How to fix up a political opponent?

Very simple, throw all kinds of drum up charges against him. If nothing meaning can be used, sex crime is the best. If sodomy is not common to the target, simply rape will do. The world is now witnessing the best show on earth in the WikiLeaks saga. Julian Assange is the target of American character assassination. The sophistication and sophistry in trying to gun him down are first class, standard operating procedure out of the textbook. Luckily Assange is an Australian, a member of the tribe. So the disparaging attack is not homogenous. Some of the tribe members are revolting. Australia is also attempting a weak defence or it would not go down well with its people and the friends of Assange. The western media are split and not sure which direction to take. This is not common enemey like the case of Liu Xiaobo. In the latter, the wolf pack simply closed ranks to train their cross hair at China. Assange is a bit complicated. Here there is a case of a state abusing its authority, violation of human rights, rights of an individual, freedom of the press, justice and fair play, compromising the judicial system, fabricating evidence, all rolled into one. And there is also the lynching of one’s own kind. A bit messy definitely. The world should sit back and watch this spectacle unfold. (Please be reminded of the silence as a clever little country and its leaders are now in deep shit trying to extricate itself out of the shit hole, all by itself. No one cares or is willing to give this little country a helping hand. Don’t belong to the same tribe, I think.)


Matilah_Singapura said...

Assange might be Aussie, but the govt here want to get him too. If he comes back, they will hand him over to the Yankees, for sure. Of course there'll be all sorts of challenges in the courts..so it could go either way. There is no telling how the courts will judge this, if it ever came down to that.

Of course there is going to be character assassination. That is to be expected. This fucker gave the western governments a good bitch slapping on the face -- especially the US of A. He didn't do any "real harm" -- in a few months or even weeks all the hot air will die down -- but the slap was a nice one -- hit the target and has left a painful, throbbing welt -- especially on Hillary's face. Ah, slap that bitch Julian, SLAP HER!

so fuck the US or whoever's attempt at character assassination. Assange has at least multiple millions of fans.

Many more people around the world mistrust the govts even more -- a damn good thing. People are coming out protesting fro freedom of speech and freedom of the the press -- also a good thing. People trust the biggest bully govt in the world -- the US Federal Govt even less and are even more watchful about possible antics -- fucking awesome: Liberty requires ETERNAL vigilance.

Millions of eyes, ears and minds have been "switched on". This is a real threat to Authority. And the ideas are spreading like a virus.

As for Singapore: don't worry lah. It'll all blow over. Fuck those basket-case Turd World idiots who can't handle opinion...2nd, 3rd hand cock-talk opinion -- no wonder their cuntries are FUCKED :-) I'm not saying Singapore is "perfect", but its done ok despite the authoritarian interdictions on the locals.

Anonymous said...

Is Wikileaks able to influent the politics in Sin?
Anyone believes or thinks the Sin Regime is bothered with Wikileaks?

Anonymous said...

For internal politics, nothing can influence Singaporeans to do anything, so be assured.

Singaporeans themselves know that long ago. They have been talking to the dead for the last four decades.

Can you influence the dead?

Anonymous said...

Any kind of charge can be invented as long as they can stick it on with the support of the poodles.

Were WMD found in Iraq when they got rid of Saddam Hussein because of that?

Was Afghanistan the real hotbed of terrorism when they decided to invade?

Anonymous said...

It is not strange that no westerners is calling for the murder of Saddam Hussein and innocent Iraqis to be put to trial.

Neither would there be any middle Arabs calling for it or tabling it at the UN or the International Court of Justice. They may have done it, but the papers were thrown into the waste paper basket.

And the murderers move on to wave their flag to fight for human rights and justice.

Anonymous said...

Another laughable mother-of-all hypocrisy was the comments on the sale of weapons by China to Pakistan.

They advocate that China should concentrate on selling to Pakistan more weapons to help fight terrorism and insurgencies, instead of missiles and warplanes which will be used for war.

Now, what were they themselves selling to Israel, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea all this time? Weapons to fight terrorism and insurgencies? They must have thought that only they are born with big mouths and only they have the monopoly to say such things.

Those clowns should look at themselves in the mirror first. Why don't they just admit that they want to monopolize the sale of weapons to the whole world.

Anonymous said...

They may have learned from us, the first world fixer of political opponents.

The whole world heard the self declaration during the last election. More opposition MPs in Parliament takes more time to fix.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think "fixing" political opponents is fair game.

The nature of politics is that there are no rules, actually no, there is one rule which everyone seems to agree on: The END justifies the MEANS.

Politics brings out the worst in people, and that is why it attracts certain "types" of people -- usually the kind you always want to keep in view, but at a distance, never turn your back on them (sure kena stab), and never invite them into your house.

Anonymous said...

'yi jia zi zui, he huan wu zi'


'there is thousand and one ways
to fix up someone'.

However, the Saying is not true to fact in the case of Singapore.

There has never been a case of opposition or citizen fixing any political leader of the ruling party.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The problem with all the oppositions so far is that they play too "clean" and are not ruthless enough.

If you go up against a ruthless, powerful and intelligent opponent and you can't bring anything of value to the table to at least defend yourself, never mind attack them...you are truly an idiot, and should be selling tissue paper instead of thinking that you have a "chance" at politics.

As for the citizens -- most citizens are rationally ignorant about politics. i.e. "Who gives a shit?" which is actually the better way: Mind your own business, fuck the government...as long as the cuntry doesn't fall to shit...ok.

BTW, citizens have tried... what about those independent film makers? They criticise the govt until kena banned. Good job!

Anonymous said...

So, how to play dirty?

No way!

No chance!

No hope!