A friend he is not

China called him an old friend, an affectionate term for a good friend one has known for many years. He learnt and spoke Chinese and was every inch a gentleman, from the exterior. To win the trust of the Chinese he even called himself a Chinese name. And he became a Prime Minister. His unfaithfulness or dishonourable conduct was revealed when he spoke to the Americans. Without WikiLeaks, his bad mouthing of his friend will not be known. And his friend will still hold him dearly as a good friend. Now his true self is known and he can’t hide anymore. He had told the Americans to wage war against China if China did not bow to American pressure and did not tow the line. This must be quite shocking to the Chinese. They must have felt betrayed. Would they still regard him as a friend? The initial for his Chinese name is LKW. That’s Kevin Rudd. WilkiLeaks is making many people redfaced. Can Australia be a part of Asia? Who is recommending Australia to be part of Asean?


Anonymous said...

Just dont understand why Oz should be part of Asia though I think Asians can certainly make Asian Cultures(Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Indian and Indonesian) the core culture of Oz.
White Australians can also use any oriental names they fancy just like the non-whites widespread using of fancy western/christain names.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I hate to say "I told you so", but I did. The guy is worse than a snake.

anon 1109

I completely agree. I moved here to get away from Asian culture, racsism, collectivism and the temptation of eating too much food and behaving like a male pig wanting to screw to delicious Asian girls all day.

However, it was good ~ 25-30 years ago - as an Asian you were "exotic". Now this fucking island is over-run with the bastards, my "racial" value jatoh macam nangka busok. :-)

They call it "multi culturalism", I call it politically correct quota madness.

People should come and go as they please form cuntries according to their individual wishes.

When a govt introduces "policy" it encourages/ or discourages immigration and pits the locals against the foreigners.

Culture change, but they do so slowly. This obsession with Australia being a part of Asia is govt + "intellectuals" insanity. Neither people of Australia nor the people of Asia want this -- but the goverenment is forcing the issue.

Anonymous said...

At least Pauline Hanson is more upfront like the big cats and dared to bare and reveal her fangs in beating down Asians, but Rudd is indeed a snake in the grass.

I am surprised by his behavior, but when Tommy Koh too was found drinking at the same trough, nothing is going to surprise me now.

I am expecting the discovery of more WMD.

Anonymous said...

We are coming to that. Some leaks just surfaced. They are from our grandmaster about the Myanmar Junta.

Gee, if talking to the Myanmar Junta is like talking to the dead as he said, Singaporeans must also be talking to the dead - their political masters, that is.

Anonymous said...

> Singaporeans must also be talking to the dead <

A definite sign of madness. Probably incurable...like stage 3 syphilis ;-)

Anyway, it serves them right.