Save Singapore while there is still time

The hottest topic in cyberspace Singapore Chapter is overcrowding in Singapore. But this is only a one sided view of the disgruntled Singaporeans. The supertalents don’t believe a wee bit that Singapore is overcrowded and there are signals and mind conditioning processes actively trying to convince the unconvinced that Singapore can support a population of more than 10m people. The people of the world are crying out loud to save the Gaia while there is still time. Singaporeans, or some Singaporeans, are crying out to save Singapore while there is still time. For this group of Singaporeans, they fear that one day they will end up like a congested fish tank teeming with fish fighting to push their heads up gasping for air. For so many years, even today, we have been crowing about how successful we are and how great this little paradise is. Is there anyone seeing signs that it is going downhill and can snap into chaos, unemployment, bankruptcies and disorder? Some thought they are seeing the signs. Some are oblivious to any signs and are looking at more good years ahead. But they have bought their insurance plans, overseas properties just in case. Can the party go on and on like this, with inflation shooting to the roof. Oh, that is only my personal view and it is likely to be wrong. Inflation is very low according to official statistics despite runaway housing prices, car prices, transportation, medical services and even food prices. With the bulk of the population whose salary got to fit the bill of ‘cheaper, better and faster’, can they cope with the rising cost of living? Looking at the speed in which properties are being snapped up and the long queues waiting for ever more expensive housing, I think all the doomsayers are wrong. Singapore and Singaporeans are getting more prosperous everyday, or at least their property prices are making them richer by the days. And now even buy cars can make money too. The good days are here and will stay forever. Who says must save Singapore while there is still time?


Matilah_Singapura said...

The only way to "save Singapore" is to keep on with the free market policies -- and leave the private sector (the real wealth creators) alone to do whatever it is they do.

Singapore is crowded,but to say it is overcrowded is a bit of a stretch. There is still room for more immigration.

I've been posting at the TR over the last few days and I am unsurprised to announced that the entitlement mentality is alive and well. Most people over there - same message "Vote the PAP out! Traitors! We are 'entitled' to a job! fuck the foreign trashes!".

The irony is that the majority of these xenophobic empty vessels have no problems paying their maid 300 slave dollars a month and working them a 13-day fortnight.

However when it comes to a ("Harder driving, harder striving" -- Lee Kuan Yew, National Geographic Interview) foreigner competing for their job, these victim-mentality, entitlement-junkies scream for "political action".

Just about every Singaporean has benefited from the influx of foreign labour -- from maids, to road workers, to karaoke floozies to nurses, bankers, engineers...etc.

Instead of celebrating ans heralding a "good thing" -- i.e. less govt interference in the private sector -- these crazy Singaporeans are calling for "government intervention".

Insanity in groups -- take a goo look.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, to save something that has reached a natural maturity and or level, is to consume it or let it die as it should. No saving is possible, maybe keeping them in frozen state and as history may satisfy some. A ripen fruit must be eaten before it goes to waste, saving it is a fool's way.
When a being is old, nobody can keep it either.
When a society reaches a breaking point, let there be new start and not save it by trying different ideas. Almost all nations in the world were changed by uprisings, revolutions, wars(civil and otherwise) calamities. And the ensuing changes invariably save the countries for some years as new broom sweeps clean and worn out after sometime.
Singapore can re-incarnate for the better, let it go.
Or You go.

Anonymous said...

More than 80% of local stayed in the public housing flats, what can you expect? The comfort zone is there, who know how to rock the boat or everyone is afraid to rock the boat.For at least more than 50 years, these people had for at least two generation living in these flats that they do not know how to get out of this poverty trap.They slaved for at 20 years to pay off this housing debts and by the time they are in their 50s, time to say goodbye to this world.

Anonymous said...

There are two groups of people.

The first group are the rich elites, those who can afford to migrate, loaded foreigners and singles who will keep on hoping the property market goes into space, so that they can make more money by buying and selling.

The other group are those struggling to pay off their one and only place call home, be it 3 roomer or otherwise, or those with children who may not even be able to afford a 3-room HDB flat, eventually costing half a million or more S$, and those perpetually struggling to pay the rental of a rented HDB flat. These are the ones begging the Government to keep HDB affordable. High prices do not benefit them.

Now, which type are you? And who do you think the Government will listen to?

Anonymous said...

The rate of financial liberalisation and the freedom to cook up all kinds of toxic products to make quick money in the financial system is going to change the value of money beyond anyone's imagination. The greatest fear is that it will lead to a collapse of the whole financial system.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To all the anonymous:

Relax all the doom and gloom lah fellas.

Bernanke is printing and the world is partying with all that new cash.

Bernanke has already promised QE2 and QE3 if necessary -- plenty of money on hand -- don't worry lah. If collapse, he'll print somemore. If collapse again -- print even more.

Better to go grab "your share" and have a good time too -- what you going to do? Brood over the fact that one day it will crash?

Of course it will. Still, that is no reason to "feel bad" in the meantime. Anyway, like I said Bernanke will bail you out by printing more...so there's no reason to "worry" yourself silly.

I just got off Skype with a Singapore friend who is a private banker. It's boom time in the private wealth management industry -- they are actually hiring people -- not enough to "service" the market.

Times are rocking lah. Don't get left out of the party!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bernanke keeps on printing US$, calling it QE1, 2, 3 etc while Obama keeps on calling China to be a responsible player in the global economy.

Now, who is the irresponsible party really?