Who is the real provocateur?

The 38th parallel was a convenient line drawn by foreign powers to divide Korea under their influence. First Korea was divided between Russia and Japan. When Japan defeated Russia, it took control of the whole Korea as its colony. After the defeat of Japan in WW2, the Americans and Russians again divided the Koreas into two at the 38th parallel. Failure to hold a general election to reunite the country led to wars between the two Koreans. After the Korean War ended in 1953, the 38th parallel again divided the two Koreas. The question is how did so many islands north of the 38th parallel ended in the hands of the South Koreans? After the war, China withdrew totally out of Korea. The US remained and made South Korea its semi colony, with military bases there. The superior US Navy must have taken advantage of the weaker North Koreans, likely without any navy, and occupied as many islands north of the 38th parallel as they could grab. That is why today, the Yeonpyeong and several islands are called disputed islands, snatched from the North by the South, like Diaoyutai, seized from China by the Japanese. The unbearable truth is made more painful with the South constantly conducting war games in these disputed islands that should belong to the North. An analogy would make this easier to understand. It is like Singapore being separated from Malaysia by the Causeway. And hypothetically, Singapore gained control of all the islands below Tioman and Kukup, with the support of the US. Then every now and then Singapore will conduct war games in Kukup or Pulau Aur or other islands in the east coast. Of course Malaysia will be furious and will warn of counter attacks. So who is provoking who? The situation in Korea is exactly like that. And the western media will keep pointing the finger at the North as irrational and belligerent. So who is the real son of a gun?


solo bear said...

Singapore is America's lapdog. We follow what the Americans say.

That's why there is so much bias in the North/South dispute, demonizing the North and angelizing the South.

I linked your article to my site.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for people to stop blaming the foreign power plays in the Korean Affairs.

The Premise is that the Koreans(North and South) themselves as a whole have to take the FULL BLAME of not able to co-exist amongst themselves, peacefully or not, as A RACE. Since thay are not able to identify themselves AS ONE to be synonymous as ONE NATION, all blames on foreign powers are secondary to the KOREANS' OWN FUNDAMENTAL FLAW.

If a family next door is having frequent disputes and fights, it will only invite interventions from their neighbours who 'get disturbed' due to breaches of peace. Any sensitive neighbours will not stand idly by to see damage and carnage happenning next door. So, shall we not say that it is the quarelsome family that starts the problem?

Sure, there will be a time when the halpless neighbours will also be entangle for no good reason into further disputes amongst themselves due to meddlings with the family that started it all.

So, in conclusion, me says let the Koreans fight themselves and the ultimate good that will emerge will be that at the end of it, THE KOREANS WILL BE UNITED.

Hey, if the Koreans do not know how to settle theirs problems, there is no need to sympathize them la.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no solution to this mess in trying to "blame" a particular country. It is a mess.

If nations were serious about "peace", the only way forward is sit down, get drunk, and talk cock -- i.e. become friends -- sorry, I see no other way.

However, to think or hope that that would happen in the near future is fantastic.

Once you have (arbitrary) lines drawn (all borders are bullshit) by governments (all governments are illegal) and enforced by "police actions" (heavily armed government thugs), it becomes a "power contest" -- i.e. "who die first"

What has not been mentioned is that S & N Korea are still officially at war with each other -- but are adhering to a shaky, but cartoon armistice -- where both sides puff out their chests and wave their tiny Korean dicks at each other. This bullshit posturing has been going on fro 60 years. 24 hours a day.

Since the N & S are still at war, those, the disputes over territory have to be looked through the context of 2 countries still locked in a contest of "either you die or I die".

Solution: None. Zero.

On with the entertainment. Don't stop now. Jong il - don't shake so much lah. Jong un - don't eat too much kimchi, it'll make you 'hot' -- try to relax.

Anonymous said...

One incapable of keeping ones' own house in order shall blame not others of his/her own problem. That's it.

So, whatever motives others have to come into the picture(assist/meddle/instigate/ulterior intent and whatsoever) are secondary.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I dunno whether to pity them or feel sorry for them. They were treated like subhumans by the Japanese. Now after independence, the Japanese with the American as the front man, are still pulling the strings to make them kill each other.

If they start to do that, I agree that they have only themselves to blame for their stupidity.

Matilah_Singapura said...

All cultures ("races", if you still believe in them) live or die according to whether they collectively make intelligent or stupid decisions.

Western cultural "superiority" won over the rest becasue it had the 3 necessary ingredients to ensure victory after victory:

1. Religion: to ensure that actions of conquest were "moral" and in accordance with god's will.

2. Alcohol: To ensure men of war got "brave" enough to conquer.

3. Awesome weapons: To ensure you kill, in accordance with god's will, as many brown, black and yellow savages as possible, ensuring total victory.

Beer, Bible, Bullets: that how you win ;-)