Child abuse in Singapore?

A letter by a Neo Leng Hui appeared in the Today paper appealing to the MOE to start primary school later. And with full day schools, shouldn’t this be easier? Whatever the ‘f’ reasonings, efficiency, convenience, parents can fetch the children before going to work, blah, blah, blah, the current system demands that many primary school children will have to be up by 6am or earlier to get to school on time. The consequences of a system that compelled young children to wake up at the wee hours of the morning cannot be good. Those hours are meant for nocturnal animals. Even adults will have problems waking up in those hours. But clever adults think that it is ok for little children! Waking up at those hours to rush to schools would mean that the children will have difficulties trying to eat their breakfast. The body system may not be ready to consume meals. And rushing food into the body can be a problem too. Very likely the children will have to pack their food to eat when they arrived in schools in more humanly hours. It is not an uncommon sight to see little children slumping at the lift doors or the gates as they were barely await and trying to go back to sleep again. Some parents have to carry them all the way to the cars or buses where they could knock off again. These are terrible sights and a terrible thing to do to our little ones. But the experts in childcare and schoolings may think otherwise. There are social problems too, in the dark hours of the day. Would the parents feel good and comfortable bungling their little ones out of their way to schools? Would it be more sanely and better for children to spend some decent times together during breakfast instead of rush rush and rush, or when the children were all half asleep? Are we abusing our little children for their own good, to go to schools? The efficient tickling of the economic system is more important than the welfare of the little ones?


Wally Buffet said...

That was a good suggestion from a concerned mother.

Spending quality time having breakfast together before parents rush off to work and the little ones to school would be a good start in fostering a happy healthy family. Just doing it only on weekends isn't good enough.

The worst part is that after all the sacrifices that these children put in, they may find themselves unable to get a decent job twenty years down the road because we are still and forever will be intoxicated by cheap imported labour just to boost our GDP figures.

Mr. Bean, you are a talented photographer but your header picture today is slightly jarring with all these lao aunties flaunting their midriffs. The one on the top right in white is particularly outstanding. I thought my beer belly was something, hers is outstanding!

Just a suggestion only ah. How about some nice pics of sweet young things like that hostess who drowned in the pool of a $39 million dollar bungalow on Sentosa Cove? Incidentally, paying that slut $800 for a night out with an all night sex session for one who runs a US$5 billion dollar business ain't exactly a princely sum. For me, I just might want to add another 0 knowing more or less her circumstances of coming here to make some money from the soya bean fields of desolate Heilongjiang province in the far North East of China. Trust me, that is a place you don't want to grow up or live in. That's why the Manchus decided to invade China for a better life and in a way, we are now "invaded" by these money seeking sluts, much to the delight of those who can afford the pleasure of their company.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ah Wally, I have chosen one for all ages, for the young and the not so young: )

Ok, I will choose a more exciting one tonight to please the emperor.

Wally Buffet said...

Geee, thanks Mr. Bean for your thoughtfulness.

I think even lao uncles like us would also like to see and get near to sweet young things to take off years from our twilight eh?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As for those sweet young things, they don't steal or rob nor cheat. They are trading their youth to willing buyers.

Let's be kinder to them can? Many are from quite poor background and just wanted to earn some money to live better. That is no crime right? Who would want to do what they are doing if they can help it? Some are helping to make life better for their family members. In a way we need to look at them differently and not to stereotype them as simply bad.

Anonymous said...

The journey from the womb to the grave in Sin is not just a difficult one for the young, it is a challenge to all the poor ones. It is NOT always a blessing nor a joy to be born in a first world city.

Wally Buffet said...

You don't know them like I do.

I mix with them, have lunch with them, walk on the beach with them, go to the movies with them, etc. almost every other day.

There is only one thing on their minds. Money. Lots of it. If you don't have it, you won't even get a second glance from them. The money they want is not for sustenance or just to get a good but ordinary life. They want the money to buy properties, many of it, not just one or two. Properties is the craze over there. It is the passport to being prosperous. And we, the Singapore men are the means to get it. Talk about scruples. Some of these sluts have three "boyfriends" whilst they are here conning the money. Monday and Wednesday, it's Ah Niu, Tuesdays and Thursdays it's Ah Gong and the weekends are reserved for Ah Ters after they spent the weekdays slogging away at their hawker stalls or whatever.

Trust me. You are hearing it from an "expert" on how to handle these mercenaries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure they are here for the money. In return they are giving a lot of tender loving care. And no one is holding a knife a the throat of Ah Tee or Ah Kow to part with their money.

If any of them uncles with one leg in the grave thinks that a sweet young thing is in love with them, who is to blame?

I believe they can be the sweetest young thing money can buy. Love is for the young men and young girls. Uncles, please lah, just enjoy them and pay for it.

I think I give good practical advice. If they are not worth the price then don't ask or pay for it. Ok?

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Treating children like chattel is nothng new to Singapore. Get the state involved in education, and that is what you get: vruelty to children, or child abuse. OK, some might argue that those descriptions might be a tad harsh. How about "wanton disregard" for the welfare of the child?

The Singapore government likes to claim it is the champion of family values -- and even has the audacity to claim that its filial piety legislation protects that precious cultural construct. Yet when it comes to children, the PAP government -- "the PAP is The Government and The Government is the PAP" -- does a stellar job as the all-powerful surrogate parent in moulding the country's children into subsequent generations of obedient serfs ready to serve the ruling elite -- through coercion or consent. Actually it always ends up as consent -- Singaporeans are lousy at resisting coercion.

The silliest thing about school in Singapor is that the time school begins is not aligned to the time the work day begins. How fucking obviously stupid is that? In more "enlightened" (but higher regulated and taxed) societies school times are closely aligned to the times parents are likely to be working. Duh. No brainer.

The idea of the 2 session school day (morning session, afternoon session) might have had a place when the school-to-student ratio was low, but it no longer applies. Today's schools are "mega" compared to the past -- huge prison camps and indoctrination centers for children :-)

Anyway, I've been a long time critic of the state involving itself in education -- especially the education of children. However, the people get the govt they deserve and the govt interference an "services"they deserve, so those who believe in the unsubstantiated claim that it is the business of the state to educate children are unaware of the beginnings: the Prussian Model of Education:

"Modern compulsory schooling began in Prussia in 1819, the first time in human history that education was foisted upon a nation by force. The goals were simple: obedient soldiers to the army, subservient workers to the mines, submissive civil servants to the government, compliant clerks to industry and citizens who thought alike about major issues. The results were no doubt pleasing to the Prussian ruling elites; industry boomed and warfare was successful." Compulsory Government Education: Origins and Solutions



Although the image of PYT's looking flirty and innocent are quite eye-catching, your chingay shot of the aunties "letting it all hang out" could be encouraging to those aunties who have fuller figures.

Whilst wally considers such images "slightly jarring", I find them delightfully entertaining. I do agree, the woman in question deserves an award for the courage to display her outstanding mid-section. Forget the 6 pack abs -- that's a whole beer keg right there! :-)

As for the enjo kosai (preese googre, domo arigatou!) it is not confined to Japan...or Singapore for that matter. Enjo Kosai alive and well even in (apparently) sleepy Graveyard-On-Sea Perth. You got money, you're a babe magnet -- anywhere on the planet.

There is a Darwinian (natural selection) explanation for this which I won't go into here. Suffice it to say there is solid science behind this phenomenon -- i.e. nature is working the way it ought to.

to the jealous, kayph and absolute-moralizing folks: Be in denial is you like. Attractive young women since the beginning of time have used their youthful charms in value-for-value voluntary exchange with men of means.

Free market free trades, Capitalism 101 -- make someone else happy -- they make you happy -- both sides "profit". Fantastic system!

Wally Buffet said...

Now, you're talking! :-)

We, the experienced uncles who play around with these toys never for one moment believe that they are holding our hands and our little niu because of love.

It's all willing buyer, willing seller. In fact, more willing than the stock or forex markets because there is no bid or offer prices. It's no fish, prawn also can kind of market.

Then they are sluts, plain and simple in King's English. It's the money. To not stereotype them is to ask for trouble because then you start to sympathize with them and soon, your wallets will be emptied.

And the saddest part is that 99.99% of their families do not know they are here selling their bodies instead of working at some respectable occupation. If those families knew, they would never have approved of their daughters earning dirty money so that their lives could be better. They never dreamed that their daughters would sell their bodies for branded goods or buy apartments for which they have no way in hell to finally pay for it.

These sluts are also contributing to the China building boom bubble.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Love is a value. It has to be paid for and exchanged too. All "values" have to be earned somehow. Free? No such thing. Good for "sales slogans" to hypnotize the economomically illiterate masses into parting with their cash. AH..marketing 101, closely related to Capitalism 101: Make the 'seductive' offer, see who bites...

Often "love" is heavily marketed as "lurve", and what results in is "buyer remorse". Hence one must bear in mind: caveat emptor (the safety valve to Marketing 101)

> the saddest part is that 99.99% of their families do not know they are here selling their bodies <

I would say many of their families (especially the men folk) choose to be in denial. Being in denial is a good strategy for emotional stability. I don't blame them.

Many men are in denial about their daughters: if your daughter is reasonably attractive, lots of guys will try to fuck her. And also be aware: your daughter gets horny too -- at least as often as men do. They just hide it better.

> These sluts are also contributing to the China building boom bubble. <

I would say some are and some aren't. Many of these women are deeply anchored in the culture of thrift. I think some of their bank statements will shock even the accountants at Temasek.

Consider a typical "successful" mamasan on $30k a month plus "bonuses" and "extras".

These folks don't need CPF to force them to save.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, people make money is all rights, legally, illegally, some scheme, some cheat, some lie, some said they are clever by selling toxic products, but none give so much pleasure and excitement as the sweet young things.

Sure you must have enjoyed all the sluttish time with them and said money well spent: )

Wally Buffet said...

Enough of the hypothetical talk hehe.

Sorry guys, I have a lunch appointment with a sluttish sweetish dish just got to know.

In fact, she is Lao Mao's neighbour from Hunan province.

No wonder Mao was a known philanderer. His province produces some of the most ravishing, albeit sluttish beauties!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak. Nothing wrong with sex lah. It is only human beings who bring their unwelcome moral constructs to the table.

Sex between 2 consenting parties is just like any other deal: don't interfere, if you are not an invited party to the deal.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some men are attractive only because their pockets are loaded and they bragged a lot. Luckily they have the sweeties to believe in them to take some of the loads, otherwise the journey to the west will be too heavy. If unluckily, they are totally unloaded, then there will be nothing left to bribe the guides and the guardians of hades.
Folks, take it easy, it's just a friendly joke from an atheist. Enjoy the trysts!