USA – The biggest threat to world peace

The USA has been accusing China and any other country as a threat to world peace, a trick which it used successfully for decades to direct negative attention to everyone except itself. The European countries know about the trick but play along as it will benefit them indirectly. The silly Asian and African countries, unfortunately, believe everything the Americans said and proclaiming loudly, like a good boy, that the American is a benign and benevolent power, a saviour of the weak and smaller countries, a saviour of human rights and political oppression, a defender of freedom in the world. What a joke! The Americans have been instigating, starting and fighting wars everywhere, and killing the innocent civilians by the thousands daily. No, it is not reported in the news and nobody would want to believe this nonsense. If the Americans have been killing civilians everyday, even today and tomorrow, the great western press will be there to report them! Holy shit! The western media is part of the conspiracy. And the Americans are exporting weapons to every country to feed the American economy and provide jobs for the Americans. What rifles do you think the terrorists are using? AK47 or M16? And the sophisticated aircraft, naval crafts and missiles and bombs, mostly made in USA. And it is supporting dissidents everywhere to oppose the incumbent govts of countries not in its good list. Yes, if you are not with the Americans you are against the Americans. And now it is engaged in the worst destabilising exercise of all time, financial sabotage and printing of the greenbacks to throw at all the emerging countries across the world. The result is obvious. Financial breakdown and collapse of the world economy. And it said no, it is China’s fault, for not revaluing the Yuan. That is the root of the problem, not Americans overspending and over printing of the American dollar. The biggest threat to world peace is pointing the finger at everyone except itself. And with a bankrupt economy, with a mountain of debt, it is still engage in wars everywhere, operating the biggest armed forces that can take on the armies of the whole world combined. And still spending time and resources to form a mafia gang to contain China, whose main interest is economic development and providing cheaper products to the world and to the Americans. It just announced that it will increase its military presence in Asia so that it can react ‘robustly’ against those that were seen as enemies of the Empire. It is frantically signing up military alliances with Asian countries to fight Asians and to turn Asia into flames. And silly Asian govts are roped in as their willing accomplices. Again, which country is the greatest threat to world peace?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hurray! They are going to "protect" the swarthy and yellow skins of Asia. They are going to "help" the unfortunate sub-human species of the Far East.

Oh great white massah, can I kiss your feet, suck your dick...anything oh marvellous christian hero you. You are so fantastic, i wish I was white like you, pure like your god. How terrific it is you're "selflessness" is so grand you look after us all.

You started with Manifest Destiny fro your own land, now you've successfully morphed that into "US Foreign Policy" -- such a nice, noble-sounding term.

How grand it is that you have so many US bases all over the US and the world. You have more US bases than there are SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES in the world. What a fantastic achievement for such outstanding people!

Wally Buffet said...

Relac man.

Without the US printing all those bucks and inject so much liquidity into the world economy, my Aussie dollars would plummet like a dead duck.

These yanks aren't really all that bad lah.

Without them, the world would be a very very dull planet.

So, you wanna make money? Watch the cool moves made by the yanks.

More QE, more more more!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need them to save the world, especially Asia. The Asians cannot manage their economies that's way we had the Asian financial crisis.

See, no financial crisis in America. No money just print and print. This is the smartest economic principle. Must be from Harvard or some bestest American uni.

The white gods are coming. Bow, bow everyone.

Wally Buffet said...

They have the world's "bestest" financial engineers. Everyone is a David Footballfield of sorts.

And they are all snapped up by Morgan the Pirate, Goldman Sucks and assorted company as soon as they step out of Havlot, Kohlanbeer, Pinkston, Yeh and all the Ivy Leg unis.

My youngest boy is heading for Amaricaaar to train to be a magician.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why do you think they want China to float the Yuan? They have all the pirates lined up to corner the Yuan and obliterate it from the word go.

China must never float the Yuan. Malaysia was saved when Mahathir fixed the rate for ringgit. And they could not do anything about it.

With the combined war chests of these pirates, they can bring any country to its knee. The hypocrisy of floating currency rate is only for them to manipulate. And they manipulating the dollar to wipe away their debt.

Soon S$1 will be traded for US$3. And AUS$1 will be US$3.50. A new banana currency is in the making.

Anonymous said...

Hey, change Sin Dollars to US Dollars lah, will make a pile, right ? And when US conquered China, one US Dollar can change back 5 Sin Dollars, make a bigger pile, wow the loaded will be more loaded, in simpler words the rich becomes richer.
Thanks the US and Obama for your good fortune.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly Asia seems very important to BRA. First Hillary Clinton and a host of top diplomats, now Obama himself swinging across Asia promoting peace, but selling weapons to the dumb Asians.

BRA produces nothing for export except weapons, so pouring oil on troubled waters is their last gasp for the sinking BRA economy. China is the obvious scapegoat for all the ills of BRA, politically and economically. Who else can they blame? Certainly not their own poodles, bootlickers and apple-polishers. These loyal subjects are extremely useful when conflict arises with China. Like the Iraq war, they provide the chorus when BRA sing the 'Down with China' song at the UN.

George Bush now says that he was shocked to learn that there was no WMD in Iraq and that at one stage he wanted to sack Dick Cheney because of the false intelligence manufactured to start that war. I wonder how many people believe crazy George?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The world must be thankful that George became the American President. Now that he had nearly bankrupt America, no matter how Obama and Hilary swing, they just don't have the dole to pay for their flirtation.

To maintain an empire of that size needs real money. They can't go on printing money. They will run out of paper and ink.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoy your blog wheather agree or don't is not a point. I am requesting, could you make your blog shareable on like facebook or twiiter, want to share some article of your to wake up white cock sucking asians friends( everything west does it holy and good) and selfish lot who couldn't careless what is going around them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies anon. I am not in twitter or facebook. There is a link facility at the bottom of each article which you may use.


solo bear said...

Linked your artilce

Anonymous said...

The world's #1 terrorist state accusing everyone else of be a threat? What a load of hogwash.