It is never too late when JUSTICE begs to be heard!

Europe urged to recognise slavery as crime Tue, May 04, 2010 AFP PARIS - Historians and anti-racism campaigners are to urge the countries that oversaw and profited from the Atlantic slave trade to recognise it as a crime against humanity, opening the way for reparations. Next week, activists are to send a letter to the leaders of Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain asking them to recognise the trade as an historic injustice a century and a half after it ended. They have already convinced France to do so. Click here to find out more!Click here to find out more! The European Memorial Foundation for the Slave Trade will launch the appeal at the French Senate on May 10, backed by the French historian Louis Sala-Molins and John Franklin from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington. "There are several reasons for this, including its symbolic value, to restore the memory of this crime against humanity," Karfa Diallo, chairman of the foundation, told AFP. "There's also a question, shall we say, of justice," he said....

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Europe is over-run and over-governed by sissy bleedin-heart do-gooders whose mission in life is to make others feel guilty -- "white guilt" especially (i.e. you are guilty by genetic fact of the lack of melanin cells in your skin), and that present individuals have to "pay" for the "sins" of their forebears.

Observe the brain of the demoCrazy liberal/ socialist (very few distinctions).

Notice the huge areas for "historical guilt", the bleeding heart lobe (every mother fucking thing is a problem which the govt needs to "fix"), and the smaller but more powerful glands; the victim and the guilt glands -- which have evolved to shoot out guilt and victim juices, which apparently have an infectious effect (symPATHETIC) response by other squealing "progressive" liberals.

This group of human vermin is growing steadily in Asia, especially Singapore where rich kids who've never experienced "hardship' obtain expensive degrees in western universities like Havard, Yale, Oxford, LSE, Monash, ANU, Stanford, etc etc.

You can notice their tactics on the current political dialogue in Singapore: "Let's vote a different govt in so we can get FREE STUFF".

Very soon the Chinese in Malaysia will be apologising to the Malayss. ;-)