For those who have, more shall be given to them

Christians must be quietly smiling at this quote. This has been spoken by God a few thousand years back and they know. The truth of the statement is there for all to see. The rich shall get richer is the natural law of God. With their wealth, the rich could only multiply them at much faster rate than those who are struggling to earn their money through muscles. How easy it is to buy a property at $1m and loo behold, two years down the road it becomes $1.5m, reaping a profit of $500k. This amount may take a worker a life time to earn but would be spent everyday leaving him with nothing to spare. Many folks are earning tens or hundreds of thousands without have to exercise the muscles of their limbs. See how comfortable they are to write that cheque for the $60k COE or the $500k down payment for the landed property! On the other hand the losers are complaining about kopi going to cost 20c more per cuppa! For those who have, more shall be given goes further than this. Some of those who have tens of millions, hundreds of millions, will still be given millions without having to work, in the form of pensions or gratuities, when they don’t need a single cent more to live in the lap of luxury. There are many such lucky people around whose lives are so blessed. But God is cheeky and cynical too. He also said, ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ Of course he is joking. How could that be when those who have shall have more and those who don’t have shall have less? The message to the meek is simply, fat hope. The meek shall always live on hope while they live a wasted life of not enough. That is the painful truth of life. No escape.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There are a few problems here:

> But God is cheeky and cynical too. He also said, ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ Of course he is joking <

Those words were written to give gullible stupid and/ or lazy people "hope" and to implicitly imply to morons that they needn't take responsibility for their lives as they essentially have no control over their circumstance.

It is a fantastic belief, and many people continue to accept it, which results in comical consequences.

> The rich shall get richer is the natural law of God. <

Again, total bullshit. I was on the phone yesterday to some buddies in the US. Can you imagine former wealthy people now have lost their houses, jobs and struggling to even pay their phone bill -- all this in the "wealthiest" country in the world. The rich lose money too -- lots of them.

We live in a flat world where everyone -- no matter the background -- has the potential to "make it big".

Money can make more money, and if you are a smart capitalist that is exactly what you'll do. However money doesn't do this on its own -- it needs a human steward to do the thinking and take the action in order to reap the reward aka "profit".

If you are silly however, you will lose money. Money is the great scoreboard.

"Money is the barometer of society's virtue" -- Ayn Rand

Many people hate this fact, but it is generally true: the more money you make, the "better" human being you tend to be. As I state, it is a general case -- some people acquire riches dishonestly, however most humans play by the rules...most of the time. ;-)

People commonly rail against money -- capitalism has a bad name. People who like making money are labelled as "materialistic" and "souless", "inhuman" -- base allegations unsubstantiated by not one bit of objective evidence. As for me, I just shrug it off and carry on. What's the point of trying to "convert" these folks? Better to let them have their own "experience". ;-)

There are many cheaper cities than Singapore. If you go to an unflushed toilet Turd World Cuntry -- you can eat for 50cents and rent for 200 per month. Long term emigres/ expats will even claim "You can live like a king for less than 500 a month!!"

Huh? Guess what: these fuckers are "money centered, materialist capitalists" too.. the only difference is that they've figured out a way for getting more "bang for their buck".

Singapore and super urbanised cities can not be cheap due to the high demand for space. Therefore anything based on space attracts a premium and is scarce enough to create an energetic market in those assets.

Unfortunately, the government adds to the upward pressure on prices by debasing the currency -- printing money. Thankfully, they are mopping this up.

There for road space will cost money as well as living and commercial space.

Get used to it. Don't complain about the state of your country unless you are prepared to consider the alternative.

Rich country is better than poor country...for me anyway.

Anonymous said...

The simple minded and usually poor people used to seek self deluding spiritual relief by saying 'sake jia gon, gon jia thi gong' in Hokkien(Chinese Dialect). Literally translated it means 'the clever make use of the less intelligent-supposedly to toil for them and make them(the clever) rich.
the poor will have to depend on the heavenly god(thi gong).
Can it be interpreted that the fates of the poor are in both the hands of the rich/powerful and the imaginery god(s).
Which also means that the poor have absolutely no say over their own fate(living)?
I can only conclude that if the rich and powerful have no conscience, the poor will be bullied and screwed forever.
So, help me god!
what if god is blind and deaf?

Anonymous said...

Didn't God also said that all men are born equal. Also not true.

At least the Pigs are telling the truth when they told the other animals that all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Kaffein said...

@Anon 12:53 PM,
>Didn't God also said that all men are born equal. Also not true.

Not to nitpick but show me where in the bible this was quoted from?

That aside, it is a pity you have taken it out of context in your article and totally miscontrue what was was actually said. Well I'll leave it at that before this blows out into a theological debate.

I respect you as the author of this blog which I also enjoy. You are entitled to your opinions.

Have a good weekend.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are absolutely right Kaffein. God never said all men are equal. For one, the Jews are more equal than others.

No one shall believe that all men are equal in the eyes of God. It is self deception. And anyone who preaches all men are equal is misquoting the bible.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Kaffein 345:

> Well I'll leave it at that before this blows out into a theological debate <

Fuck, do we have to... Let me start:

"morality comes from god"

Now let me fire the first salvo:

Which god or goddess -- (for sexual equality)

OK, start fighting ;-)

Anthony said...

Not interested in getting into a bible debate with you, but you sir have taken Mark 4:25 out of context.

The long and short of Ch. 4 is about faith. It is definitely not talking about the rich getter richer. Period

Anonymous said...

Only idiots think that they have the right to interpret the bible and everyone else is reading the bible in the wrong context.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anthony, Welcome to the blog.

IMAGOD said...

Wah redbean,

I think you have just been slapped for interpreting the Holey Bible according to your own worldview.

Please don't make Baby Jesus cry. It is his birthday. Give the kid a break.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When IMAGOD speaks, I better keep quiet.


Anonymous said...

Right or wrong interpretation, ask God himself.

Or Mi Tor Fu

Anonymous said...

"Taken out of context"?

Seems like some people did not mean what they say, or say what they did not mean?

I am confused.