Are the South Koreans mad?

I watched the news and the South Koreans are adamant about continuing with the live firing drill in Yeonpyeong. Not only that, they are sending balloons with anti Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea. Why are they so keen to go to war with the North Koreans? Are they insane, or are they being forced to act like mad people, insisting on provoking the North Koreans? Do they know that today’s warfare is not the same as WW2? Warfare today no longer moves soldiers, sending divisions to fight one another. Warfare today is about pushing buttons and sending monstrous bombs that would destroy infrastructure like sand castles and killing people in the hundreds of thousands. Do they think they can survive a war, or do they think they are going to a tea party with no casualties? Fighting North Korea is not like the US fighting Iraq. If war breaks out between the two Koreas, count on it that the Americans and Japanese will come join in. And they better count on it that the Chinese and Russians too will join in. The people of South Korea shall rise up and remove their govt before being led to their death in a war that they don’t need. This is an American and Japanese war against the Korean people. And the soldiers killing each other, and the people killed in this war, will be mainly Koreans. Unbelievable, why are the Koreans so dense? Any Koreans reading this article care to comment.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> Why are they so keen to go to war with the North Koreans?<

You are forgetting yourself again: they ARE at war. The present situation is a fragile armistice - not quite, because of the occasional 'outburst'.

How come now you are calling these folks 'mad'? In previous posts you seem to favour war.

I'm looking forward to both these mad states escalating their armed exchanges. Get it over and done with, for fucks sake. Fly those baloons, de-stabilised N Korea from within, fire away with those loud ordnances, and if that flabby masturbator starts his shit -- which he will -- go all out.

Yeah, bring the Japs and the Yanks in. Let's have a party. I can bet if things get 'hot', other Asian states will join in too.

Bring it on bitches.

Anonymous said...

'Are the South Koreans mad?'

Everybody seems to think that Kim Jong Il is the one who is mad.

No, the South Koreans are not mad. They are only pretending to be mad, with the evil empire behind them. Take that evil empire, stoking from behind, away and I think we may see some peace on the Korean Peninsula.

It's been all of 60 years since the Korean War started , and the two sides are still poking one another periodically. I believe the evil empire, with the support of the poodles at the UN, does not really want the North and South to merge. Doing so would mean the end of their plans to have a permanent base overlooking China, if the merger turns out into another Vietnam, and they are forced to leave without their pants.

They are really good in rearing and placing pawns in strategically important places to divide and control. Israel was created also as a proxy for the purpose of destabilising the Middle East and controlling the oil.

The evil empire's real target in this case is China. Do we really think they care much about the South Koreans. They just want a permanent foothold there, using Japan and South Korea as pawns to further their ambitions.

A war would benefit them the most.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans by virtue of being bystanders are having a better understanding of the Korean Family Feud?
60 years and Singaporeans still think the Koreans, North and South know not what they are doing?
The best thing to happen now is a war, a big one that will settle the score once and for all, not just the Koreans.
Settle the Japanese and Taiwanese as well. If the whole of Asia falls to the Allies, let it be if it must be. Otherwise someone else will be the master.
Start firing man!