The Americans have done it again!

The attempt to throw the world into disarray continues. Regime change, attacking countries on human rights, sanctions, exporting toxic financial products and causing a world wide financial crisis, and now WikiLeaks. The latest weapons has caused great concern, disharmony and acrimony among nations and their leaders. The information was targetted mostly at enemies or nations unfriendly to the US with a little dosage of gossips on US allies to give it a little semblance of credibility. But once the information is carefully studied and assessed, it is quite obvious where it is heading and the objectives it is trying to achieve. Well done amateurs! The world is not so dumb anymore.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wikileaks? Is the "fault" of Americans?

Huh? I don't understand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans just allowed some misinformation to be leaked out to WikiLeaks. Look at the information available, mostly harmful to unfriendly nations to the US. The information mostly tried to drive a wedge in the relationship of nations on the other side of the fence, creating rifts and undermining their trust for one another.

Isn't that clever?

Really China will allow a united Korea under the influence of the US? Really China will abandon the North? Really China is frustrated with the North Koreans and will not help them if it collapses?

China has been the best and most loyal friend of the North for the last 50 years and would not bow to any US pressure to compromise its ally. Doing so will discredit China in the eyes of its friends.

I am sure there will be a lot of compromising information between Japan and US on how they were trying to exploit the Koreans to kill each other and how to share the loot. Also there must be tonnes of information between the US and Israel on how to control the Arabs and their oil.

Any of this information been leaked? How come no?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Err... OK. But I think your conspiracy theory, is a bit wild.

I'm more prone to apply "Occam's Razor" and not "multiply" hypotheses unnecessarily.

I am convinced that Assange is a bona fide internet activist. He doesn't do the stealing himself. In this case the diplomatic cables were stolen by a disgruntles low-level soldier who sneaked in a CDRW and downloaded from the supposedly "secure" server. He steals what he could get -- that is not any reason IMO to question "why certain things are missing".

A thumb drive is then handed over to The Guardian (and other news papers) -- they have a reputation fro being very thorough in checking the veracity of their sources. They are suspicious and skeptical. But, sure I will agree that even The Guardian can be fooled.

So Assange puts the info online, newpapers of "good standing" get copies of the info -- there is a lot of transparency here -- I doubt a hoax could be that elaborate -- too many "expert eyes" with diverse opinions.

And he has really pissed off Clinton. Already sporting a reputation for being "evil", the cables from the state dept make her look like an incompetent dictator, who doesn't give a shit about other people's (foreign leader's) privacy. Clinton wants this man's balls on a plate. She's hopping mad.

#1 code of the hacker ethic is: Information should be FREE.
Every hacker worth his salt adheres to this. Global server space is now virtually unlimited -- if you have info which was protected, you post it free for everyone.

#2 Never trust or bow to any authority.

No "true" hacker will ever allow him/ her self to be manipulated by government.

redbean, equip yourself with more knowledge on hacker lore and ethics, the history and philosophy of hacking going back to the hippie era of anti-authoritarianism and "freedom" in the 1960's and 70's.

I believe this guys is for real. He is a nut-job because he is obsessed. I tried to post something about this on the other thread but my post keeps disappearing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh sure, he can be real. I am posing some questions on the likelihood of conspiracy. And I also suggested that he could be very real, but his information may not be very real.

The American intelligence services are not dumb to let information flowed out in that scale. They must be watching the system all the while and knowing the leak, could help the leak by adding some misinformation or mischievious doctored documents to spread some lies too.

Such tactics are common in black ops. Even the allies cursing and swearing about the leaks could be just part of the chorus to make it look real.

The test is in the results. Who gains more and who loses more in this leak.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sure, that is possible.

But the transparency and democratic nature of the "vetting" of the info is a way -- whilst not entirely fool proof -- of ascertaining the veracity of the content. 100's of millions, if not billions of people have unfettered access to the content -- even if 10% were skeptical and went thru with a fine tooth comb, that is a lot of eyes and minds.

Intelligence is full of smart deceptive folks, but when data/ info is scrutinised by large numbers of also smart folks, it would take more than a group of super-duper spies to pull something like you're suggesting off.

Possible? Of course. Probable? IMO, not. Could either of us be wrong? Absolutely.

The likelihood of intel "fighting back"?

Very real. And historically, they've been fighting the hackers "lack of respect for authority" for decades, especially "old-school" hackers total disregard for copyright or intellectual property laws. ("Information wants to be free. That includes ideas and creativity, and SECRETS")

You can bet that the FBI/ NSA/ CIA networks and servers are the most attacked in the world -- not just by pimply, pizza munching insomniac hackers but also by terrorist groups. In hacker-dom cracking those servers are the "holy grail" of pwn-age

Cablegate has only been up for a few days. In time, we will really know if the content is "real" or not. Either which way it turns out, information freedom for humaity WINS and governments LOSE: if the content is false, YOU KNOW the intel is fighting back so you increase skepticism and improve your methods.

If YOU KNOW intel is fighting back by feeding misinformation, that could mean what they have to protect is REALLY sensitive.

And so the fight continues. In time we will see more and more whistleblowing hacker groups start up, causing even more grief to governments.

I love it. Go Julian!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just imagine that the most damaging leak on France is about Sarkozy chasing after a pet because his son did not put it on a leash.

So how damaging is that compares to LKY calling North Korean leaders psychopath, or the Saudi King calling for the destruction of Iran and Iraq, or China thinking of abandoning North Korea?

Matilah_Singapura said...

What's so damaging? The "truth" of someone's opinion is the "truth" that they actually expressed it.

"Don't talk bad about other behind their back". Take the lead from Uncle Matilah: insult everyone equally, and fuck them to sort out their own feelings on the matter.

Sarkozy is an idiot. Mick Jagger fucked his wife -- probably better than Sakozy could ever manage. He is only interested in his image. He is a vain fuck with a Napolean complex. Viva la France!

Kim Jong-Illness is a flabby fuck who prances around for adulation -- he has always done that -- to prove to the world he is "better" than his father Kim Il-sung-the-last song-already.

And the North Koreans -- 1 in 5 of them are in the military, are psychopaths -- they anyhow hantam -- bomb planes, launch missiles, make chemical and bio weapons...suka suka. everytime they do it, the world kalang kabut. So why not? Be a psychopath, and be proud of it.

Juche! Komrades, fight the evil imperialist dogs. FIRE MISSILE!!

People forget that Arabs are jealous of Persian yaya stylo-milo fuckers. Therefore there is millenia-old mutual hatred between the two cultures.

Persians are an old civilization. The Arabs are a nomadic desert race -- uneducated and uncouth, never developed their civilization, always fighting.

Saddam Hussein couldn't stand them. He walloped them with chemical weapons. Fuck the Persians, we camel-fucking Arabs are going to teach them a lesson! "FIRE MISSILE!!"

Now that the Arabs have "made it" due to oil, they make no bones about the fact that it is time to wallop the Persians. The Saudi Royal family use their wealth to "prove" to the world how "classy" they are. Actually people hate them and just kiss their hairy Arab ass for money. The royal family is corrupt. American presidents have been sucking their dicks for years. So of course they are going to ask the US to wack those yaya stylo-milo Persians.

All wikileaks has done is to make public the story many of us already know.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The more intriguing thing is this: How come all the cables advance the American geopolitical agenda, with nary a negative comment or the slightest doubt?.... Haroon Siddique

Copied from www.thestar.com

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah. Spy vs Spy