Lai, Lai, Lai or come, come, come

Singapore is not a welfare state but the govt will keep boosting social safety net to help the poor in our community. Hsien Loong acknowledged that ‘society is feeling the strain of globalization, ageing and troubled families…but our social safety net is working well…’ What the people need is not a welfare state and neither more assistance from the govt. What the people need is self reliance, lower cost of living, jobs and good income. Good income means enough to buy a decent place to live in and decent quality of life. If the govt can provide these basic needs without straining the resources of the people, without creating more strains and hardship, that is all the people are asking for. And the people will be most happy to tell the govt to keep their welfare handouts. If the cost of living is high and people feel stressed and pressurized, it is a failure of the system. The more help the govt needs to provide, the bigger is the failure on the govt’s part. The high property prices and medical fees and cost of basic needs are harmful to the people. No need to say, come, come, come, we will help you.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Everyone is making cognitive errors -- left, right and center.

You know election-manipulation is in the wind. Now it's time to hide the stick and shake more carrot.

Will the sheeple take the bait?

No prizes for guessing.

Anonymous said...

Strong nations help their misfortunates and weaks. Come come come its time to change the % of rulinging pap.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Most "strong" nations are quasi-socialist welfare states and are nearly broke from "helping" people by taxing the productive and transferring the money to the lazy bums.

Many Singaporeans have a very "spoilt" attitude nowadays -- they want "too much money" for too little value. They tend to "over-value" themselves. This is no secret -- ask any employer and they will tell you.

You can't change culture or behavior by "helping" the one's who's behaviour need to change the most -- for their own good.

The best you can do is to leave them alone to "be enlightened" by the consequences of their choices.

Guiding Principle: Just because someone is broke, poor or "in-need" doesn't grant them an automatic claim on the "help" or property of others.