The Evil Trinity

The Evil Trinity is led by the Madman of the 21st Century. One member is the beast of the 20th Century and the other is the psychopath in South Korea. The Madman is infamous for starting wars everywhere and killing innocent people to satisfy its lust for power and control. It could do it as it could deliver the most destructive power to its victims and knowing very well that the victim could not hit back. And it will continue to attack any country on this basis until someone stands up to give it a bloody nose before it would stop. To continue what it is doing in a bigger scale it is pandering to the lust for glory of the old Japanese empire in the beast. It is encouraging the beast to take on a bigger and more belligerent role in world affairs by expanding its military capability to wage wars. And the psychopaths in South Korea were given full military support to provoke the North Koreans to start a war. The 21st Century is going to be a precarious century with the Evil Trinity out to conquer and dominate the world. The only hope to push back this evil force is an alliance between China, Russia and North Korea. A better balance would be to include India, Brazil and even the European Union. The latter is a far fetch hope as they are likely to join the Evil Trinity instead and become an Evil Gang of Four. All peace loving nations should unite against this force of evil and voice their opposition to what they are doing. They cannot allow them to go on setting the world, country by country, on fire. The rest of the world cannot continue to be divided and duped into complacency and be controlled by the neo colonialists and be victims of a new formula of oppression. Every country has to stand up to oppose this evil trend or risk losing their independence and become subservient to the Evil Empire, fronted by the Evil Trinity.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Good luck to your dreams. Because luck is the only thing that will make it happen. Not reason. Not cooperation. Forget cooperation...every state is each other's rival ;-)

You'd better figure a way to get a new global reserve currency first before pontificating from your pulpit of faux righteousness , and letting your mind wander around aimlessly about "possibilities" which have no hope in eventuating.

Nearly every state in the world is to some degree a client state of the US. As long as they use the USD for international transactions, equity markets etc etc they are a client state.

As gold increases in price and value because of currency debasement, it is still priced in USD.

China, Russia, Brazil et al are all guilty of money printing. China is particularly bad. So even if this "gang" introduces a currency of their own, chances are their own new version of Ben Bernanke will emerge...and he could be as bad...or worse.

And everytime these fake "independent" states get into trouble, they run to the US Treasury market for "security". Fuck them all, fake motherfuckers.

When their currencies are in a crisis, they buy as many USD's (the global reserve!) as possible ofr "safety". No balls screaming bitches.

The wonderful thing about having America rule the world is that they are predictable -- even, and especially when they are lying.

When you know the nature of an evil, it cannot harm you anymore. But it sure as hell makes a good whipping boy for incessant complainers :-)