Shhssssh…let’s tell our enemies – WikiLeaks

What shall the world make out of the WikiLeaks? So far information that was ‘leaked’ is very damaging only to Asian, African and Arab countries. Their inter state relations are going to plunge into the abyss if the leaks were real. The first casualty will be the Saudi King. He is finished with the Iraqis but safe as Saddam is already dead. But the Iranians will put out a contract on him if they took the leak seriously. North Korea will lose confidence in China as its unquestionable supporter. China will be seen by North Korea and its allies as unreliable. A huge wedge has been driven into their relationship. Singapore too will be hit by the ire of the North Koreans as well, but nothing serious as Singapore has little to do with that country. The bottom line is that many Asian, African and Arab nations will be going after each other’s jugular and their relations in a mess. What is glaringly absent in the leaks are the secrets of Israel or the US that could damage their relations with their allies. Do they have any secrets about what the US and the Israelis were saying about the Arab world? The only thing damaging and affecting the US is that it will be called an inept and a bungler at most. There is also another big hole in what the US and Japan will be saying about the stupid Koreans trying to kill each other and the role of the US and Japan in the rising tension. Oh, the White House said that the real secrets are safe. So why are these secrets circulating are only going to create turmoil among Asian, Arab and African nations, and nothing damaging to America and its allies? Strange right? The leaks seem to have a pattern, to create as much damage as possible in the camps of the US enemies. Quite brilliant actually. But Julian Assange and his men seem so genuine in their actions to expose the hypocrisy of the Evil Empire. So are they just another group of under cover moles of the US? Could be. Or they could be really on a cause. Then the US intelligence knowing what they were doing, deliberately let them fish out all the leaks that they have planted, and making the whole issue like real. Sure some of information are real. But how many are fakes? How genuine are the WikiLeaks and the secrets they have in hand, and releak to the world, is best judged by the end results. What were achieved by the leaks? Who stand to gain and who stand to lose from the so called official secret leaks? At the moment it looks like a con job. And Julian Assange and his men could just be made used by the mastermind who coordinated the whole leak, what to leak and who to suffer from the consequences. So, what else is new? It smells of another black ops.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Queenslander and uber student (smart arse) Julian Asange is an internet activist, pure and simple. No need to speculate about their "secret agendas" -- there are none. These guys are revolutionaries here to expose any "authority" who is lying to the people who trust them.

Since Al Gore invented the internet, the virtual world has spawned many "phenomena" with scarce reference to real life.

People can assume any identity or multiple identities. There are virtual worlds like Second Life.

There's internet "black market" entrepreneurs like anakata and TiAMO of bittorrent site The Pirate Bay.

There the activist/ hacker group called Anonymous hell bent on attacking anyone who pisses them off by trying to censor the net or free speech -- governments (Australia - well deserved), Scientologists etc., and even make films about "freedom" Zeitgeist (too many holes, but I get their message).

Asange and his buddies at wikileaks are such activists. Idealists. They are a bane to governments and diplomats. I absolutely love their work. They are "dangerous" to those evil statists because they are driven by "cause/ objective/ mission", not financial gain.

I cheer everytime they hantam a nation-state. When they hantamed Austrlia and "leaked" the govts list of "banned" websites, that really pissed of then PM Kevin Rudd. In fact, Rudd has since borne a grudge against wikileaks and...can you believe it .. wants them banned and Asange charged as a criminal.

Never once did or has since, the Aust govt apologised for "censoring" the internet -- this is a country where freedom of speech and expression is (supposedly ha ha ha) protected by laws and the constitution.

If the evidence at wikileaks wasn't so damning to govts, there would be no problem. The problem is the stuff at wikileaks IS proof positive, that those who are entrusted to "serve and protect" are consistently lying to us and fucking us over...and to add insult to injury, taking our money, and here's the kicker -- charging us as "criminals" if we challenge their trustworthiness.

Asange is going to blow shit on the banks next -- the next upload has damning evidence of large financial organisations fucking around.

I don't have a positive outlook for Julian's future. However, he's started a darn serious threat to those arbitrary authorities aka "states" and the sham-governments which run them.

Even if he is knocked off. activists being what they are -- that would only embolden the "cause".

Go Julian, go!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Cable: US Embassy, Singapore

Re-post the link. Get with the "activism" :-)

BTW, if you read the cable, where is "The Presidential Palace, Singapore"?!?

Dumb Yanks!

Matilah_Singapura said...
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