China should raise the Korean tension issue in the UN

While the belligerent parties are bent on provoking the North Koreans with more war games in the Yellow Sea and the borders of North Korea, and calling the North Koreans provocative, China should not keep quiet and let the unjust blame game to go on. China must name the gangsters as they are and bring the matter to the UN to let the world community knows who are the real provocateurs. China cannot afford to be on the defensive and allow the US to put the blame on her when the US is the real culprit in the whole crisis. The american deception and ill intent to raise tension in the Korean Peninsula must be revealed for all to see. One simple resolution that the UN can adopt is to stop all parties from conducting war games in the Yellow Sea and 200km from the Korean borders. This alone should be good enough to lower the tension in the peninsula. If not, the belligerent countries will continue to carry their big guns to threaten North Korea. In addition, China shall call for a thorough investigation on the blowing up of Choenan and find who is the real murderer of the South Korean seamen. This incident must not be forgotten and laid to rest without giving justice to the dead men and their families. It must be pursued rigorously. Otherwise more innocent people would be killed with more of such incidents to raise tension and war between the two Koreans will be repeated. The two Koreans too must support such an investigation, and avoid conducting war games to provoke one another.


Wally Buffet said...

When President Nikita Khrushchev of the then USSR tried to make Cuba a satellite, the then US President JFK threatened nuclear war.

The situation in the East Pacific is now not much different. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan are US satellite regimes, ring fencing China.

I like to see China throw down the gauntlet and tell the Americans that enough is enough. Stop all "War Games" 1000 nautical miles away from the Chinese coast, remove all nuclear arsenals from the satellites or it's "Game Over"!

Now that China is almost a Superpower, act like one!


Matilah_Singapura said...

Useless clowns of the United Nations.

Yeah, China should raise the issue with them. You might as well give the Chinese UN delegation something to do in New York during the day.

The US "needs" a war. China doesn't. US Foreign Policy wonks in Washington are counting on the constant badgering of China to rope it into armed conflict -- that's the plan.

To "win" the war is not really the intention. The intention is to start a war so that US can "colonise" Asia by being "invited" by friendly Asian governments to set up US bases in their countries for "security" against the big, bad , evil Chinese.

The Pinoy sluts in Luzon, Manila etc will be spreading their vaginas wide open for US Dollar Dong. Soi Cowboy in Bangkok will explode with a new breed of US warrior on R & R. S'pore "defense contractor" GLCs will have awesome sales figures. Fucking US military walking around in uniform in every East Asian city.

And the foreign policy hawks in Washington along with their friends in the political-financial-military-industrial CABAL will be drinking and toasting each other, making billions.

The biggest loser: China and the Chinese people. Already "hated" and mistrusted by most fake-smiling Asian governments (Asian people also don't like Chinese immigrants coming into their countries, apparently "stealing" jobs).

China, be smart. Don't succumb to the mat saleh's taunts. Strong as you are, you cannot afford to fight these fuckers. Any which way it goes, their agendered, profit-seeking cabal will always "win".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry lah. Assange and his little army of computer nerds will be enough to destroy the might America. This new asymetrical warfare is unpredictable and the damage if can cause to the American system is immeasurable. They can close down the whole American economy.

Anonymous said...

In the not too distant future, they will target Myanmar, now that they are trying to tell the world that Myanmar is going nuclear with the help of the North Koreans.

With the Indians leaning towards the West, the ring fencing of China is going to be total. Yes, I think the Chinese should put their foot down, now.

Going to the UN is not going to solve the problem. How many countries do you think are not already lackeys, poodles and boot-lickers of the evil empire?

The UN and other world bodies existed to facilitate and justify the actions of the USA. Nothing more, nothing less.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I know you all are getting erections at the thought of America being destroyed. Well, enjoy your hardons and whack off if the moment moves you.

The plain fact is that like it or not, the US has more than military might in its arsenal. It has an infectious culture which bullshits the world about "individual freedom".

True, old American culture was indeed about individual liberty and freedom, but the current bastardised version in popular culture so "seductive" to many people is definitely mass hypnosis on a global scale.

One trip to the movies, and Hollywood has taken over the brain. One flick of the TV channel and there is Oprah -- smiling and giving away free stuff. Open your browser, and sooner or later you are on a US website.

That fucking place as broke as it is should be a failed state and a collapsed civilization already!

But they are still standing.

Anonymous said...

They have been bullshitting their own people too, and we thought American people are smarter than those from the rest of the world.

Fact is, most never realised the shit they are now in. Majority of Americans are still spending merrily (never mind defaulting on their mortgage payments and using the money for shopping instead) and are still besotted with their superheroes ie spiderman, ironman, batman, gladiators, idols and the shit. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

I think the British Empire, or what remains of it, is still standing today. So will the USA. But in what state? Riots are breaking out in the UK with reality sinking in. It will happen in any country.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sure, points taken. The collapse of civilizations can be fast or slow. The Brits collapsed fast because WW2 essentially broke them and they had to borrow US dollars/ gold to rebuild.

The US -- apart from Pearl Harbour -- never had any of its infrastructure destroyed by the war. Intact. Business as usual after Victory. The enormous industrial capacity from the war directed to making money, American style.

Fast forward to 1973 -- the US Dollar is now the world's reserve currency. Print as much as the world, and the US requires. The US fed is in essence the de-facto central bank of the world, aided by their buddies at the IMF, World Bank and UN.

Will all this "global support" the US Empire will crumble, but very slowly. Many Americans may have "woken up", but their short attention span will guarantee that they'll go back to partying like there is no tomorrow as soon as Helicopter Ben throws out another few hundred billion banana notes.

Sad, but true.

Or perhaps, the US citizens are in fact smart: they know the game is up and it is eventual collapse. All is lost. Insolvent, too much debt, impossible to pay back.

Fuck it. Better to die happy. Eat, drink, be merry and spend more and more banana notes. Why not? I'd do the same.

Matilah_Singapura said...

At the end of this article is a way to drink and get the government to pay for it. Actually get the govt to FORCE OTHERS to pay for it.

The US Federal Reserve: A Bank that Will Live in Infamy

Just do what you have to. Bernanke will bail you out, no worries!

Ben, do your thing! Make us RICH!!!

Anonymous said...

Just the views of of a layman cooped in a Shithole.
First, the United Nation should police the World and not wait for complainant.
Two, why should China be a complainant about the Korean Disputes, the Koreans cannot go to the police themselves?
Three, is the US as powerful and damaging as You see it?
Four, what makes You think that India will be part of the US aggression in Asia? You think the Indians are that foolish to invite wolves into their homeland?
There was an original cowboy culture in the US which is only kept in vogue by Bush Junior, the Rest of the angmoh(caucasians) in the newfound land are comprehensively converted to Africano and Anglo saxon antics. The angmohs in the US are not as culturally influential compared to their FORMER SLAVES, the Black Africans, who are now colonizing the whites culturally. Good for the Americans as well as for the World. Africans are more fun loving people whose concept of living is to enjoy life and make love as frequent as they can. War is only for food and woman, when both are available, they avoid fighting.
Despite the differences in opinion, me looks forward to more of your writings.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

India will not be duped into a war with China. It will play its game right in its own interests. The temptation of big power recognition, more military hardware, a seat in the UNSC, etc are factors that will be input into its equation in foreign policies.

Anonymous said...

The Indians are not foolish. The trouble is they are far smarter than we think, and are ever ready to take advantage of the ongoing beating down of China to advance their own cause.

India is touted to be the next big economy to rival the US and surely they are hoping more investments from the West will come their way, particularly from the US itself.

Militarily, they too have big ambitions, otherwise why invest so much in the space race, ballistic missiles and going nuclear. With China on fairly good terms with Pakistan, the US is a good bet to balance the odds. Like what Saddam Hussein used to say: 'any enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

The Japanese and South Koreans are not foolish by any measure. Yet they are now under the thumb of Uncle Sam, and do its every bidding. Without the USA pulling the strings from behind, I do not expect that they will want to tangle with China.

All this talk in the MSM lately about the anti-China sentiments picking up steam in East Asia is a load of propaganda shit. The Governments of the US 'colonies' support the US outwardly, that is for sure, but I do not think the majority of the people of Japan or South Korea share the same enthusiasm. Otherwise why are they clamoring for the removal of the US bases.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Knock yourselves out folks. This one especially for you, courtesy of the evil empire and global dominator.

The RAND Corporation: one of the US Govt most prestigious and prodigious think tanks The RAND Corporation which boasts alumni like Henry Kissinger (famous US globalist), and Daniel Ellsberg -- famous whistleblower and staffer to Robert McNamara. (another US foreign adventurer and militant globalist).

Have a look as some of the goodies available -- The RAND Corporation -- giving the US government the ideas it needs to continue its program of global domination...
and... conquest.

The RAND Corporation: Objective Analysis, Effective Solutions -- The US is there to save you, whether you like it or not.
[shudder, run for cover, make sure you grab your money]






Sing along:

America, FUCK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
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Freedom is the only way yeah,
Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
America, FUCK YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, FUCK YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
it's the dream that we all share; it's the hope for tomorrow


Video: America, Fuck Yeah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean: India will not be duped into a war with China.

anon 608: The Indians are not foolish. The trouble is they are far smarter than we think

However, a Singapore official disagrees with you:

"MALAYSIA'S "dangerous" decline is fuelled by incompetent politicians, Thailand is dogged by corruption and a "very erratic" crown prince, Japan is a "big fat loser" and India is ''stupid''.

Read it

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The information were volunteered through the courtesy of the US. That is what they got for trusting the Evil Empire.

Now the new phrase is that between a snake and an American, kill the American first.

Anonymous said...

The US is practically telling its allies that if we go down, they too are all going down with it, friend or foe.

Oh well, the lackeys deserved to be bitten by the double-headed snake that they trusted.

Anonymous said...

India joining the US or doing the biddings of US?
India using the US will be more appropriate.
The Indians knew the angmos for many centuries and though many are like Sinkapooreans, very proud to be pseudo angmos, they are by and large very proud of their Indian Culture. More importantly they had tasted colonial rule. No reason for them not to have awakened from the past.
By the way, the Indian people have much local issues to settle, it's still a fragmented nation. Within itself, It has to contend with Its' own Muslim population, with Pakistan and Afganistan as neigbours, India needs to use the US as a deterent against Its' own as well as the neighbouring Muslims, but, that's about it.
To say India will cahoot with the US to challenge China militarily is certainly too much of a claim.
If it is against Pakistan, India will not hesitate, unfortunately and ironically, the US supply as much military wares if not more, to Pakistan. And India is well awared of US, Pakistan relationship.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Excerpts from respected US geo-politicalresearch facility:

"President George W. Bush based his transformation of US-India Relations on the core strategic principle of democratic India as a key factor in balancing the rise of Chinese power"[...]

"Although it is certainly early days, there are preliminary indications that the Obama Administration has a different policy orientation towards India. First, it is not clear that the Obama Administration has the same preoccupation with the rise of Chinese power and India's balancing role in it. Rather, Washington is now naturally focused on US-China economic relations, the G-2 as some analysts have named it, not least because of PRC holdings of US Treasury bonds and its major place in the world economy. So China today appears, at least to me, to be on a substantially higher plane in US diplomacy than India which seems to have been downgraded in Administration strategic calculations. "[...]

"China – It is not clear how Washington's dominant preoccupation with economic cooperation with China will affect Indian Government calculations related to the US-India bilateral relationship and regional and Asian security. But if the US treats China in a privileged fashion and downgrades the quality of its substantive interaction with New Delhi, this is unlikely to produce spontaneous concessions from the Indian side on other matters of importance to Washington."[...]

"India's Nuclear Weapons – There are a cluster of issues related to India's nuclear weapons. The Obama team endorses both the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and a freeze on the production of fissile material. Neither of these appears to be acceptable to the Indian Government today."

Source: RAND Corporation

Cooment from PM Manmohan Singh: "Mahder chod Am-ma-rikka! Vat yu wan? Obama- teri ma ki-chut!"

Wa' saalam, penghisapan kontol 'ku,

Yang Benar,

Datuk Tan Sri Matilah,
Asian Cultural Ambassador-At-Large.