We have come to take the govt back!

These were the words of Rand Paul, a Tea Party candidate elected to the US Senate yesterday. The Americans are so pissed off with the all talks and empty promises President Obama that they have rebelled and voted in the Republicans into the House of Representatives and narrowing the Democrat’s majority in the Senate. This is a clear and powerful message from a disgruntled electorate. It could be a useful theme for our next general election. The time may be here for the people to take back the govt if they are not happy with the ways things are moving. So, are they satisfied with the incumbent govt and would like them to continue doing what they are doing? Or are they going to say enough is enough and time to take back the govt to do things the people want? Everyone is talking about a watershed election. What will change and will change for the better? Or would it be more of the same, no change is necessary except cosmetics, like more loser MPs? From the PAP side, it is quite certain many of the yodas will not be around anymore, including LKY. On the opposition side, will there be more professional and good people coming forward to give the people a better choice and make this a really watershed election? Would the rally cry be, 'We have come to take back the govt'?


Matilah_Singapura said...

There are differences btw the US Federal Govt and the Sg.gov.

All govt is bad, but "good" govt is bad govt which could be worse.

In that respect, the sg.gov is "less bad" than the US Federal Govt which is the worst in the world.

The sg.gov's main problem is that it doesn't allow free speech -- especially to direct criticism toward them. All the other "problems" with sg.gov which piss people off stem from the fact that the govt will not allow itself to be criticised. That's it. Solve the free speech/ dissent issue and S'pore will the best social experiment of mankind since the formation of the US of A.

The US Federal govt is rife with problems because it is too big, too powerful, can operate even when technically broke, is in partnership with corporations, the banks, and the defense contractors. It also augments its power by constantly engaging in warfare and has 130+ US military bases in other territories.

The US Federal Govt is both imperial and colonial. The US has freedom of speech -- especially dissenting speech protected by law and a constitutional right of every citizen.

It is because that right is protected -- and that right is "above" govt "authority" -- that a movement like the Tea Party and individuals lie Rand Paul, Peter Schiff and others can get on the hustings, savagely criticise the govt (and I mean savagely -- libel and slander, name-calling you name it) -- even wear guns to Tea Party meetings -- and win seats in congress or the senate.

That's how important unfettered speech is. That is how it is used to protect the people from an out-of-control govt.

Rand Paul (I am personally a registered supporter of his. I supported his father too) and the Tea Party may not succeed in their quest, but by having FREEDOM - protected IN LAW they at least have a good chance.

The next GE in S'pore will be interesting indeed.

My prediction for post LKY S'pore: downhill -- first: full-blown Demo-Crazy, second: welfare state, higher taxes, more govt control...eventually people leaving in droves...failed state within 1 or 2 generations.

Why? Because the people always get the govt they deserve. So if the people are fucked, so will their govt be.

S'poreans now are too spoilt, low attention span and want everything in a hurry. They EXPECT the world to provide them a living.

Recipe for total disaster.

Anonymous said...


someone is harbouring a wish bigger than his heart and too big for reality. But, there will be fun in the coming election and more funs after that. Sin deserves Hell.

Anonymous said...

I am rather tired of talking about the Banana Republic of America.

But suffice to say, nothing will change whether a Republican or a Democrat takes over as President. Why? Because 80% of those running the show will still be there, whichever party they elected to form the next administration.

For one, the Fed will still be around to formulate economic policies that have so far failed to address the economic malaise of BRA and that is the big problem.

Secondly, the Fed is owned by the big bankers and they are the ones that also have a big hand in screwing up the people of the BRA. Yet they are bailed out in times of trouble by the Government using public money. The big bankers will still dictate economic policies which the Fed will carry out and that is the bigger problem.

Thirdly, there is no way that BRA can ever repay it's debts, and even if they want to, that burden of repaying is going to fall onto the shoulders of the next generation and the next. They have to foot the bill, not the people who screwed them up, not the Fed and certainly not the bankers.

For far too long Americans have also lived beyond their means, financed by debts and borrowings. The American dream is unravelling fast.

The rest of the world that admire and follow the American Dream had better wake up and ask themselves who will foot the bill for their foolishness when the time comes.

Wally Buffet said...

Agree with Matilah,

No government is absolutely good.

"Badness" is a matter of degree.

In the end, you get the government you deserve. So whining is unproductive.

There is a cantonese saying, "Your first wife may be bad but the second one could be worse."