Joker of the Year - Admiral Michael Mullen

Below is a quote that warrants the award of Joker of the Year. ‘Raising a military to provide for the country’s own security, It’s own needs, that’s fine. That’s what we do. But some of the specific capabilities are very clearly focused and pointed at the USA. They are anti access capabilities. Talk to me about why you are developing these capabilities, other than thinking that we are the enemy…Those are the kinds of discussions I can’t have right now because I’m not sitting down with them. Admiral Michael Mullen. And this Joker even called on the Chinese to rein in Pyongyang. China should simply ignore him or tell him to get his 7th Fleet out of its economic zones before talking to him. China should also ask him to rein in the South Koreans from conducting provocative military exercises simulating attacks and landings on North Korean soils, and that including reining in the American forces too, from being the major partner of such exercises in the Yellow Sea. What an arrogant prick.


Wally Buffet said...

Whoa........Mr. Bean, rarely seen you that angry before. But yes, this martherfocker is an arrogant prick alright.

What the fock does he mean by China developing anti access capabilties? Doesn't he, being a high falutin' admiral of the fleet, understand that the best defence is offence in military strategy as taught by a CHINESE, Sun Tzu? I bet you my last dollar that this martherfocker has a copy of this revered Art of War manual in his secret drawer which he surreptitiously steals a peep every now and then.

And what the fock are Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles for other than penetrating into another country and thereby also being anti access capabilities? He has thousands of them, some of which are even right now stored and ready to launch in nuclear submarines, cruising the depths of the ocean just off the Chinese coast!

Admiral Prick of the Fleet!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Wally, you are back.

His missiles and fighter aircraft and submarines are to protect peace loving people. Anyone that he deems as not peace loving, he will send them a few peace loving bombs.

And I think you can gain access to all the secret codes to his weapons system. WikiLeaks is wasting his time. Just ask this Joker and you can gain access to everything you want to know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

He's arrogant, but he's right.

Just have a look at the propaganda produced by the N Korean state -- it is all about "smashing" America. Do a google search.

Aiyah, if I had that kind of fire-power at my disposal, I'll e a swaggering gunslinger too.

Plus, I say again, the US govt and their foreign policy is spoiling for a fight.

This is part of US tactics: upset the other sides. Rub your "superiority" in their faces.

Anonymous said...

China now says that when others brandish weapons, that is justified.

When China calls for talks she is criticised. Is that justified.

I applaud that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am in danger. My blog will make the Americans angry. They are now justified to blow me into vapour, or at least spam this blog.

Wally Buffet said...

That should be the least of your worries Mr. Bean.

You can say what you like because these Yanks have very thick skins.

Credit must be given where it's due. They couldn't give a rat's ass what you say because they're used to it and besides they are the land of the "free" where everyone is entitled to their opinion, however outlandish or unpleasant to their ears isn't it?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I am responding to what Matilah said about North Korean propaganda and why they deserved to be whacked.

Anonymous said...

I think redbean is probably doing what few other American MSMs or bloggers themselves are doing, and that is criticising their own Government's handling of China and the current Korean Peninsula crisis.

Most Americans, I personally think, are basically supportive of their Government's stand as far as China, North Korea and Iran are concerned. What they are generally critical of are the Government's domestic issues and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, most American MSMs and bloggers like to bash China as they perceive that China is the cause of all their economic ills. Globalisation has taken away their factories and jobs, and flooded America with cheap Chinese goods, and forced them to take on jobs with lower wages in order to compete with China workers. That has built up much anger against China and Americans generally dislike China's rise.

Wally Buffet said...

I absolutely hate to say this though.

I've met Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai who are real cocky and arrogant with their new found wealth and social status.

I think we sometimes need Uncle Sam to do some mischievous stunts now and then to maintain the balance of power.

Put these PRC chinese on their toes. Remind them that just as capitalism and private enterprise has given them good fortune, too much confidence and arrogance can also lead to their downfall.

Pride comes before a fall.


Anonymous said...

"...real cocky and arrogant with their new found wealth and social status"

I do agree. But this is also true here, right in our own home. Look at the car parks, the traffic jams, the money splurge on weddings, travel fairs etc. All financed by debts and borrowings.

It may take another decade or more, when India, Vietnam and neighbouring states up north take off and factories and jobs move out in large numbers, then we will see the problem. America is experiencing that. Jobs are scarce and wages sliding in all sectors, except Government jobs.

We cannot depend all the time on high tech investments because, though they may come in by the billions, they generate relatively few jobs, though of higher wages category. It benefits only a few.

That is the reason why I think they were forced to bring in the casinos. Labour intensive investments like this provides plenty of jobs, though of lower wages category.

Every country rises and eventually falls. No exception. The British fell, the Japanese still falling, the Americans starting on their downslide journey. Red Dot the exception? I dare not dream.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our turn will come and it will be just like the American steel industry and steelworkers. Good money and middle income. When the steel industry collapsed, all the steel workers lost their jobs and homes.

We keep harping on this silly thing called asset enhancement and good for property price to go up. When the economic squeeze comes, all the debts will drown our workers. None of our wise and supertalents will be there to help them or be able to help them.

It is prudent and wise not to hang their millstone on your neck. Never believe anyone who tells you that a half a million dollar or one million dollar debt is good and an asset. Better still, can go up and never come down.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't confine my "deserve to be whacked" stance to just N Korea.

All states deserve to be whacked. Every government needs to kalang kabut and be destabilised by "enemies". All states and all governments are "evil", so I fucking cheer when either of them suffer. :-)

My point about N Korea is that they have never hidden the fact in their propaganda that they not only want to win any conflict with the US, but smash the US in total.

Great. Carry on. I wanna watch :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me stretch your logic further. If Fiji everyday taunt the Americans and swear to fight and defeat the Americans, everyone know it is rubbish and no country can do that, and never can Fiji do anything,...American still can go and burn down Fiji.

Or simply the little boy in primary one declared that he will burn down the Istana, so he shall be caned and put away?

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, kep slamming away at Uncle Sam.

Some sister-fucking 'christian' rednecks might be upset with you, but rest assured there are many Americans who don't like like govt's military adventurism -- especially those who are wealthy and quiet (think "Ron Paul") and not connected with the military-political-industrial-banking-cabals.

They hate inflation, hate govt, hate collectivism and 'group thought' and believe in "leave everyone the fuck alone".

As a nation, America needs more of these people. The Tea Party held some promised, but has turned into a bunch of lunatics.

No worries -- it takes a few tries to "get it working". They need another ter of Obama, or two terms of super-military hawk Hillary or Pelosi as El Presidente, then perhaps the pain will sink in.