The rude pommies

When David Cameron paid an official visit to China with the hope of signing more trade deals, he and his entourage arrogantly wore the poppies on their lapels. They justified themselves that it was their tradition to respect their war dead. They insensitively brushed aside the Chinese request to have them removed as it was a rude reminder of the Opium War humiliation the Chinese suffered at the hands of the pommies. Of course the trip ended with nothing to bring home. So, would they come back with the Jardines and Mathesons and their gunboats loaded with cannons and opium again to force trade with China? They were superior in weapons technology once. They may still think that they could shove the Chinese aside like football hooligans. They better be reminded that even their world famous Rolls Royce engines are falling out of the sky. This is the last days of a dying Empire and more will come when the loot they ransacked from the Asian and African countries were used up. Soon they will be auctioning away all the stolen treasures in the London museums and the Crown Jewels. Buckingham Palace on sale! Who will be the first sick man of Europe? The Brits have a good potential to assume this position, starting with Ireland. Maybe it will take a little longer as they could also print more English pounds, provided the EU did not stop them from doing it. Or maybe David is thinking of slaying a dragon, like Goliath.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes indeed. The British land and naval forces were used as an adjunct to the glorious British East & west India Companies -- a backstop measure in case "gentlemanly negotiations" failed to yield anymore territory to His/ Her Royal Majesty.

Once upon a time the sun never did set on the British Empire as the East India Companies controlled 25% of the entire planet.

Ah..such wonderful days in the Far East -- days where The English gentleman of breeding could snap his fingers and a Chinese coolie with a rickshaw would appear ready to do his bidding, or an Indian magically appeared with a tray carrying "tiffin", a gin tonic and a Singapore Sling for the lady, or a quiet Malay (pronounced: "May-Lay") would present the master with his pair newly shined boots -- parade gloss, no less, or ball-carrying Eurasian aid at his beck and call making sure the master's financial house was in order.

However, the sun has not only set on the British Empire -- all the lights have gone out. what is left of "Great" Britain is a broke-assed welfare state of marginally educated unwed mothers living in a multicultural bucket of pig-swill.

Thankfully, they still have that stiff-upper lip of theirs, that "national pride" and a bright sense of optimism that "everything will be alright".

In that way, I fully support right-left-and-center Cameron's wearing of the blood-red poppies.

Fuck the Chinese. If they are going to one day lead the world, they had better understand what "freedom to express your opinion" means, and suck it up.

They lost the Opium War. They were hammered. Deal the fuck with it.

Stop living in the past -- both the Brits and the Chinese.

Wally Buffet said...

I get a kick using white airport porters wherever I travel in the western world.

A US or Aussie 50 $ tip gives me an idea of what it feels like to be a colonial master or in my case, just for a moment, a capitalist Chinaman.

Anonymous said...

The British are still debating who should become the next King of England, so the crown jewels would not be sold that quickly yet.

Rolls Royce is still the pride of British Engineering, so they are not admitting defeat just because a few of their jet engines started falling from the sky. The CEO said that he is not worried about safety. But, of course, it is the passengers life at stake and not his.

After the financial crisis, Japanese, British, German and American cars were recalled by the millions for various problems, while there were hardly such mass recalls of almost every make earlier.

Does this signify that there were actually problems that were never revealed and customers continue driving their cars merrily, unaware of the dangers? Why the sudden discovery of faults by every car manufacturer certainly gets me thinking!

And finally, was it the British or the Japanese who called China the "Sick man of Asia"?

What goes around comes around! Never look down on others, no matter how humble they are. Even the Africans will have their day when China's reign is over. It will take a long, long time, but nobody expected China to progress so fast, say 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Basket Wally, you tip porter 50 bux ah?

Wah lau, spoil market lah!

anon 504

> Even the Africans will have their day when China's reign is over. <

Oh no, please. The buggers will be sending out emails offering you lucrative fees for "transferring money" -- which gives you an idea on how they'll handle being the leader of the world and creator of the global reserve currency...

...Robert Mugabe -- Chairman of the World central Bank.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wally, you are too much. At its heydays, the colonial masters also didn't give away $50 tips.

I protest. You spoiling the market. I think $10 is already generous for a porter.

Anonymous said...

If only all the capitalists(rich and wealthy) in the world are like comrade Wally Buffet, Redbean will not be doing his daily sermons.
Shit, i am old but strong, so the next time Wally heads for the airport; call me, i will porter all your baggages from your bedroom to the check-in counter; $50Sin will do. If need be, i will drive You there with your jalopy and parked it back in your bungalow and clean it up before handing over the key to your maid; up to You to tip.
Dont say Wally spoils the market lah, cometh naked, goes nude, it's a sin to keep money in the banks. Share it and make it CURRENT-flowing in the market so to say.

Wally Buffet said...

Relax guys,

One time only lah, just to feel the power of capitalism and those serfs taking it with utmost gratitude.

Try it. You sure to like it man.

After that episode, I deflated down to my usual practice of, like anon. said, a reasonable 10 bucks.

$50 for a kick, no matter momentarily is worth it.


Wally Buffet said...


You're so right.

Money is only money when you spend it.

After all, spending it is helping the world to smoothen the passage of QE, like shit flowing smoothly through the digestive tubes into the sewer without constipation.


Anonymous said...

True, be like the Americans, print more money for circulation in the system.

Wally, you are helping to turn the economy. Carry on buddy.

Quite painful after a moment of ego trip. $50!