Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize

No other man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than Julian Assange. He took on the world’s most belligerent country in modern history, to stop it from waging more wars around the world. He tries to stop the Evil Empire from pulling wools over the eyes of Americans and peoples of the world on its war crimes. He stood up for investigative reporting, press freedom and freedom of expression. For these noble objectives he is now hounded down and arrested on drum up charges like rape. He is now the number one enemy of the Evil Empire, and he fought alone with a handful of loyal and dedicated staff. While he is being ostracized and criminalized, the biggest criminal against humanity is awarded the Nobel Peace Price for trying to start more wars while continuing to commit more troops to on going wars. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is rightly called a Committee of Clowns for awarding the respectable Peace Prize to an undeserving candidate while the most deserving is left in the lurch.


Anonymous said...

He deserves one and has oredi got one from You, me will give him another.

Assange is well like by Matilah and me am sure Wally Buffet will be giving his accolade of Assange in no time.

What's Nobel Peace Prize compared to our respects for righteousness!


Matilah_Singapura said...

I tell you why I like him -- not because he is an "activist" or that he has a "mission".

Fuck that, I oso have a mission -- I like to have as much sex as possible before I die.

I too am an activist: I think the way the world is going, the drinking age should be lowered to 10 -- let the poor kids get legally high too -- poor little fuckers.

No the main reason I like Assange is that he has successfully convinced a whole lot of people to question their "faith" in government and state -- not just their governments an states, but the idea of government, state and the powers they wield.

Like Alan Shadrake -- it is not his book, it is the planting into the minds of people a "virus of DOUBT" regarding the trust they supposedly have in the judiciary; or taking the "competence" of the judiciary for granted.

The danger is DOUBT. No authority on earth will tolerate DOUBT in its trustworthiness, competence or power.

The people do get the governments they deserve. Therefore to those who believe in the idea of "government", you must address this question: who is the police to the policeman?, i.e. who governs the government, and how?

Simple questions, personally I don;t think there is an answer I'll be satisfied with.

Assange is now a bona fide "enemy of the state" -- of many states.

His best bet is to surrender to the Swedes and answer the bullshit sex-assault charges (what happened was his condom broke, and the chicks got pissed off and reported him. C'mon lah...) -- ask for a public trial and have eyes (e.g. 100's of webcams) on him at all times.

Assange is not alone -- there are millions of people supporting him, who have downloaded the files. So they cat one fella, or 10, 000 fellas -- still a drop in the ocean.

In my younger days, I use to be part of the "hacker culture" -- way before Hollywood made it "fashionable". Julian Assange is a true old-school hacker with big anti-authoritarian balls -- the #1 requirement.

Anonymous said...

Right. I think they can't stop the leaks from surfacing altogether. Not every country in the world is a lackey of Uncle Sam.

This man is surely smart enough to make sure the files are dispersed as widely as possible and downloaded by as many people as possible by now. And what of those who decided to keep hard copies of the downloaded files to be dispensed by other means?

The evil empire's downfall may not be as impossible as some may like to think. This episode just adds another nail in their coffin.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I seriously doubt that any external force or forces will be able to "bring down" America. It is a nice dream, and quite understandably evoke a huge cock-stand in many people, but seriously, I doubt if it will happen that way.

America doesn't need any "help" in bringing it down. The Americunt Federal Govt is well capable -- and prove it on a daily basis -- of fucking themselves up, and do a far better and more consistent job of self-sabotage than any rice-eating small-dick Asian cuntry could ever muster. Including China (1.3 billion small dick rice-eating Asians -- who are getting rich very quickly).

The Americunts are the best in the world at many things -- fucking uo cuntries is one of their specialities, and they are doing a stellar job at home. They truly lead the world in "how to use the government that people deserve to fuck up yourself and every future generation"

Asians should not interfere with this process. They should return to their padi field and produe as much as possible to sell for money, so that they'll have enough money to buy up Americunt when the times comes.

Go back to the fields motherfuckers! Leave the fat stupid mat salehs alone, and observe.

Anonymous said...

He deserves one, but they will never, ever give that to him. Not when they have 'clowns' sitting on the Nobel Committee.

And should I say, every world organisation is the same now, with all the learned 'clowns' sitting on top of all the world bodies like UN, WTO, IMF, FIFA, Olympics, Movie Academy, etc, etc dispensing their distorted expertise.