The Americans and South Koreans hell bent on war

They continue to provoke the North Koreans by conducting more war games. And they are complaining that the North Koreans are provocative. And they want China to rein in the North Koreans! The countries that are provocative and need reining in are the Americans and the South Koreans. If they stop their provocation and stop their war games at the border with North Korea, there will be no tension. Here we have the devil calling everyone devil. The best part is that they are going to blame China for the next Korean War. They are not meeting in Washington planning when to start the war. Since the South Koreans are bent on killing the North Koreans, and themselves being killed, and the US and Japan most willing to join in the killing, China should just fold its arms and watch. Let them go merrily to kill each other. China should just say, go ahead, it’s my pleasure. In the meantime China should just tell the world what the Americans are up to.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah, the North Koreans started this shit -- decades ago: assassination attempts, hijack and bombing planes, the odd "outburst"...and all through Kim's post-mastubatory creative bliss, S Korea has had to "suck it up" and tahan.

Comes a point where clearly they "buay tahan" anymore.

The Americans are there to "help". Business as usual, American style.

Get angry for what? Americans are making money, taking advantage of the fact that the people in other cuntries get the governments they deserve.

Why not?

Anonymous said...

There's absolutely no reason for China to intervene or interfere in the Koreans family feud. All the more so when the US Defense Secretary Mdm Hilary seemed to have ordered China to be involved. Who the hell is she to command China?
The North Korean Regime since the day of Kim Ill Sung has never being afraid of the US nor anybody else. That's many decades ago; did the South Korean, Japan or even the US dare go head on with It despite the taunts displayed by the North(Korean)?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, you are right that the Americans and Japanese would not want to go in first. They will encourage the South Koreans to fight first and they will support from behind.

The whole world shall just be spectators and cheer from the sideline. Go Koreans go!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say fellas, the world has changed since Il-sung was alive and ruled as the Great Leader. He is still the Great Leader, but he hasn't made any decisions for years -- being in the "incapacitative" state he's in ;-)

Il-sung was a little more "rational" than his Onanist son. He was Soviet Russian and had the MILITARY support of the Russians, and the Chinese.

Both China and Russia have moved on and are now market economies. N Korea under Jong-il (Dear Leader) is like the "embarrassing relative" who brings nothing but trouble to the "family", placing the family in awkward and uncomfortable situations.

Jong-il doesn't have to give a fuck: he is a dying man and can/ will continue to be a "wild-card". Why not? Might as well have fun and make everyone gabra - going to die soon anyway.

Hillary is as insane as Jong-il. The bigger her arse gets, the more bat-shit crazy she becomes. Someone ought to tell Bill to give her a fuck now and then -- it might calm her down.

You fellas are expecting too much "rationality" from insane, power-crazed people with access to the military and nuclear weapons.

Get fucking real, man.

Anonymous said...

If they want a war just go ahead. China obviously wants no part of the action.

And they are now talking about bringing war crime charges against the North Koreans for those killed during the missile attack.

Just wondering, how come nobody talks about bringing war crime charges against the US for the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians killed by their air strikes.

The hypocrisy of the West is really moving beyond rationality. They think the citizens of the world are blind, deaf, dumb and silly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I feel very sorry for Jong Il. He is the most wronged dear leader of all times. Even the little red dot that has nothing whatsoever to do with him is whacking him everyday, in the open through the media and in the dark until revealed by wikileaks.

This is the best proof that everyone is whacking him and he is just an innocent party. Come on what has he done to little red dot?

The South Koreans have been taunting him everyday, flying balloons and dropping propaganda leaflets, and war games in his front yard. Then you have the Americans playing the sanction games and trade embargoes to cut down his trades with other countries. And the American always carry the big sticks to threaten to wallop him.

Poor bugger. And Matilah spreading rumours that he is a psychopath and crazy about pornography. He should just burn down everyone that poked fun of him.

All those silly buggers who have nothing to do with him, not knowing him and neither he knowing them, and they think it is very clever and honourable to run down a dear leader held in high esteem by his people.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No one can be charged for "collateral damage". It is not a crime, and can never be a crime.

Civilian losses are "fair game" -- the entire country is at war. Therefore whoever is in that territory - civilian, military or friendly has no choice but to accept the risk; the reality of the situation.

Can't charge the N Koreans either -- S & N Koreas are at war. Missile attack: fair game in war.

> They think the citizens of the world are blind, deaf, dumb and silly. <

You left out "evil".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are right. The rest of the world are silly and dumb to believe everything the Americans said.

Just look at how angry and hostile the little red dot is against dear leader and you will know how stupid people can be.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Excuse me redbean,

I don't take sides here. As I have said before, I could care less who kills who or who wins or loses, or who gets occupied or which state/ government collapses.

There is nothing to be "shy" about being a porno lover and a furious, chronic masturbator. Even for a leader. with a "small dick" complex :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You speak of dear leader like a bosom friend: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

I always admire honesty in a person.

He might be nuts, but at least he's upfront about it.

His ability to make the "developed" world kalang-kabut: fucking priceless lah. He hates the same governments I hate.

...I feel that we're "brudders".

The root of the problem is the lack of balls of the S Koreans.

40-50 years of prosperity has made them weak. KJL has been fucking them nicely for 40 over years with sporadic but deadly "outbursts".

Yet the S Koreans always acquiesce -- get angry, bitch like woman on period, complain to big brudder Uncle Sam and United Nations...and do nothing.

During our grandfather's time -- no pan-chan. You hantam me, I hantam you back in multiples -- immediately.

Too many of S Koreans leaders are educated in the west by pot-smoking pacifists who hold tenured positions at US universities.

None of these fuckers ever picked up a gun in their life. They eat tofu and save petrol by riding bicycles, and someday hope to save the planet.

Our grandfathers will faint if they met and conversed with these people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think you are wrong on this. The South Koreans think they are damn great soldiers and with their kilat boots and American style uniforms they could fight a war. They even despised the North Korean soldiers.

They have forgotten that during the first phase of the Korean War they were driven to the edge of the sea by the North Korean soldiers, and could have all been drown.

Only when the Americans landed at Inchon to cut off the North Koreans that they were saved. Let the two Koreans fight again, my bets will be on the North Koreans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I was looking at it from grandpa's point of view. Back in those days, they didn't tolerate intimidation nonsense.

S Koreans may look "regimental" but so do the North - also stylo-milo Marx-style, with goosestepping parades and all the regalia.

No way S Korea can win this fight without "outside assistance". I don't care how many US-design F-what-the-fuck fighter-bombers they have.

One side trying to fight a "gentleman's war", the other side bat-shit insane -- with biochemical weapons and large military force, and quite possibly "dirty" nuclear weapons.

For all you know N Korean operatives are already on the loose in S Korean territory with "dirty nuke" suitcase bombs.

Why not? They are well capable of making such devices, and KJL won't hesitate to detonate one in downtown Seoul; or Tokyo or Manhattan if he had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Would the South Koreans be so dumb and go to war because the Americans and Japanese told them to?

I have faith that the Koreans would not kill each other.