).

And all time favourite :

Dr Fatimah Lateef : “Let me share with her that nowhere else in the world can you get ... which includes love and compassion in abundance as this one.”

Yahooo...let's all do the PAPAYA DANCE

Anonymous said...

Indeed, our leaders love the people very much, just that they love our money more!

Anonymous said...

$1 for you, $100 for me, $1 for you, $100 for me.....

Anonymous said...

“Is it better to take your medicine sooner or stretch it out? Take medicine once or two times? I prefer to make (sic) my medicine early, why? This is something we need to do, once we have done it, we can move on..….” - Dr LEE

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nothing seduces like money.

If you starve a dog and then throw him a pathetic bone, he is likely to be loyal to you forever.

Lucky human beings are not dogs. I think.

Anonymous said...

I can feel the 'papaya' dance in my Hougang constituency too. The papaya representative gave each household a calendar, with his compliments, to remind us that he is still there and election is coming. This is the first time in my 25 years stay in Hougang.

As for the utility rebates, well, chicken bones and feathers for you, chicken drumsticks and cutlets for them.

After the coming election, it will be payback time with GST increases, salary increases for ministers and MPs etc.

Anonymous said...

patriot wishes everyone Gooder and betterer years and betterest leadership ahead after 2010!


Anonymous said...


Matilah_Singapura said...

Have a Happy Booty Shaking New Year Everyone! Dance the night away, and keep pumpin' up the jam right through 2011!

agongkia said...

Testing whether I am bar from this site.Tried last week and this morning.Comment did appear.
Wish everyone a happy new year ahead..if this appear

agongkia said...

My comment last week on child abuse and earlier this morning here did not appear.That lead to my posting at 0736 hr here which appear.
My first blog visit in 2011 is my Singapore News.
Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year ahead.Cheers..

Wally Buffet said...

Ah gong,

I see you. Mr. Bean never bars anyone here save for the really bad ones.

I had trouble coming to the site same time as you. Could be due to a telco outage.

Wally wises friends and foes a very Happy And Prosperous 2011. :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning everyone in a crispy new year. Slept too early yesterday, at 2.30am! Just woke up a while ago. The wind is blowing mightily and slamming my windows shut.

Happy new year to all.

And yes, I don't ban anyone, especially agongkia! There many intrigues happening in cyberspace. My most vocal anti American fren is having a very tough time posting and even emailing his articles to his frens. He smells a rat.