Police brutality

Subject: Brutal Assault... After An Accident and our police...see for yourself Click on Youtube link and see your beloved 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh what it has turned in to. This is what I call a "civil" society turning in to a jungle for animals. Judge for yourself what was the Police trying to do or rather did they tried to do anything to stop the assault going on!!!!!! This is just an accident and it has turned in to something totally uncalled for. Motives of the polis assault? Hit & Run Driver got caught or got simply kena hantam just like that. U judge yourself. What type of Police we have? Letting the public do as they like just because he is a chinese. So be careful if you ever involve any accident with a Malay. Drive to the Police station and make report of the incident. Don't try and settle there. You would be bash before reasoning. Can we feel safe on the road? Seeing is believing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IkdRdoPSgQ&feature=related


Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah, old racial hatreds surface when the heat is turned up.

What's with the siren? couldn't someone have turned it off?!?

BTW, you cannot leave the scene of an accident if the cops are on the way over. So you just have to take your chances!

The silly cops didn't figure out that today's mobile phones shoot good video, and youtube upload is INSTANT.

Polis Malaysia boleh? Hantam orang china...boleh!!

Wally Buffet said...

This video is already on the net for quite a while.

Thousands have seen it but overtime, most may have forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding us again with this post.

When I first saw it, I was shocked, disgusted and it immediately became a turnoff for me and those that I know not to drive up North to that shit hole and get ourselves bashed for nothing. The brutality does not just come from a simple accident. It can also happen if you are in an minor argument or squabble with them over anything.

It's the law of the jungle in that primeval forest masquerading as a developing nation.

So, save your money. Save your life. Don't go up to that Shit hole to be hammered.

It ain't worth it.

And I thought you wanted to migrate to Iskandar? You'll be more at peace if you are my neighbour in Lijiang.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, I have seen it before and felt the same way as you. They were behaving like beasts!

A friend sent this to me again and insisted that I should post it again to warn people of the viciousness and the danger they are facing.

The good thing about technology is that the truth will tell and there is no where to hide. Such animal behaviour must be broadcast around the world to keep a check on the perpetrators. They may continue to attack people the way they did. The internet can be used to keep repeating what they did.

Iskander is still a very far shot. I hope our security is not compromise to the point where even me have to run away from this place I called home.

Anonymous said...

Maybe You're using an old video clip to reflect on our own lawless society to remind Singaporeans and the leaders. However noble your intention maybe, it is really not very kind of You to recall those bad and sad incident.
Hopefully, no one else will dig out those Anti-Chinese Events in Indonesia. China is magnanimous and forgiving, it works very diligently to mend ties with other nations not happy with Her. Singaporeans can be as kind and good.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I remember seeing this a few months back which is not really a long time. The good thing about new media is that it can be reposted to remind people that bad things done are not forgotten simply because no one talks about it. Bad things must be repeated over and over again to keep them current.

Some people would like to believe that saying it once and don't talk about it anymore and the problem is over, or nothing heard means everything is ok.

Violence whether in Sin city or in any other country is violence. Violence coming from the law enforcer is frightening.

Wally Buffet said...

Maybe Mr. Bean is trying to say that our police is too nice and gentle and the scumbags passing off as police up North too lawless and brutal.

Whatever it is, our SPF must change its methodology of dealing with criminal elements and gangsters.

Forget about the bleeding hearts and the "Second Chance" and "Yellow Ribbons" mumbo jumbo. Once you did it, knowing that there is a price, you're done for. Rehab is another term for Relapse. Cancers are never ever cured. You are only in remission. Criminals and those with criminal minds are not always the product of disadvantaged families. It is an unbridled, uncontrollable urge for criminal power and ego.

So you've got to do the time if you carry out the crime.

Give them the third degree. You can't deal with criminals with velvet gloved hands.

Lock them up, hang them high.

That's the way forward for the sake of other peace loving members of the community.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That point I agree with Wally: all that "fluffy" new-age "compassion and forgiveness" stuff when dealing with hard-core crims.

I do believe that people -- even the worst ones -- can change. But they have to PROVE it over and over again before they can be accepted back into peaceful society.

Handing out "forgiveness" and yellow ribbons without these fuckers actually turning over a new leaf, and again , PROVING IT over and over again over a long period, is just sheer western-liberal "do-gooder" insanity.

It is possible to do effective policing without resorting to being a bully -- i.e. to keep the emotion away from the job, and act professionally at all times. And if the crim tries to be funny, draw the weapon and shoot. End of story. No bullying or fighting necessary.

BTW the Royal Malaysian Police are legion in their outbursts of brutality. Which bolsters my original point: bullying and "torture" has consequences as far as "integrity" goes for the law enforcement agency's public reputation. At the endo of the day, the police serve the public.

Anonymous said...

Not smart to be captured on camera, but that video was on youtube a long time already.

Those dumb guys have much to learn from our first world crime busters. Ours are so caring that they even resort to handcuffing people who they think would otherwise hurt themselves.

Physical brutality is only one aspect of the game. More sinister is torture without tell-tale signs that betray the perpetrator. There is nothing worse than being thrown into isolation cells, so said the MM recently. That must say something about the nightmare Lim Hock Siew and others went through.

Anonymous said...

Or thrown from high rise building window....