George Yeo pissed off with the Third Party

MSN India, 20 Dec 2010 Kolkata, Dec 20 (PTI) Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo today pitched for strong Sino-Indian ties, saying that "some" of what is being made of the "rivalry" between the two countries was in the interest of "third parties". "Much has been made of the rivalry between China and India in the recent months, some of which no doubt is in the interest of third parties," Yeo said while speaking on ''Tagore''s Dream for Good Relations Between India and China'' at the Netaji Research Bureau here.... After being on the wrong end of the stick when Singapore's leaders were fixed nice and proper by the WikiLeaks, the normally well composed George Yeo is feeling the heat. In the above statement quoted, he lashed out at the Third Parties for causing rift between India and China. The Third Parties have been messing around and fixing all the Asian countries to be at logger heads with each othe for a very long time. India and China were no exceptions as they were courted, conned and misled, and hit by disinformation, to end up in deep mistrust of each other. Who are the Third Parties hiding in the dark corner, causing the rift and getting the ire of George Yeo?


Matilah_Singapura said...

3rd party is the Hantu Tetek in George's mind.

PAP assholes biggest mistake: they think people are fools and gullible children.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure George Yeo is feeling the heat because of the leaks.

We can guess who the third party or parties are, but is it another case of 'too big to name'. Whenever it comes to a case of too big to touch, everybody backs off.

So, pissed off or pissing in the pants, nothing more will happen. Its just posturing to reflect the heat.

Matilah_Singapura said...

WAH! More fun and games from the other Bumi brudders -- the lazier and even more corrupt ones.

Indonesia could relieve Singapore of some of her assets. (Legalised, daylight robbery)

Temasek broke the universal law of protection of bumi laziness and stupidity:

Thou shalt not be too competitive, profitable, popular or successful"

Temasek Holdings' Indonesia assets may be seized


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