Another isolated youth slashing incident

A 23 year old was slashed in Yishun for asking a group of teenagers for his lost mobile phone. The youngest of the slashers was only 13. They attacked the 23 year old with parangs and leaving him bleeding with many cuts. He was lucky to be alive. This must be another isolated incident involving wayward youths. I don’t think they are gang members, just nice little neighbourhood kids on an outing together. The only difference today is that kids don’t only carry mobile phones only. They also tucked a parang in their waist pouch. And they are willing to wield the parangs and chop anyone when confronted. This is how far our society has progressed. We have upgraded our communications skill, from talking to arguing to quarrelling and now to slashing. And the fashion gadgets the kids are attaching to their bodies include tattoos and parangs, not 3 inch jack knives or pen knives. Any slashing incident is just a once in 50 year affair. And our nice neighbourhood kids will not be involved in any gangland warfare. Maybe a little staring incident now and then. Nothing to worry about. Singapore is still a very safe city.


Wally Buffet said...

If we believed what sociologists say, that is that wayward youths are mostly the product of dysfunctional families, then the preponderance of such incidents lately shows that many families are indeed going down the tube into the dark abyss.

Divorce rates are shooting through the roof because most of the time, the disaffection is about money. High prices of everything makes most family's income inadequate. The Sinkapoore dream, instead of achieving the Swiss standard of living is one big stress heap. Competition from excessively imported labour adds to the crunch. It doesn't take a Nobel laureate to know that in such a dismal environment, it's no way to bring up a happy family. The happy faces of families out for shopping during the weekends is a facade.

Sinkapoore safe and crime free?

No comment but let me tell you guys that I feel safer walking in the deep bowels of Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, supposedly triad infested with rampant crime, then I do in some HDB neighbourhoods!

It is still not too late to redress the situation. Make Sinkapoore more of a country for living rather than one just for making money.

For our guardians of peace and safety, don't just rely on CCTVs to do your job. Have more men on the beat like the good old days. Have more people in plainclothes patrolling the streets and neighbourhoods. If you are really short of manpower, this is one area where you have my support for getting in more "foreign talents" to do the job. We need more policemen, not more masseuses, prostitutes, sing song girls, hawker stall assistants, restaurant waitresses etc.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I still reckon personal gun/ weapon ownership and open carry permits will be an effective deterrent, and not to many people will cry if some of these young thugs were blasted away thus removing their DNA from the gene-pool forever.

Of course, I dreaming - that would never happen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me paint two scenarios if guns were allowed. Gun fight at HDB basketball courts. Two protagonists not happy with each other challenge the other for a draw gun in the HDB common corridors. The cleaners will have more work to do cleaning up the mess and bodies.

Another scenario, the little scums would be taking pot shots at the gentlemen from their backs. Bang! One down and another to go.

I think the latter will be the way to go as these little scums would not dare to take anyone on a chicken game. Shooting from behind is so much safer.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sure. I the beginning that sort of thing is bound to happen.

It takes awhile for the society to adjust to any kind of personal empowerment -- be it freedom of speech, freedom on the internet, freedom to arm themselves.

Look how many "irresponsible" acts happen on the net sine it started? Still going on, but for the most part "net etiquette" has evolved and most people adhere to it. (Except spammers, scammers, crackers, virus writes etc)

Some people will die (because they are stupid, careless or just unlucky) or get injured -- fuck it, too damn bad. Boo hoo, have a cry, then move the fuck forward.

You are dealing with an ape species here -- so you have to be able to tahan the "stupidity" for awhile.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The game of carrying weapons around by individuals may have started, like the Chinese Wu Xia movies. Everyone is carrying a sword, here we only have parangs, on his back.

The next phase will be the samurai swords. The guns may come in later.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, keep on denying, and consoling ourselves that these are just isolated youths from dysfunctional families and not gang related, and we will live to regret.

Safe and crime free? I think Mahathir will beg to differ.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Addressing specifics:

> Two protagonists not happy with each other challenge the other for a draw gun in the HDB common corridors. <

Great. Human stupidity in action. Live entertainment in the heartlands.

The DNA of 2 idiots or at least one removed from the gene pool. It's over in a few seconds, so it poses no real danger to the other peaceful but also armed residents.

BANG-BANG!! "Na beh cheebai chow ah beng, wa ai koon mai kachau lah!"

> the little scums would be taking pot shots at the gentlemen from their backs. Bang! One down and another to go. <

They might drop one, two if they are really lucky. After the first shot, the little fuckers will have tens if not hundreds of guns trained on their present location. (guns make a noise when they go off -- people, especially shooters, tend to know where the shots come from).

BANG! Before you can take your next breath everyone has their guns out of the holster and turned in the direction of the shot.

If they run away, they better hope no one identifies them. In any case, rest assured the ARMED community will hunt them down.

"An armed Society is a Polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life". -- Robert Heinlein (I love his books)

Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest, I thought there was a mass recruitment of law enforcement officers not long ago, something like another 2000 of them.

Now, what were these extra hands doing and where did they end up? How did all that extra manpower translate into more people getting stabbed, I just wonder?

Not for ring fencing Dr Chee whenever he stirs, I hope. Or running after and protecting white elephants, the two legged kind.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> mass recruitment of law enforcement officers <

Wow. Another brilliant government plan.

Why am I not surprised?

Wally Buffet said...

The Straight Times online reported that another perp in the Downtown East rumble was caught at the Johore Checkpoint when he attempted to return to Sinkapoore.

WOW! I am impressed with the Malaysians! At the rate they are returning fugitives to us, they deserve a big accolade. Perhaps we can consider a big discount on the resale of treated water to them, after all, pure mountain water from the virgin jungles of Johore mixed with our Hybrid Newater should in the first place be discounted water.

And how the fock did this joker managed to walk out of Sinkapoore undetected?

And after the great escape, he must really be a dumbfock to want to try to sneak in again.

Hang them all if convicted. Bravado in a group. Brainless and lost when alone.


Anonymous said...

"At the rate they are returning fugitives to us, they deserve a big accolade..."

Now, was there any indication that the tip leading to his capture came from our side? I really love this episode to end with another twist. Many would love to see our blue blazers getting some of the credit. By crook or by hook.

Anonymous said...

"And how the fock did this joker managed to walk out of Sinkapore undetected..."

Good question, but better not ask, because some MPs will then be forced to ask this same question in Parliament. I am tired of them replaying the same broken record.

But, rest assured that, come one fine day, the template answer may even be as predictable as 'Act of God'.

Anonymous said...

Compared to those days when riots were common, today Sinanpoore has no beggar, gangster and bad government.
Me am quoting the words of many a man, from tourists to locals to leaders as i have read them and watched them said so on telecasts, broadcasts and prints.

Anonymous said...


"No beggars, gangsters and bad governments.."

You take too much of the sanitized news at face value from the MSM. And the MSM allows readers and listeners to 'only hear the good stuff'.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

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