Shorten talk time in Parliament

Some people are unhappy with the proposed shortening of talk time for MPs in Parliament. 30 min is considered too long and the new limit is 20 min. Consider the fact that there are 84 MPs and if each takes up 30 min for each issue, then Parliament can go on and on and MPs and ministers will not have time to do their work. Maybe that is the reason why some MPs find it difficult to attend Parliament. Shortening of talk time is good and we may have full attendance when MPs know that the session will be short and sharp. After all, how much time is needed to ask question and read prepared answers? I think the time can be further shortened as time is precious. The Ministers and MPs have many important works to do and too much talking can be wasteful. Shorter talk time will mean that every parliamentarian will have to be precise in what they say. Productivity and efficiency in parliament will definitely go up in all areas.


Anonymous said...

Why do Singaporeans wish for talks in parliament? As it is, they are already giving up with the parliament sessions where and when cabinet members present so much craps and talking down at the citizenry and jeer at opposition members.
Unless the meetings are done in the ways they are conducted in Britain and Taiwan, there is nothing to look forward to.
And every Singaporean knows are much airtime are takened up by Ruling Party Members when they are telecasted and broadcasted.
Like wayangs ? Better watch the cartoon programs at okto !

Anonymous said...

Under the present situation parliament attendance may not be that important as everything will be rubber stamped. When there is a sizable opposition in parliament, then every sitting is important and no MPs will think that being absent from parliament is ok.

Wally Buffet said...

Talk is cheap.

We need qualitative not quantitative talk.

There must be a way to ensure qualitative talk.

How about "Talk Cock" chop chop, their allowances that is!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A bit difficult to implement though. You will first need to find a cock to know who is talking cock.

Anonymous said...

The shorter the better.

After all, decisions are made first, then the supporting cast will put on a show in Parliament and that's it. What happens after that? Nothing happens. Nothing changes. Nothing, absolutely nothing of value comes out of their show in Parliament.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say lengthen the time allowed to speak.

Legislation and policy should be delivered as slowly as possible.

The last thing you want is to make an already fast and efficient govt more fast and efficient.

It is also wise to give enough (a reasonable amount of time) for member to make their points clearly.

For fucks sake, they're being paid the world's best salary -- make the fuckers talk until they are hoarse.

Singapore parliament is too "polite". Have a look at other cuntries like Taiwan, Korea and Japan or the latin countries. Give the people a show occasionally: scandals, physical fisticuffs, kung-fu, abusive name-calling.

Politics is a blood sport. Singapore politics == very boring.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What about a virtual parliament where everyone can sign in while remaining in their own office or anywhere with a laptop?