Extermination of the Korean Race

The South Koreans refuse to call off the live firing drill and will proceed with the firing this morning at 11am Singapore time. The UN Security Council held a meeting last night but did not come out with any decision. Susan Rice said the differences would not be bridged. The intent of the Americans is very clear, war is what they want. They would not rein in the psychopathic South Korean leaders. In fact they are encouraging them to provoke the North Koreans.. Yeonpyeong is an island only a few kilometres from the North Korean mainland and in disputed waters. If the live firing is not provocation what else is? Why is the UN not condemning such provocations, conducting war games and live firing at the border of another country? Why aren’t the western media and pacifists, and journalists, raise this issue in their reports instead of denouncing the North as the provocateur? Why aren’t the Americans and Japanese rein in this mindless animal called South Korea? The North has declared the continued live firing as a provocation and will respond in bigger kind. So, when the North responded after being provoked by the South, the North is the provocateur? This is not a joke! The North is threatening to go nuclear if the South insists on conducting their war games near their disputed border. The stupidity of the South is mind boggling. Pardon my harsh words. A nuclear war in the peninsula will guarantee that no Koreans will be alive in the aftermath. Japan will also be in ruins. There will be no Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka to talk about. Of course the North Koreans will be wiped out as well and any Koreans left in the two sides of the 38th parallel will be half beasts and will no longer be allowed to live as citizens of an independent country. The Americans are waiting anxious to push their nuclear buttons. The Koreans don’t deserve to live after showing their propensity to self destruct. It would be in their best interest to be ruled by the Japanese or the Americans. The South Koreans are playing with death and the annihilation of the Korean Race. Thanks to their strong supporters in the US and Japan egging them on and promising more weapons to help them do the job faster and more effectively. If the Korean War breaks out again, next year will be the anniversary of the demise of a human race, the Koreans. The Americans will erect an obelisk in Pyongyang and one is Seoul to remember the Korean Race for their bravery to exterminate each other. And the world will also mark that day to remind any crazy leaders to engage in another war, the Korean style.


Anonymous said...

relac, relac....
breathe in...breathe out and breathe in slowly.
Okay, get yourself a good lunch, do your business as usual and enjoy the evening with your family.
Repeat it daily and rest assured that if You live up to ninety years old, the Koreans will outlive You by a hundred times and no less.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Races (cultures) which are stupid or cannot defend themselves eventually get conquered, go extinct, or end up destroying themselves.

Aztec, Phonecians, Ottomans...all conquered or extinct cultures.

Like I said, let's get it over and done with already. It's coming to the point where this thing is an annoyance. Let them fight and obliterate each other.

Fuck them both.

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir;

You need not worry about the Korean Race. Many of them are staying in the United States, including those from the North(Korea).
There won't be any extinction.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are half right Patriot. They would not be extinct but will suffer the same fate as the Red Indians. Their number will be so small that they will be colonised once again by Japan.

This time round, if they led this war to go ahead, they can never think of making a comeback. Japan will make sure of it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey, look on the bright side -- that's one more barbarian Asian race/ culture wiped out, and we all ascend one rung on 'the ladder'. ;-)

It is in Singapore's long term interest for Asia to wipe out its 'undeserving' cultures until Singapore is the only one left standing...ok, give chance...maybe Hong Kong and Macau.

The rest, including and especially the Bumis -- wipe them out like toilet paper wipes out shit!

C'mon Hotel Singapore!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With lesser people on earth, it will ease the pressure on mother earth. Lesser mouth to feed and lesser fish and livestock to slaughter.

Cheers to the rest of mankind. Say thank you to the Americans for helping to reduce the world's population. They need to work harder in the Middle East as well.

IMAGOD said...

The righteous shall slay the unrighteous.

Great Righteous White Daddy, Save mankind!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The insane South Koreans have started firing. So they have proven their manhood. They are brave to the point of recklessness.

They are putting the lives of their citizens at stake just to prove that they are brave enough to provoke the North Koreans.

Three cheers to the daring but crazy South Koreans.

The ball is now in the North Korean's court. When they hit back, they will be accused of provocation, reckless behaviour and deserve to be blasted by the great white god waiting in their aircraft carrier.

Anonymous said...

Jus a little 'adjustment' 2 your last comment. The South Koreans are firing into empty sea and space. Pure posturing and nothing else.
Dont worry man!

IMAGOD said...

That's right. Kim Jong iL is just wanking to a power trip.

He should return to stroking his ancient wrinkly ginseng root to hardcore European animal-human porn once again and stop being so hostile!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The outside world often forgot what happened before the present status quo. All these islands were north of the 38th parallel and should belong to the North after the armistice. It was the Americans that grabbed them from the North by redrawing the North Limit Line by sheer force of naval superiority. The North could not fight back. As far as the North is concerned, these islands and sea belonged to them or at worst a disputed area.

Being occupied by the South is already a sore point. For the South to constantly beat the drums in the disputed islands and sea is provocation at its worst.

The world must know this fact. But the world is reading the western media and living with the western truth. So, like Susan Rice said, there is nothing wrong in conducting military drill in their own backyard. Ya, sounded so reasonable. But they would not tell the world that they had grabbed the islands from the North at gun point.

This is exactly like the Japs occupying Diaoyutai. So it is theirs! But how they grabbed Diaoyutai from the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Ms Rice will one day tell the white men they belong to her and half of the US belongs to the Africano Americans as well.

Anonymous said...

The differences between North and South Korea can never be solved, just like the problem between Israel and the Muslim countries in the Middle East.

Why? Because the Americans are behind one of the parties. They have so much to gain from the sale of weapons.

Iraq is winding down, so who is going to buy all the obsolete weapons brought back from Iraq and who is going to support the US weapons industry now? There must be a war to stimulate their weapons production.

Remember what they said. Selling weapons is for peace. Buy it suckers!

IMAGOD said...


> It was the Americans that grabbed them from the North by redrawing the North Limit Line by sheer force of naval superiority. <

Aiyah, the North were conquered fair and square lah. That's the nature of war: someone wins, someone loses.

The Cold War was going on at the time -- it was "The Free" vs "The Damn Commies". This "war" was also being fought in the Strait Settlements -- in fact everywhere -- Cuba, S America, Europe -- everyone shit scared of "The Reds" to the pont so-called "free" countries were locking people up without trial.

You also have to take the story back before the 38th parallel division: Korea was divided when the allies took it back for "administration" after the nuclear-bar-be-qued Japs lost the war. North was Soviet and the South was US -- same shit happened in Berlin -- Soviets took the East, Allies the west.

That what happens after a war. You may as well blame the Soviets if you are going to blame the Americans.

Trying to argue the case like you do means you're not taking the entire history into account. It is like saying "Oh the Israeli Zionist State is the devil" -- without looking how the place got into such a shit mess in the first place.

All conflicts are divisive. Like I always say, you and I can have a disagreement, and if things get hot, the worst that can happen is we kill each other.

However if we had gangs, the potential for bloody combat increases. Now consider that we both had STATES at our diposal with the ability to:

1. Make laws
2. Tax
3. Borrow on global markets
4. Define currency
5. Conscript people
6. Punish dissent
7. Create standing armies, blue water navies, airforce and missile silos
8. Legally kill, steal, kidnap, enslave, lie, cheat
9. Declare war
10. Define history

The biggest "evil": The State.

Once you have a state, you can legally have war. and you can call the "just wars".

Anonymous said...

Drat. There goes my LG plasma and Samsung smartphone warranty.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank god, the North Koreans are not as stupid as the South Koreans.