American allies forced to show hands

What WikiLeaks said about Singaporean leaders? Hmmm, I declared that I am a Singaporean and I must always say good things about my country and our leaders. It is tough to say not so nice things about them. I can’t call them sneaky or that they have said stupid things. It is very difficult to say it in a diplomatic way that will come out as reasonable and acceptable to the readers after what the Americans have leaked on them. The hallmark of Singapore is all about standing on high moral grounds. Be responsible and respectable in what we say and do. WikiLeaks destroyed all that. Or the Americans destroyed all that. George Yeo was embarrassed and his peers in the other countries may not want to talk to him anymore. If they do, it will be about playing golf or food and wine. He has to, after seeing the horror of the information being pasted on the pages of our own media. There is no where to hide. It is everywhere in the internet for all to see. And more dirty laundry will be aired. Perhaps George Yeo may want to despatch a special envoy to all the countries we called friends and explain to them that the bad things we said about them in confidence must be respected. They are not supposed to know. Let’s put all this aside and move on. After all, if not taken out of context the vulgar comments meant well. Back at MFA he may want to issue a new directive, that we should not bad mouth any country or their leaders even when spoken in confidence. We must expect that they will be leaked to compromise our relations with our friends. And the red flag must be flown once we have to talk to the American diplomats. They are so dangerous that with them as friends we don’t need enemies anymore. And tell Tommy and Bilahari and whoever, no need to explain what they have said. It would only make things worst. Keeping quiet is the best thing to do now. Better, dig a hole in the ground and bury their heads in it. It is a very painful lesson to be learnt at this stage of their lives, to be betrayed by their trusted friends in America. Do we still have any friends left? Can leaders of other countries trust us anymore? What WikiLeaks have done is to stop the gossipings and bad mouthing behind the backs of other countries. And Singapore not only has a swelled head and ego to match in dispensing political wisdom, now has two swelled black eyes to complete the image.


Anonymous said...

Discovery of Singapore's "WMD"...hahaha

Wally Buffet said...


You're hilariously " ? ".......what a good read on a bright Monday work free morning.

I don't want to say more in case my mouth moves faster than my brain and there is a blogleak to which I must face looking forward.

Just one thing though. My whole perception of a person has changed dramatically. First it was Kevin Rat and now............

I don't want to say no more!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Show hand is Obama's answer to Georgie's 'If you are not with us, you are against us'. America is forcing the issue, all cards on the table, and open. No more one leg on one boat.

While the closest American allies are in deep shit, the Americans are partying and the Europeans are having a good laugh.

Only the silly Asians and Middle Easterners are in hot soup.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The biggest surprise to me was Prof Tommy. I always knew him to be extremely polite -- never hear him put anyone down. Too bad, for the Prof -- kena jack, sial.

George tries to bluff people by telling the public that a lot of these cables are "cocktail party talk". Huh? If that is the case why write these opinions elaborately in "official" communiques?

Singapore officials ave always embarrassed the nation -- this in nothing new. Are the neighbors surprised? I doubt it.

Since when have S'porean officials been "humble"? They are known to be insensitive and carry themselves as arrogantly superior amongst their regional peers.

The shit is out, and S'pore MFA in damage control-mode. S'porean officials just made the rest of Asia resent S'pore more by making so many leaders lau kwi.

Well done fellas. Keep up the insults. Hey, employ me -- I can do this!

Wally Buffet said...

Wow, that was a good hearty breakfast. Never had so much appetite like this morning!

Betcha, there are some who has lost all appetite for even char kway teow.

And 900 more leaks coming our way from the mouths of our politicians and diplomats. What juicy reads in store for us, the downtrodden plebeian mass who has no iota of a chance to rub shoulders with the sneaky and snaky US diplomutts.

Now diplomats have joined my list of people you want to avoid viz politicians, property agents, insurance agents, used car salesmen, snake oil peddlers and the ubiquitous third world quacks at government hospitals.

What a country!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a whole lot of infidels laughing and jeering at their leaders and diplomats, You Singful Lot!

Me, a local born and bred must say that our leaders and diplomats are the most candid and honest people. They have spokened and speaks with their hands on their hearts. They are not pretenders and their mouths are always in syn with their hearts. When they have to call their citizens daft, lazy and what not, they said it with no qualm and guilt.

Our top men also respect freedom of speech and show what democracy are all about, just speak your mind, be open and honest! No good meh? They also know everybody has the right of reply and response just as they have the right to sue if they feel wronged.

The World have shown their adulations for our leaders, even the Americans, Chinese(China) and others learnt and are learning from us. Our leaders were also kind to teach other nations how to prosper, what language to be proficient in and how to run their countries. You people never read or watch Channel News Asia meh?

If aliens feel hurt or harm by our Sin Wisemen, they can always retaliate, seek justice or throw back whatever shits they think Sin deserves, right?


Anonymous said...

Look like no porn Mr. Lui in charge of media & propagande has the "hots" or should i say "kill off the competition" by allowing these unflattering news to be in MSM...making Mr. George Yeo and his foreign affairs office/ministry to be in a positively "bad" light...

Seems the knives are out....even amongst the PAP jokers....or what have you...

Seems too much good living off the peasants has addled the brains of the "elite" and breed lots of i am idiot action/behaviour amongst the breed.

And again this question...and this is the best of the best PAP can recruit and co-opt??

Silly nut cases all of them.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Google wikileaks live feed -- watch the global net-action unfold in real time.

New site whitleblower site OpenLeaks.org supposed to open today -- I guess they're a bit delayed.

Malaysian political system kalang kabut, opposition party banging table like sam-seng. "Puki mak orang Singapura 'tu. Mulut nya kuaran ajar busok macham puki ayam!"

Anwar's "main pantat" episode receives new life, and leaked cable "evidence" points to S'pore playing Anwar's backside as Anwar allegedly plays one of his male staffers. This is like gay-threesome political porno: "you play him, we play you. Wah, abang, kepala butoh 'mu shiok sial!"

OK, listen up, Asia: you lazy fuckers are not strivers... you do not have your shit together. We are SINGAPORE... you understand? The most happening place amongst you sad motehrfucking, basket-case cuntries. Majulah Singapura and FUCK YOU LOSERS -- Thailand, Malaysia, India, Japan!

We are the Happiest Place In Asia, and don't you forget it! We are Number One!

Matilah_Singapura said...

"We're a nation of strivers and self-improvers" T. Shanmugaratnam

Fuck you too America! Our kiasu-kiasi kids are smarter than yours!

Don't believe? Ask the minister concerned. He'll kick your ass.

Anonymous said...

"George Yeo may want to despatch a special envoy.......and explain to them that the bad things we said about them in confidence must be respected...."

Now, what is Georgie talking about. We talked bad about a person or country in front of a third party and yet have the cheek to ask that person or country to respect the things we said behind their backs. Lately, our politicians seems to thrive on warp logic.

And Tommy Koh, of all people, gets embroiled in all this? I used to think he was affable and the trustworthy sort. Maybe I am naive and outdated.

Most 'oriental gentlemen' are no longer as gentlemanly as we thought. A case of too much Western bombardment due to his long stay in USA. No wonder the Chinese used to say, (sorry for my bad translation): know person, know face, don't know heart.

For all we know, these diplomats may also be screwing many others besides Anwar, Thaksin, the Indians and the Japs behind their backs.

I just wonder what they said about Dr. Mahathir behind his back. The man will issue a fatwa for sure.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> For all we know, these diplomats may also be screwing many others besides Anwar, Thaksin, the Indians and the Japs behind their backs. <

I most certainly hope so.

I love this difference between Eastern and Western cultures: in the west you can speak your mind to people's faces. And they will respond by telling you how they feel about you. All in the open. "fuck you!" "fuck you too.. back at 'cha!!"

In Asia, you smile at the person, carry his balls, then shit on his name and character behind his back and hope that no one finds out.

At least when Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir insults the other's cuntry, they do it in the open -- and there are numerous examples to choose from: Lee Kuan Yew: Johore full of killers and car thieves; Mahathir: Give Singapore a bloody nose.

The current bunch of "officials": NO BALLS.

If you are going to speak your mind and slam people, just it let all go to their face, or squeeze your asshole tight and shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

The culprits are civil servants. Can you imagine what our politicians could have said under the cloak of confidentiality.

The offended countries must now be going all out to snook and sabo Singapore at every opportunity - give back as good as they got from the Singaporean 'diplomats'.

The North Korean may well target some of our politicians for bad mouthing them to the Americans. We have seen recently what they did to their own southern brothers and sisters. Security for the local ruling politicians must be up several notch.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 325:

> The offended countries must now be going all out to snook and sabo Singapore at every opportunity - give back as good as they got from the Singaporean 'diplomats'. <

Maybe on a personal basis ie. 'diplomat to diplomat'. Definitely not on a commercial basis i.e. the business sector, or the national level. Singapore govt spokespeople are known for their "insensitivity".

In selling the "Singapore Brand" they frequently tear down their neighbors.

The people in the S'pore govt think that they wrote the book on "How to govern a country -- do it our way or get lost".

Politicians/ government employees are lazy motherfuckers who get their "revenue" from pillaging the tax payer. They have the luxury of sitting around and talking shit about others. I guarantee you no one will lose their job: the 'devil' is wikileaks, not the bad-mouths who said these things. Notice how blame is shifted? Typical government sector response -- be it wikileaks, mas selamat or whatever cock up happens.

In the private sector you get caught for negatively casting your organisation in a bad light, you get fired.

I think the media is hyping it up a bit too much. No one denies the "success" of S'pore as a country, but by the same token just about everyone in the media and in politics know that S'pore govt "officials" are capable of stunning arrogance and shockingly embarrassing insults to other cultures, societies and nations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you America, for being such a trusted friend. Can we become a state of America now that the world is coming down on us?

Anonymous said...

"The offended countries must be going all out now to snook and sabo Singapore at every opportunity...."


"Maybe on a personal basis ie diplomat to diplomat..."

Sad to say, most of the damage may come into play on the commercial side too, because, if doing business means going through the regular channels of Government control, a little more enthusiasm on the part of our ruffled neighbours by insisting on complying with more red tape will do the trick.

Even Temasek got a taste of getting it's feathers ruffled by the Thais, Indonesians and (was it Australians).

Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't be silly lah. The world won't "come down on your" or your precious cuntry. (aka my favourite Hotel)

People seem to have missed the point: it is not the content of wikileaks cables, but the fact that such documents could be stolen and broadcast.

At the end of the day, the cables contain opinion, gossip and 2nd or 3rd hand anecdotes and here-say --
e.g. "He said that she said that they thought they heard someone else say..." Fuck lah, gimme a break... this is like kids in school (working for the govt and getting lots of money in senior positions of "responsibility")

Singapore is too important a player for any of the govts to get angry for too long. They have their own self-interest to look out for and without Singapore they're all FUCKED -- cannot trade, for example.

S'pore as a port handles a shit-load of those cuntries exports, plus they use S'pore banks, business services etc.

So I don't think "the world is going to fall" on you or your country because gossip.

Plus do you reckon the other govts have their own opinion on Singapore?

Of course they do. ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Steady lah mat!

indoleaks.org <== Alamak! apa 'tu? Website rosak kah? itu "indoleaks" stylo-milo sahaja ya? 'pla buto lah mat!

Meanwhile in Djakarta... Anak sundal 'tu kerajaan Amerika sharikat! Clinton - ngentot memek busok nya dengan kontol anjing!!

Amused said...

So when is the election?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Amused, Welcome to the blog.

There are some technical considerations to begin with. The angpows must be announced first, followed by the budget and the slate of candidates.

They better hurry. The leaks could smell worst as more leaks keep coming out. The opposition parties must be collecting all the leaks in urine bags.

Anonymous said...

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