Asian countries up in arms against foreign attacks

The world of high finance is characterized by huge funds, mammoth funds, steam rolling into small financial markets around the world. These big funds take full advantage of their size and will flatten anything in its path leaving behind ruins and destructions. The currency markets, stock markets and commodity markets are helpless victims in the face of these financial gangsters and pirates of modern times. The central banks of Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc etc are all stepping up efforts to reduce volatility of their currencies caused by these funds and the banana currencies they are bringing in in exchange for the higher yielding Asian currencies. The attacks by these huge funds are only the beginning and the damages inflicted are only the tip of the iceberg. More serious consequences would come along if the big funds are left unregulated and free to do as they want. For the moment they are the only worthwhile export that is generating real income to their home countries. The Asian capital markets are for the time being addicted to the liquidity these funds are bringing in and looking at them as gods. Many have let their defensive instinct down and welcome the funds with open arms to rape and loot their investors of their hard earned money. These funds are merciless and must be kept in a tight rein. They have to be cut down in size and cannot be permitted to thump down everyone with the weight of their banana notes. Ignoring the dangers posed by these funds is simply irresponsibility at its height.


Wally Buffet said...

Just go with the flow and get out of the markets in time.

All good things must come to an end.

The current euphoria given a shot in the arm by these QE funds will soon fade, extrapolating the future from the past.

History always repeats itself. In the end, it's the little ones that get hurt - bad!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not.
There are people who like to be raped and love the ones that raped them. It happened in Sin, when toxic products are welcomed with open arms.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The funds are not the problem. They are just doing what business does as THE fiduciary responsibility to its stake holders: make a profit and cash flow.

Easily printed, readily accepted banana money -- that is the problem.

The crux of th problem with banana money: it is not a scarce good (scarcity gives it 'natural value'), but it is given a value by edict, and forced into use through legal tender laws.

Everyone is forced to used banana money to run their economic lives. No choice.

Ah, don't be too take by man of those 'crocodile tears' in Asia. Many fuckers like the liquidity.

In fact, I would say there are more fans of 'liquidity' than there are of 'hard money'.